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The End Is Near _ Stephen King Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:09   Transportation & Logistics   Sankt Augustin   240 views Reference: 185
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Stay the course, Whitney. What's his is mine. I owe him. There are other things not to say, he still has a little trust in the man in black, and believe that Whitney will not be able to escape. There are other reasons. Here, he's Flagg's second in command. And in Brazil? Why? Whitney and Ronnie are smarter than him. He and Ace Hay would be nonentities, not to his liking. He may not care for a moment, but things have changed. And when his mind changed, he found that it was likely to change his life. Well, we'll probably all make it. Whitney said feebly. "Of course," Lloyd said, thinking, "I won't excuse you if the news finally gets to Flagg. When he finally has time to notice you, and he goes south to Brazil, I won't excuse you. You probably don't worry about the journey.. Lloyd raised his glass. "Cheers, Whitney." Whitney raised her glass. No one will be hurt, "Lloyd said." This is my blessing. No one will be hurt. "Man, I drink to that." Whitney said enthusiastically, drinking both of them. Whitney left shortly after. Lloyd continued to drink. He passed out at about 9:30 and fell asleep on the round bed. I slept soundly and did not dream. As the sun rose on September 17, Tom Collen camped a little north of Gullock, Utah. The weather is very cool, and you can see your breath. His ears were dull and cold. But he feels good. The night before he came to a deserted road,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he saw three men sitting by a fire. All three were armed. Tom Collen was trying to make his way through a tangle of trees — he was now in the western wilderness of Utah — when he stepped on a small pebble, which rolled down the valley. He was so frightened that he felt cold all over. Something hot trickled down his leg, but he didn't notice it until about an hour later. All three men turned their heads, and two of them raised their weapons. Tom's clothes are too thin to resist the cold. He is under the shadow again. The moon is covered by a cloud. If the moon comes out at this time. One of them was relieved. "Deer," he said. "They're quite common here." "I think we should scout." Said the other man. If you want to spy, go yourself. The third man answered, and nothing was done. They sat down by the fire again, and Tom began to crawl forward, carefully at every step, watching their fire slowly go out. From time to time, there was a noise under the valley, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,sonicator homogenizer, and finally it all disappeared, and he felt that he had unloaded a big burden. He began to feel safe. He was still in the West, and he knew he should be careful, but the danger was not so urgent, and there were Indians and fugitives everywhere. Now, the sun was coming out, and he was going to crawl into a Bush and curl up ready to sleep. Must get a blanket, he thought. It's getting colder and colder. As usual, he was fast asleep. He dreamed of Nick. w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m Chapters 70-72 Txt novel paradise Chapter 70 Litterbug has found what he wants. He went down a passage that was as dark as a mine. He had a flashlight in his left hand and a gun in his right hand, because it was weird down there. He drove an electric car almost silently into the wide aisle. The only sound was a low, barely audible hum. There is a driver's seat and a large cargo space on the electric car. In the cargo bay is a nuclear warhead. It's very heavy. The litterbug couldn't guess how heavy it was because it didn't move when he moved it with his hands. The warhead is a long cylinder. It's cold. Touching its smooth surface, he could not believe that such a cold piece of steel contained so much heat energy. He found it at four in the morning. He went back to the garage and got a chain sling. He dangled the chain around the nuclear warhead. Ninety minutes later, it was safely in the tram, head up. With the logo a161410 on his head. United States Air Force. When he got on, the hard rubber tires of the tram held steady. Now he came to the end of the aisle. There was a huge lifting elevator door open. The elevator is big enough to fit the electric car, but there is no electricity. The litterbug came down the stairs, and the chain came down like that. The chain is a little light for a nuclear warhead, at about 150 pounds, but getting it down five flights of stairs is also a major challenge. How does he get a nuclear warhead up the stairs? The idea of an electric car flashed through his mind. Sitting in the driver's seat, the litterbug shone his flashlight around. He nodded. Of course, that's it. Wring it up. If he had to, he would pull it up in an electric car, one layer after another, but where would he find a 500-foot chain? Yes, he may not find it, but he can forge the short chain together. Is this going to work? Can the forged joint bear the weight? Hard to say. And even if there is no problem here, how can the zigzag route of the stairs be solved? He jumped down and gently stroked the smooth nuclear warhead in the dark. Caress can think of a way. Away from the warhead, he climbed the stairs again to see what he could find. There's always a little something in a base like this. He'll find what he needs. He climbed two flights of stairs, then stopped to catch his breath. He suddenly worried, am I exposed to radiation? It's all airtight here. It's sealed with lead. But in TV programs, people who take radioactive substances always wear protective clothing, and if they touch a little, they will change color. Because it is silent, you do not see it, it has entered your flesh and blood marrow. You didn't know you were sick until you started vomiting, losing your hair,ultrasonic handheld welder, and running to the bathroom every minute. Will this happen to him? He found that he didn't care. He's going to get this bomb up here. He's going to pick it up. He's going to take it back to Las Vegas. He had to make up for that terrible thing at his Indian Springs base, and if he had to die to atone for his sins, he had to die. My life is for you. He whispered in the dark and started climbing the stairs again. fycgsonic.com

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