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The Dark Road Full-time Job

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Charmont turned his head and looked at the young Orc. His face was gentle, but his eyes were like a blade. "Yes, I seldom do that," he said. But when it comes to real talent, I'll say it. Decca smiled, but before he could speak, Charmont went on, his figure drifting in the fog so that even his voice sounded erratic: "In my eyes, besides Alvin, Jeff is also a rare general.". Besides, it's you. Deckard was silent, letting the words of the Dark Mage ring in his ears: "Mediocre people in this world all think that a good general is to be familiar with military books, skilled in deployment and so on, but they don't know that a general is a person. Whether a person is a talent or not can be seen from other things." At this point, Charmont somehow seemed to think of something, and suddenly there was a strange emotion in his voice. He said, "So his Majesty Baz values me, not because of how I fought bravely in the battle of Kerton, but because of the idea that I can make friends with your orcs.". Hey, hey. What people see is so far apart. Decca looked at him and suddenly said, "So you're grateful to him, aren't you?" Charmont turned his head slowly and stood with his hands on his back. After a while, he said, "He knows my heart,inflatable bounce house with slide, and I will repay him.". In fact, when I made the agreement with the Orcs, I did it with you. You've been instrumental in getting the Orcs where they are today. Decca smiled and said no more, only looking at the city in the fog, as if in a trance. The black-robed man looked at the burly half-orc from his side, smiling faintly at the corners of his mouth, and then looked at the city and stopped talking. All the soldiers on the wall were watching General Harvey secretly, and all of them were waiting for a decision. How can we bear such a heavy burden? Harvey looked to the west, where the old face of Edward IV seemed to be behind the thick fog. Beneath the walls were long lines of defenseless enemies. Rush out? Or just stand by and do nothing! He gasped deeply,inflatable air dancer, deeply! Then he clenched his sword. After a while, the winter sun seemed to have just woken up, showing a little bit of its head, but its weak strength had not yet dispersed the thick fog. In this fog, the gates of Caligu opened. Ah.. General Harvey himself led the best of Malos into an unstoppable charge at Nastana's defenseless ranks. Their cries pierced the stillness of the winter morning, and like a sharp arrow, they tore open the thick fog. Then, however, the thick fog, which had dispersed, came up silently from behind and surrounded them gently. The formation of the Nasta Army was chaotic, and the soldiers threw away their helmets and armor and fled in all directions. Harvey was overjoyed, and with a wave of his sword, the Malos army swept up, like the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves, beating up the underdog. After a rush to kill, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable mechanical bull, General Harvey tasted the fruits of victory that he had not seen for a long time, and he could not help feeling a little proud. It seems that these Nastad troops think that their numerical superiority is enough to keep me back. Oh, today you know that I am Malos first, oh no, and Lord Toland; second, oh no, and Lord Rand; well, let you know that I am Malos third and Harvey is the best. He roared with laughter on his horse. In the midst of the laughter, his heart beat somehow, as if he had heard a faint drum sound, which suddenly drew the blood from all over his body. Harvey frowned and looked back. The towering walls of Caligu looked somehow strange from a distance in the thick fog. Knock! Knock, knock.. The sound of the drums from far to near gradually became clear, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared. Vaguely, there seemed to be a ferocious beast roaring in the thick fog, and the messy footsteps seemed to be stepping on the heart. The huge and horrible figure that swayed. Ka.. His heart jumped, and he heard the first scream, as the huge tomahawk cut into his body. A banquet of blood has begun again. It seemed that the Orcs and the Nasda army, pouring out from all directions, cut off the retreat of the Malos army to the ancient city of Kari, surrounded the frightened soldiers, and then began to slaughter. In less than an hour, the war was over. Blood spilled all over the earth, and the air was full of the familiar but still disgusting smell of blood. Harvey looked to the west before he died and breathed out his last breath with difficulty. In his last consciousness, he saw the fiery half-beast giant pull his tomahawk from his chest, step on his body, and walk towards his city. Behind him, there was an endless stream of Nasda soldiers. December 14, Middle Road, Malos Army. Rand and Toland bent over the table and looked at the map. Rand pointed to the map and said, "My Lord, you see, after our army's continuous pursuit, up to now, Raman's troops behind Nasda have almost completely lost their fighting power, and they are still two days away from the city of Kerton.". It seems that we can keep the enemy chieftain Baz in Malos this time. Ha ha, this is a great gift to His Majesty Edward. Toland smiled, nodded and said, "Yes, this time we are fighting in Malos, and our people are displaced. If we don't leave Baz behind, we will be ashamed of the world." With these words, they laughed at each other. After a pause in the laughter, Toland looked at Rand and said with a straight face, "Rand, you have played very well in commanding this battle, far better than I expected of you. The younger generation is awesome!"! In the future, the safety of the country of Malos will depend on you. You should work hard. Rand's handsome face moved and he exclaimed, "My Lord, why do you sound like I'm going to retire?" Toland laughed and said, "Don't worry, though I am old, I will not retire until you have made immortal achievements." Rand nodded with a smile and was about to say something when he heard a rush of footsteps outside and Renner rushed in three steps at a time. Toland frowned and scolded, "Rainer,inflatable water slide, what are you doing?"? So flustered. "Something has happened, my Lord," Rayner said. Both Rand and Toland were startled. "What's the matter?" Toland asked. joyshineinflatables.com

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The Dark Road