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The Daily Struggle of Seven Princesses Full-time Job

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Qin Ange did not ask any more questions. He smiled indifferently and said confidently, "Is there a new'article 'in Shengdu?" Nothing can be hidden from the master! That's true, Feng. Empress Feng intended to point out the blue girl to General Feng Ji. "Bah!"! That Feng Ji is what kind of goods, with him, where is worthy of Lan Muyan! Before Qin Ange could finish Yuxiu's words, he was so angry that he scolded. That's right! When the maidservant was promoted to the capital, she had heard that General Feng Ji was usually cocky and had no ability, but he didn't care about everyone. The breeze interjected. However, then again, this Feng Ji is Feng's own brother, even if the Duke of Wei and the princess of Heyang look down on Feng Ji, but it is not good to refuse the face of Queen Feng. Qin Ange said worriedly. Yes! Therefore, the Duke of Wei and the princess of Heyang neither agreed nor refused. Yuxiu said lightly. It's not easy to refuse! However With Qin Ange's understanding of Lan Muyan, this Lan Muyan is absolutely not waiting to die, at the mercy of others, unless she is willing to Lan Muyan. So Qin Ange went on to say, "This marriage is hard to get!" "What the master said is.". So, from last night to today, several news came from the flying pigeon that the marriage had been cancelled. Yuxiu said calmly. Qin Ange immediately smiled, knowing that there was an article in it,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and handed a look to Qingfeng, so that Qingfeng could pour a cup of tea. Qingfeng received the look in his eyes and immediately poured a cup of tea for Qin Ange and brought it over. Say, is how 'not to cancel the'? " '? Qin Ange asked calmly. Yuxiu said, "It's said that one of Feng Ji's concubines learned from General Feng that the empress was going to point out Miss Lan to General Feng. She was jealous and went to see Miss Lan. She poured all the poison she had hidden in her sleeve on Miss Lan's face, causing Miss Lan's appearance to be ruined.." Qingfeng listened, his face changed in an instant, and this disfigurement was not a trivial matter, especially for a beautiful woman like Lan Muyan. However,Nail machine supplier, when Yuxiu said this, her face was extremely flat, as if she were telling a very ordinary story. Lang Yue was originally frightened that Lan Muyan would be disfigured. But after observing his master and Yuxiu's face, he was indifferent and had no waves in his heart. Chapter 150 Marriage (2). Qin Ange thought: "This is a clever play!"! Let Feng Ji's concubine hurt her blue Mu Yan, this matter said out, blue Mu Yan can be fair and aboveboard want not to marry not to marry. But Feng felt that he was in the wrong and had nothing to say, and he could not blame Wei Guogong and his wife. But did Lan Muyan come up with this idea? Even so, who is helping Lan Muyan to operate? Is it Lao Ba? No, it's impossible. Eight doesn't have the brains. Is it Su Muran? No, no, even if Su Muran doesn't want Feng Lan to marry, he won't help Lan Muyan like this. Who could that be? Cough, cough, cough! I'm afraid Qin Ange wants to break his head, Nail Making Machine price ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but he won't think that it's someone's second brother who is helping Lan Muyan. Of course, this "some people" naturally refers to Qin Ange. Is Feng Ji's concubine caught? Or did you escape? Qin Ange already had a few questions in his heart. Run away! Yuxiu replied with a faint smile in her eyes. Escaped? Did the huge Wei Guogong Mansion let people escape? Qin Ange said with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes. We met outside, not in the mansion of the Duke of Wei. Yuxiu said. "That's reasonable," said Qin Ange! Lan Muyan this wench, is really a bit of means! After thinking about it, Qin Ange turned and asked, "Is Wang Ye in the villa now?" Yuxiu glanced out of the window and saw that the rain was still falling. She thought for a moment and replied, "It should still be there.". Qin Ange immediately got up, put on his shoes, and went straight to Mu Chenxuan's study to find Su Muran. However, at this time, Su Muran was standing on the corridor in front of the study, listening to the sound of the rain and watching the scenery in the rain. Therefore, before Qin Ange reached the door of the study, he saw Su Muran. As soon as Qin Ange saw Su Muran, he waved his hand, motioned to Qingfeng and others to step down, and then crept, like a thief, behind Su Muran, blindfolded Su Muran's eyes. And he said in a strange voice, "Guess who I am?" Su Muran had long known from the gesture of the dark guard that Qin Ange had come, so he was blindfolded by Qin Ange and did not feel surprised at all. The corners of his mouth turned up, and with a smile, he deliberately joked, "Is it an old monster that eats people?" "Che, you are the old monster!" Qin Ange immediately let go of his hand, his face full of unhappiness, and said. So easy to get angry? Isn't my wife very generous? Su Muran turned around, his eyes full of smiles, looked down at Qin Ange, and laughed. How interesting Which woman didn't get angry when you said she was old? Qin Ange retorted. Su Muran admitted that he had made a slip of the tongue. Turning to look at the green bamboo in the corner of the courtyard not far away, he changed the subject and said, "Madam, what do you think of the green bamboo in the rain?" "Damn you," said Qin Ange to his heart, "give me these empty things again!"! However, the face still gave Su Muran face, did not dismantle Su Muran's stage. Turned to say: "Wang Ye is in a good mood today!"! But what's the good news? "There is no happy event for my husband!"! But madam is happy. Su Muran turned his head to look at Qin Ange, selling the suspense, meaning something to say. Qin Ange was a little puzzled and said to himself, "Where do I have any happy events?"? So he looked up at Su Muran's eyes and asked, "What's the happy event?" "Don't you know?" Su Muran asked in reply. Qin Ange thought carefully, really did not think of anything, so a face confused,Iron Nail Making Machine, blankly looked at Su Muran, shook his head, said: "I really do not know.". Su Muran took out a gold hairpin inlaid with Nanyang gold pearls from his sleeve and handed it to Qin Ange. 3shardware.com

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