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The Concubine Is Often Arrogant Full-time Job

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"Good!" Lu Wuqing is naturally overjoyed, immediately finalized, "then we quickly tell Miaomiao this matter, by the way, the seal is missing, Miaomiao will not be questioned?" Lin Shengxuan eyebrows a bright, this Qi Miao does things regardless of the consequences, no matter whether the seal is true or false, just missing is enough to make the six princes angry. He looked at Lu Wuqing and said, "You should go to the palace immediately to check the situation secretly. If you have anything, you can act according to circumstances." "Well!" Lu Wuqing quickly set off and left. # # # Novel Reading Network www.readnovel.com welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### [Nao 22] Ivy Le-deliberately looking for trouble Outside the gate of Prince Yan's mansion, a stubborn and small figure stood at the waist, and opposite her was a coquettish woman, who was the main room of the six princes, Avril, the most favored princess of the Xia Dynasty by the queen mother. Qi Miao kept looking up and down,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, frowning and loosening, loosening and wrinkling, this woman always felt very familiar, but where have you seen it? She thought hard and finally came to her senses! Not she is familiar, but the servant girl standing behind her is very familiar, she is not the last time she ran into someone else's room to frame someone else's servant girl? Right, things are said to be chaotic,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, she wants to sort out well, he is because of that love letter will be here, the charm of the imperial concubine, Lin Shengxuan, God! Is she the culprit? Avril glanced at her disdainfully, picked up the fan embroidered with Mandarin ducks and kept fanning it, which did not look like a princess. Are you Wang Ye's newly married concubine? She raised her eyes haughtily and squinted at Qi Miao. "That's all. No wonder Wang Ye even omitted the courtesy." Qi Miao's eyes widened in surprise. What is this woman talking about? Does she mean that she is a piece of garbage? "Oh, this weather is really hot, by the way, sister, you help sister fan the wind." Avril deliberately sent the fan over, with a defiant face. Qi Miao's eyes were about to fall to the ground. What did she mean? Did she treat her as a servant? 'What's The matter? This princess is to look up to you to send such a good job, even the queen mother has helped this princess fan the wind, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,stainless steel welded pipe, are you bigger than the queen mother's shelf? The tone of Avril's voice was getting higher and higher, and the guards behind him all stepped back. The princess was not a good master to offend. So, what kind of official is the princess? Qi Miao pondered for a long time and raised his innocent eyes to look at the past. # # # Novel Reading Network www.readnovel.com welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### [Nao 23] Show me-he doesn't like strangers. Ivy was so angry that she bit her lower lip and did not know how to answer. She could only stare at her fiercely. Qi Miao secretly covered his mouth with joy, glanced at it and took it back. The scorching heat of the day was gone at the moment, but a burst of refreshment would break into people's hearts from time to time. Qi Miao found a cooler place to sit down and looked around and felt really bored, so he slowly took out a soft thing from his bosom to amuse him. Avril took a deep breath, adjusted her breathing, and turned to walk towards her with a vicious smile on her face. Wang Ye really loves his sister, afraid of her heat, but also specially let her sister cool outside, which is as miserable as her sister, but also stay in the house, afraid to come out will be blown by the wind. Avril deliberately raised his status, thinking that Qi Miao would explode with anger. But it turned out that Qi Miao just looked back at her strangely, and then continued to tease the little thing in her arms. Ha ha, Wang Ye is also true, the wedding night unexpectedly let the bride outside, people who do not know really think that the younger sister made a mistake, but you can rest assured that the elder sister will make decisions for you. "Avril amused herself with her speech. Seeing that she did not respond, she stretched out her head and looked at it doubtfully." What is my sister playing? " "What didn't you play?" Qi Miao pouted his mouth and was bored. Show it to my sister. Avril has always been like this, you must get what you want. It doesn't like goblins. Qi Miao continued to lower his head indifferently. Avril hooked her head and almost twisted her neck, her angry nose and eyes together, but she still didn't see what treasure was in her hand, which made her so attentive, and the more curious she was, the stronger she felt. So he stepped over! # # # Novel Reading Network www.readnovel.com welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### [Nao 24] Who wants it to love-get out of here! Qi Miao, of course, is not careless, since she wants to see it anyway, then give it to her, raise your hands and carefully send it forward. "Ah!" Avril jumped up with a loud cry, closed her eyes and roared, startled the stars in the sky, as if everything in the world trembled. Shh! Don't make any noise. You'll frighten him. Qi Miao hurriedly hugged the little thing tightly in his arms and stroked it to comfort him. You-you- "Avril grabbed the servant girl beside her and stood in front of her, stammering at the things in her hands and unable to speak." How dare you! Unexpectedly uses the snake to frighten this princess, I must tell the queen mother, punishes your capital crime! Avril plucked up her courage and puffed out her chest, but her timidity appeared on the paper. You had to see it yourself. Qi Miao pouted his mouth and said that the grievance did not show the appearance of grievance,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, but carefully looked at the little guy in his arms kept running around. Take it away quickly! Get away from me! Avril kept retreating in fear. But the more she retreated, Qi Miao stepped forward and followed her footsteps, with an innocent expression on her face. What I said just now seems to be wrong. It seems to like goblins. Qi Miao kept the little guy stretching his head forward and sticking out his long tongue. sxthsteel.com

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Those aliens are invaders from the other side of heaven and earth. Judging from the current situation, Li Yu always feels like America in the era of great navigation. The alien race is equivalent to the Europeans in the age of great navigation, and the human race in this world is equivalent to the Indians in America. No wonder they fought so hard. No wonder they didn't beat back the alien race for so many years. No wonder Nu Wa and Pan Gu put their ideas on the "blue dragon" from later generations. The young man of destiny, the savior of the future, is. Are you? Li Yu turned his head and thought that below, outside a fiery red mulberry forest, on a floating island that was not too high, stood a boy of eleven or twelve years old. That's a very dressed up. A rugged teenager. His chest was bared, his hair was loose, a skin was wrapped around his waist, and a necklace of animal teeth hung around his neck. Although the tall and straight figure and handsome face, to this young man added a bit of handsome, but. He was dressed in a wild and brutal costume, which made him exude a fierce spirit. At the side of the teenager, squatting a head as long as thirty Zhangs, the whole body is dark, the root feathers are as huge as black iron. Crow! Well, this is the main character! Through time, back to the ancient "Earth's strongest man", is now the "Fire Crow Department" of the Southern Wilderness, a teenager named "Ji Hao". Is it.. Anyone who is called'Hao 'is very awesome? For example, 'Shi Hao',304 Stainless Steel Coil, and for example, 'Ji Hao is'? ". Li Yu shook his head with a smile, "In this world, no one can understand the stem of'Day and Day '!" Looking at the young man named "Ji Hao", Li Yu smiled. Of course, the reason for his smile is not "Ji Hao" itself, but. "Pan Gu, I'm going to black you. I'm sure you won't care!" Yes,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Li Yu is going to hit Pangu! Pangu in this world, if in its heyday, should not be worse than Li Yu. However, at this moment, Pangu has only one spirit left. More importantly, the "Pangu" of the world, he.. Do not understand the method of primordial spirit cultivation. It's all tears! The God of creation, the great existence of the creation of the world, is actually a rough man. The body is strong and boundless, the soul is huge, but. Do not understand the law of the primordial spirit. As a result, he was trapped! "I want to study chaos, and Pangu's spiritual memory is naturally worth learning from.". Another reason is that Pan Gu of this world has a jade dish of creation in his hand! What is the "Jade Dish of Nature"? According to Li Yu's words, that is the embodiment of all the rules of heaven and earth in this "Pangu world". Such a thing, in front of you, 304 stainless steel wire ,mirror stainless steel sheet, you let Li Yu not make up his mind, it is too difficult! "I'm just borrowing from you, and I won't rob you." Li Yu smiled, and his figure flashed into nothingness in an instant. The next moment, Li Yu, who turned into nothingness, came to the side of the "Fauvism" teenager silently. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt! With a strange smile on his face, Li Yuyi pointed out that when time stops, everything returns to static. Reach out a brush, invisible fluctuations swept away, the teenager disappeared in an instant, and was taken into the resource bank by Li Yu. In the twinkling of an eye, Li Yu copied Pangu's spiritual memory and the rules of heaven and earth contained in the "Jade Dish of Creation". Eh? How could this Qinglong have such talent? Li Yuzheng planned to release the teenager again, but found that in the memory of the teenager, there was a skill called "Nine Words of Truth". At the end of the Dharma era, how could he create such a skill? Although it still looks rough, it is also very extraordinary. Li Yu found that the "Nine Words of Truth" Dan Sutra created by "Qinglong" actually originated from "all the fighters are moving forward in array". Those who are fighting are moving forward in array. Isn't this the "Nine Secretaries"? "I'm still trying to figure out how to end this.". Since you have the'Nine Words of Truth ', I'll just teach you the'Nine Secrets'. With a flick of his fingers, Ye Fan, the "nine secrets" of the world, was plunged into the soul of a teenager by Li Yu. All right, cause and effect is over. With a wave of his hand, he released the teenager again, and Li Yu's figure flashed and disappeared in an instant. "Uh.." Just now At that time, after the light flowed again, the teenager suddenly had a feeling of panic, faintly felt that something had happened, and it seemed that nothing had happened. Did something happen just now, old man? Ji Hao asked Pan Gu, who was hiding in the depths of his knowledge. For this grandfather, as "the strongest man on the earth", experienced numerous conspiracies of "Qinglong", in fact, do not trust. For more than ten years, our Pangu God has not yet "fooled" Ji Hao. Big Boss Li is concerned about this. With great sympathy. You picked the wrong host! This kind of guy with rich life experience is not so easy to fool. No The spirit of Pangu, standing on the jade dish of creation, answered in the affirmative. In fact. It's all tears! Pangu, a great God, has a powerful spirit, but he does not know any method of practicing the primordial spirit, and the power of the spirit can not be brought into play. Even the "nine words of truth" created by the teenager has been his idea for ten years. So far, this guy hasn't relented. Even if he exchanges skills, he won't do it! Miss me.. Alas. With a deep sigh, Pan Gu was silent. The way to fool.. It's still very long! Chapter 869 creating an epiphany. "Little fellow, what did you think of the old man's previous proposal?" Pan Gu did not give up and began to "cheat" again. "My true method of mending the sky without leakage enables you to refine all things and strengthen yourself.". Your body is so weak now. If you learn this skill, you will have more power than the real dragon cub. That's right. I can also give you the blood of the dragon and the phoenix. Pangu three clans, dragon and phoenix people,brushed stainless steel sheet, the dragon clan has Pangu's strong physical talent, the phoenix clan has Pangu's huge spiritual talent, and the human race has Pagu's unlimited potential. The combination of the three gives you a trace of the characteristics of Pangu's real body. "I will exchange the method of'Nine Words of Truth 'with you.". How sxthsteel.com