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The comparative test results of 45 medical disposable protective suit and isolation gowns are shown here _ performance Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:37   Medical & Healthcare   Salzgitter   92 views Reference: 419
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The 27 types of disposable medical protective suit can effectively filter particles in the air, and the filtering efficiency is above 90%; the liquid barrier performance varies among individuals, but they all meet the standard requirements and have excellent performance. Among the 18 kinds of isolation clothing, only 4 kinds had filtration efficiency ≥ 70%,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, which met the standard requirements of disposable medical protective suit; 3 kinds of samples did not meet the standard requirpunctured and damaged by external forces, resulting in the spread of bacteria and viruses into the rength of two dispomfort performance (moisture permeability, air permeability) In order to enhance the protective effect, protective suit fabrics are usually laminated or coated, Medical Disposable Coverall ,KN95 Face Mask, which are thick and have poor air permeability and moisture permeability, which greatly increases the user's stuffy feeling when wearing, and long-term wear is not conducive to perspiration and heat discharge, affecting comfort performance. The national standard stipulates that the moisture permeability of medical disposable protective suit should be ≥ 2 500 G/ (m2 · d), but there is no requirement for air permeability. The better the moisture and air permeability, the more comfortable the protective suit. After testing, two medical disposable protective suit samples are below the standard requirements (see table below). By comparison, the moisture permeability of five kinds of ordinary textile leisure coats are all above the 10000 G/ (m2 · d), and only one kind of isolation coat sample reaches this Safety performance (antistatic property) Safety is a consideration of the safety of the medical staff nts ≤ 0.6 μC/piece), and there are safety risks. Information of 4 samples whose antistatic properties do not meet the standard requirements In addition, the detection value of antistatic property (charge) of two samples is only 0. 1 μC/piece, and the antistatic property is better. Information of 2 samples with good antistatic property Comprehensive comparison The results of this comparative test show that the main items of medical disposable protective suit that do not meet the standard are breaking strength, antistatic property and moisture permeability, but their protective performance meets the standard requirements; The main items that do not meet the standard are filtration efficiency, indicating that isolation clothing does not have good protective performance, consumers should buy medical protective suit for epidemic prevention needs, and carefully choose isolation clothing products. Through the analysis of the above test items, considering the comprehensive score of the four aspects of protective effect, durability, comfort and safety performance, there are 2 protective suit with excellent performance (total score ≥ 4.5) and 4 with excellent performance (total score ≥ 4.25). (For detailed information, please refer to the attached Form of Comprehensive Evaluation of Disposable Medical protective suit) The protective effect of isolation clothing is relatively general, which can be used as a general protective suit. The isolation clothing is evaluated according to the standard of medical disposable protective suit. The information of the top 5 samples is shown in the following table: Explain 1. Overall evaluation weight: 40% for protection performance, 30% for durability performance, 20% for comfort performance and 10% for safety performance; 2. Calculation formula = protective effect 40% + durability 30% + comfort 20% + safety 10%; 3. Single item evaluation: 5 points excellent; 5 points > excellent ≥ 4 points; 4 points > good ≥ 3 points; 3 points > general ≥ 2 points; 4. The higher the score, the better the test result, and the samples with the same score are ranked in no particular order. Consumer tips Choose the appropriate protective clothing as needed The protective clothing that consumers often buy is divided into medical disposable protective suit and isolation clothing. According to the comparative test results, there is a big gap between the test results of various indicators of isolation clothing and the medical protective suit, and the protective effect of disposable medical protective suit is more guaranteed. During the epidemic period of new coronavirus, if you go to densely populated places, consumers had better choose disposable medical protective suit products to protect more effectively. Points for Attention in Purchasing protective suit. The connection parts of medical disposable protective suit are generally processed by needle sewing, bonding or heat sealing. Sewn products will be sealed at the needle eye, usually in the form of layering, consumers can first observe whether the purchased products have layering. The picture shows the common appearance of protective suit and isolation clothing. However, layering is not the only criterion for judging a product as a medical disposable protective suit, and consumers also need to identify and purchase it through the following points: ① Observe whether there are medical or medically applicable scenes and medical uses described on the product packaging; ② Check whether the standard implemented by the product is GB 19082-2009 Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable protective suit; ③ Whether the outer package of the product bears the words of medical device registration. As a Class II medical device, the medical disposable protective suit shall be put on record in the (food) drug supervision and administration department to see whether it has the production license number, product registration certificate number, product technical requirement number, etc; ④ On the basis of the above, check whether the product has the name and address of the manufacturer, the date of production, and whether the product certificate and instructions are attached. In addition, enterprises can be asked to show the test report of the batch of products and check the validity period. Choose the right size The medical disposable protective suit is divided into a one-piece structure and a split-body structure. Sizes are divided into 160/165/170/175/180/185, etc. Consumers should choose the appropriate clothing size according to their own figure. Wear and use steps ① Make preparations before wearing the protective suit; ② Open the protective suit, check whether it is damaged, and open the zipper; ③ Grasp the opening of the waist zipper of the protective suit while holding the one-piece cap and sleeve of the protective suit with both hands to avoid contact with the ground; ④ Put on the lower garment first, then the upper garment, pull the zipper to the chest,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, buckle the one-piece cap on the head, and seal the zipper buckle after all the zippers are closed. Retain shopping vouchers and take the initiative to safeguard rights in time Consumers need to keep invoices and other related consumption vouchers. In case of disputes, they can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through shopping vouchers. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com

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The comparative test results of 45 medical disposable protective suit and isolation gowns are shown here _ performance