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The blue sky of online games Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:15   Engineering   Bad Salzuflen   146 views Reference: 351
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Those who have not yet come here can stop, but those who are already in line here will not comply. Sky Blue Boss, don't do this. You see, we are all good. We have been waiting for a long time. There are only a few people left. You can say that we are full of people. Let's recruit a few more. One of the first people in line disagreed, followed by a lot of opposition, and now it seems that they are recruiting me, not me recruiting them. It's not that I don't want to, but we can only recruit so many people in the first phase, but please rest assured that when we build the city, we will recruit people again. I can't help the target issued by Long Shao. Can you recruit a few more times this time? We have to wait in line for so long again next time. If it's full again, we have to wait again. I was the leader of a gang before. In order to join your Blue Dragon Gang this time, I disbanded the gang. Now I have become a person without a gang. I don't know when to recruit again. Can you help me take it in first? I know this guy. He is the leader of a small gang in Kuicheng. His personal strength is not bad. Yes, let's recruit a few more. The people behind also began to heckle, after a while, I was softhearted by them, promised them to ask the other leaders in the gang first, and if they did not object, they would recruit a few more. So I sent a message to Long Shao, but Long Shao only replied to me that I would do it myself. It would be better to follow Aoyue. No time, two words. What's worse is the hammer. Originally he came with me, but now he can't even find a figure. Husband, husband,<a href="https://www.khnwatertreatment.com/water-clarifier/tube-settler-media/lamella-tube.html">lamella tube</a>, why are you still here? Brother Hammer said that people were already full? He took a group of people to practice. I don't know when Xuexue came. Yes, it's full, but there are so many people who want to join the gang. "Oh, then you can recruit them all. Now you can recruit our sisters first. We are all out of the Rainbow Gang." Xuexue was followed by a bunch of beauties, and none of the top ten beauties were missing. Break away from the Rainbow Gang? Did the bird agree? I looked at them in puzzlement. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel http://www.paoshu8.com/. Chapter 107 City of Water. "Idiot, Sister Bird was the first to jump ship. He has now become the leader's wife of your Blue Dragon Gang. Even Sister Linglong gave up her position as the leader of the gang and ran over." Bird job-hopping? Linglong also job-hopping? It's a big deal for two beautiful gang leaders to retire at the same time. Why didn't anyone tell me? Who is managing the Rainbow Gang now? "One of the sisters in the gang, they didn't want to go, so they stayed there.". Don't say so much. Take me in quickly. Besides,<a href="https://www.khnwatertreatment.com/industrial-water-filtration/rotary-disc-filters/rotating-vacuum-disc-filter.html">rotary vacuum disc filters</a>, if I want to be an official, I'll be a little older than you. Beauty hugged me from behind in front of so many people, and the whole person was hanging like this. Okay, okay, okay! Take it now. You come down first. I quickly grabbed the beauty down, and then recruited all the sisters behind her. Brother Sky Blue, let us join the gang. Seeing that I recruited the group of girls, the long line of people wanted to join the gang even more. Even the top ten beauties went in. Who didn't want to join? All right, don't say it, as long as you meet the requirements, you can queue up to register. Then I let those who continue to recruit people, the results of such a move on the recruitment of three days and three nights, the number of people far exceeded the standard, a total of more than 1230000 people recruited, more than twice, including life professionals and special occupations and special abilities as high as 200, <a href="https://www.khnwatertreatment.com/screens-and-fine-screens/fine-screen/">Mechanical fine screen</a> ,<a href="https://www.khnwatertreatment.com/">disc air diffuser</a>,000 people. Long Shao, this time a total of 1237864 people, the rest of the matter to you, so sleepy, I go back to sleep, do not bother me. I threw the result to Long Shao, and then I ignored them, no matter how they called. Can I sleep in peace? The answer is no, now they are being pulled by snow and snow that pile of women to do coolies, there are also a group of gang level training members, originally the same as the hammer rush level maniac, now all caught in with practice, the charm of women so that they can not refuse. Then he was caught by Long Shao and said that I had to take part in the selection of the address of the city. Back to the base, now the base, in addition to the more than 100 brothers before us, there are only a few girls from the Rainbow Gang.

"Lan Shao, here we are. Come here quickly. Now we have picked out five places. Come and have a look. Which one should you choose?" When Long Shao saw me come in, he immediately let me pass. In front of Long Shao, there is a three-dimensional virtual anatomy map of Yanlong Continent, which can clearly view the map that has been explored. This virtual anatomy map can also be zoomed in and out. Long Shao pointed out five locations and zoomed in for me. The first place is located in a forest in the east of Yanlong mainland, but its location is very suitable for us to practice. There are monsters from level 100 to level 600 around us, but the traffic is not very good, so we have to open another way. The second place is located in the south of Yanlong mainland, it is on both sides of the sea, and the surrounding training points are good, but the terrain is not very good, the other two sides are inclined inward, although the defense is less dangerous on both sides, but the danger on the other two sides has greatly increased. The third place is in a mountain on the west side of Yanlong Continent. It is backed by mountains on three sides. It is also a good place for defense. However, there are not many leveling points around, and it is not a traffic point. If we didn't recruit people before, it would be nothing. We can fly from the transport roll, but not now. Not everyone can use the transport roll all the time. The fourth place is on the edge of a plain in the north of Yanlong continent, where there are no advanced monsters, the location is not bad, located on a high slope, one side is a bottomless abyss cliff, one side is a lake, the scenery is charming, the other side is a plain, and there is a slope in front of the chosen location can not worry about the enemy's charge, three positions are cut in a triangle. Traffic points are also good, although far away from other towns, but just between several scattered towns, in addition to the surrounding low-level monsters, the other is very good, of course, because there are no high-level monsters around, it is not selected by other gangs. The fifth can be said to be abandoned,<a href="https://www.khnwatertreatment.com/sludge-dewatering/belt-press/belt-filter-press-for-dewatering-wastewater.html">Belt Filter Press</a>, although it is a traffic artery, but there is no danger to defend, and there are not many training points around. <a href="https://www.khnwatertreatment.com/screens-and-fine-screens/fine-screen/">khnwatertreatment.com</a> 

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The blue sky of online games