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The big bad guy punched you in the chest. Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:37   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   264 views Reference: 167
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You know, Luan Shu Fairy Jing Tian, like a generation of beauties who were popular with thousands of monks in those days, hooked Meng Jiuge, the flower of Kaolin, away. Looking at her brother Jing Qianchen's appearance out of the dust, you can see the elegant demeanor of Luan Shu Fairy when she was alive, and the demon king Qi Hongyu was also a demon. People who have never seen the real one can know that this man must not look bad from the beautiful story that he can abduct the beauty that people can't get. Besides, Bai Yulian has the memory of the demon king in his mind. Qi Hongyu's phoenix eyes are so attractive that he didn't meet Jing Tianru before he was the master of killing both men and women. Can the child born by these two people be ugly? Besides, didn't someone sum up a truth that those children who were good-looking when they were young often grew up disabled, but those who were not good-looking when they were young grew into great beauties. I can't see it now. When the child's skin grows white and his face grows open, he will never be sorry for the rule that Yuxu Xianzong only accepts handsome men. That group of clowns are waiting to hit him in the face! Bai Yulian has been in a very good mood recently. The little disciple is teaching, and the little repair is rising. Every day, he eats delicious food in the light of the disciple. He no longer has to be afraid of breaking up. He also gets the gentle and considerate comments from the attendants. He has a very good life. The only thing he didn't like was that his apprentice was too clingy to him! During the day, the little disciple followed the teacher in the clan to study. At night, he was not obedient. He insisted on pestering Bai Yulian to sleep with him. As long as Bai Yulian's face sank, the child was as sad as an abandoned wolf dog. Thinking that the child lacked fatherly love and motherly love since childhood, Bai Yulian could not bear to disappoint him. He had to acquiesce in his existence when he went to bed at night. It's not easy for him to be a master. He is both a father and a mother. I only hope that this boy can grow up like a sapling, so that he can get rid of his demons as soon as possible. He can reach the period of crossing the plunder, find the seal of Laoshizi,tube lip gloss, and then become an immortal. It's really wonderful to think about it! Another day, as usual, Bai Yulian stayed in the elixir room to fish, relying on his body's instinct to make alchemy, but his consciousness was wandering outside the sky. His peak was mainly responsible for the supply of all the elixirs of the Yuxu Immortal Sect, and he had no disciples to help him, so he could only soak in the elixir room all day. It is worth mentioning that Meng Jiuge is really a genius, the traditional efficiency of one stove and one elixir is too low,empty lotion tubes, and it is difficult for him to take care of many stoves, so he ordered people to build a huge stove, relying on his unique life spirit fire and extraordinary spiritual strength to cook big pot dishes, ah Bah, refining big stove elixir, under his concentration, one stove can get ninety-nine and eighty-one elixirs. It was lifted up in a swish. If you let the people of the other peaks know that the elixir they took was refined in such an unintentional way, I don't know if Bai Yulian can still smile as flatteringly as before. Achoo! Is anyone thinking about him? Bai Yulian sneezed at the alchemy furnace, and countless invisible spittle flew in. The alchemy furnace trembled, but there was no change after all. Bai Yulian gazed solemnly at the alchemy furnace. After a while, he turned his head. Who cares? He can't eat anyone anyway. With such an irresponsible attitude, perhaps God can not see the eye, Dan furnace came a smell of burning. What's wrong? Is his saliva so powerful? Bai Yulian hurriedly flew down from the high wooden ladder to check, only to see a small figure appeared at the foot of the giant alchemy furnace, cosmetic tube packaging ,custom cosmetic packaging, the little man looked depressed, as if he had done something wrong. Master, I'm sorry, I just added some firewood made of hot sun wood.. It turned out that his little disciple had done something bad. Fortunately, it was not because of his saliva. If that was the case, he would not be able to doze off during the alchemy, because his saliva would flow in at any time. The two of them stood together in silence with different thoughts. The boy's dark eyes were filled with all kinds of emotions. How could the master's saliva be eaten by those fools? Bai Yulian obviously did not know what the little apprentice really thought, and after a while he pretended to be angry and said, "Many hands and many feet." Master, don't be angry. The disciple knows he is wrong. ” Seeing that he had a good attitude of admitting his mistake, Bai Yulian could not really punish him, after all, it was not an important elixir, so let the fools wait. The brain circuits of the two masters and apprentices eerily agreed. What are you doing in Dan's room? At this time, isn't the young disciple supposed to study in the school of the inner disciple? Seeing that the master finally asked this question, the boy's nose suddenly turned red. Yo, yo, yo, what's the matter? Are you being bullied? Bai Yulian was distressed. Master, those people say I don't deserve to stay in the Yuxu Immortal Sect. Don't think about how malicious a group of children can be, Bai Yulian deeply knows that children often have a kind of naive cruelty, and the words they say are the most poking people's hearts, only afraid that those children feel that Qi Guang is ugly, let's isolate him together. Can let the little disciple be wronged like this, presumably what those little bastards say must not be pleasant to hear. Bai Yulian knew that Qi Guang would grow into a handsome man in the future, but he could not say it clearly, so he had to borrow a popular sentence to comfort him before his death, and said in a tone of great enlightenment that saw through the world of mortals, "The beauty and ugliness of appearance are all bones under the skin, and what's the difference between sound and color?" “……” Master, if you are like this, the disciple really can't take it. What about the comforting hug? "It should be noted that color | is | emptiness, and emptiness is color.." Seeing that Bai Yulian was going to transcend the earthly world and become a Buddha, Qi Guang finally threw himself into Bai Yulian's arms, and if he went on, he really didn't do it. No grievance, no grievance, gold will always shine, when we Qiguang grow up, every minute let that group of ugly self-shame, regret being born in this world, understand what is called natural beauty is hard to give up, that group of cubs do not deserve to give us Xiaoguang shoes! Of course, Bai Yulian could only think about these words in his heart, and he did not want Qi Guang to know the enmity between Meng Jiuge and his parents. Qi Guang lay quietly in Bai Yulian's arms,pump tube, gently smelling the fragrance of Bai Yulian's hair. Perhaps because he had lived with wolves for a long time, he was very sensitive to the smell. He liked the smell of this person very much. In fact, he didn't care about the people pointing at him. He just wanted to make the person in front of him pay more attention to himself. emptycosmetictubes.com

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