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The beloved concubine of the mysterious prince Full-time Job

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Xiyan sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her and said, "I've seen the baby. It's really good. Nangong Yu said it looks like his father." She rolled her eyes slightly and said with a smile, "What's the child's last name?" Ta-xue looked at her and smiled. It was clear that he had come in to ask who the father of the child was, but he had to pretend to be casual. Huangfu. Stepping on the snow, he whispered. Huangfu? Xi Yan suddenly opened his eyes wide, and at the same time his heart shook slightly for some reason, as if the two words had touched something. For a time, he had a myriad of things in his heart, but he could not grasp one of them firmly. "Isn't that the imperial surname of Beimo?" "Yes." Stepping on the snow is just a faint smile. Stunned, Xiyan said tentatively, "So the father of the child is the royal family of Beimo?"? It won't be.. The emperor? Ta-xue smiled. "It doesn't matter who he is. I have nothing to do with him anymore." As soon as she said this, the doubts in Xiyan's heart were even stronger, just thinking that the child might be the prince of Beimo, she could not help but be slightly shocked, and said two irrelevant words to Ta-xue before leaving the room. Out of the garden, Nangong Yuzheng stood at the door waiting for her. As soon as Xi Yan saw him, he went up to meet him and raised his face slightly proudly. "If you don't tell me, I'll only step on the snow. Who is the father of the child?" Nangong Yu hooked the corners of his mouth helplessly: "So clever?" Xiyan smiled and looked around. Then he lowered his voice and said, "The father of the child is the emperor of Beimo. His name is Huangfu Qingyu, isn't it?" Nangong Yu just stepped out of the step suddenly slightly, laughed, looked back at her, was about to say something,faux grass wall, suddenly only felt a whirl, unexpectedly could not help but fall to the ground, hugged his head, unbearable low gasp. Xiyan was so frightened that his face changed greatly. He hurried forward and said, "What's the matter? Are you sick again?" Suddenly, Nangong Yu cried out in pain, and Xiyan wanted to ask again, but he could not speak-in front of him,artificial plant wall panels, Nangong Yu's black hair, only in a short moment, turned into a full head of silver! He fell to the ground and gasped with difficulty. Xiyan finally came to her senses from the shock and hugged him: "Nangong Yu, Nangong Yu, it's all right-come on, come on-" Soon, Shen Mohen arrived with the servants. As soon as he saw the situation, he had no time to speak, so he ordered the servants to get Nangong together. On the one hand, he ordered people to prepare chariots and horses to send Xiyan and him back to the palace. On the other hand, he sent someone to inform the emperor. Second watch. The third watch is at night. From then on, the king is a passer-by (18) End Time Travel Novel Recommendation: The Imperial Concubine can't Wear: The Imperial Concubine's Minor Time Travel Becomes a Little Stepmother Time Travel's Substitute Marriage Crazy Concubine Demon Butterfly Dance: Time Travel's Purple Eyes Princess Miraculous Doctor Imperial Princess Ghost King's Poisonous Concubine How can My Husband Be a Rich Young Maidservant Beauty Arrives: Fake Beloved Concubine, don't Run Away, Super Evil Charm President, Good Scoundrel, Wear to Ancient Times and Marry a Little Husband When Mu Shaoting hurried to Jingbi Palace, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,Faux cherry blossom tree, Xiyan had already helped the people put Nangong Yu on the bed, anxiously waiting for the arrival of the imperial doctor. Mu Shaoting's eyes reflected the figure of Xiyan, which was still indifferent and cold. He came forward and ordered coldly: "All go out." Everyone was startled, and after a moment, they all lowered their eyebrows and bowed out of the room, but Yu Xiyan was still kneeling on the edge of the bed, just motionless looking at the unconscious Nangong Yu on the bed. You go out, too. The emperor's indifferent voice sounded behind himself. With a slight pause, Xiyan gritted her teeth and said, "I won't go out.". I promised him that I would always be with him. Thirsty Mu Shaoting's eyes could not help but darken a few minutes, and did not say much, but went to the sandalwood box behind the bed, opened it, took the medicine box out, came to the bedside, also ignored Xiyan, then pushed aside the clothes of Nangong Yu. But seeing that he personally smeared something on several acupoints on Nangong Yu's body, and then fed him a pill orally, Nangong Yu was put down and lay down, and the bedding was arranged for him. What is that medicine? Xiyan only remembered that Nangong Yu had said that there was no medicine in the world that could cure the disease, and he could not help worrying about what Mu Shaoting had fed him. Then Mu Shaoting glanced at her lightly: "a medicine that cures the symptoms but not the root cause." Xi Yan was dumb, his eyes turned back to Nangong Yu again, but suddenly he found that his head of silver had turned into black hair, and he seemed to have a slight intuition, and his eyes were slightly open. But the whole person, but already looks a lot of vicissitudes of life. With a sour feeling in her heart, Xiyan took his hand and whispered, "Nangong Yu?" After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes, slightly helpless to bring up a smile, the voice is very weak: "Yan Yan, scared you?" Xi Yan nodded hurriedly and tried to suppress the tears in her eyes. "It's not that you don't know I'm bold. How can you scare me so easily?" He still smiled: "But I can't accompany you to see the Lantern Festival. I'm sorry, Yan Yan." Xiyan suddenly remembered that today was the Lantern Festival, and they had agreed to go to see the lanterns together. It doesn't matter Her voice was as low as it could go. "We'll see it next year, and it will be the same." Next year? Nangong Yu looked at her, laughed twice, closed his eyes weakly, and murmured as if to himself: "Well, if I'm still here next year.." If I am still here next year, if you are still here next year, then we will go to see the lights together. The North Desert Palace, the Imperial Garden, and the colorful lanterns are as lively as day. Ladies of all ages shuttled back and forth in the imperial garden, enjoying lanterns and guessing riddles, which was very lively. In the meantime, there are also several shadows of concubines. Shu Fei and Xian Fei each brought their own personal servant girl, walking slowly in the gorgeous lanterns, while enjoying the lanterns and guessing riddles, while whispering. I heard that the emperor turned over the sign of Mo Fei again today. Shu Fei looked at a lantern riddle in front of her, sighed lightly and said, "I've been in the palace for so long,silk ficus tree, and now I've only seen the emperor twice. Sister, I'm really not reconciled to it." Xian Fei lightly raised the corners of her mouth: "Where is your turn? I am not reconciled to it."? For so long, so many solar terms have passed. Have you ever heard of a time when the emperor went to the Qifeng Palace for the night? hacartificialtree.com

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The beloved concubine of the mysterious prince