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Tengu swallows the sun in online games Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:50   Training   Darmstadt   190 views Reference: 69
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After reckoning that his brother Dapeng had fallen before he was born, Kong Xuan naturally guessed that the strange mad dog was playing tricks. Although he and the golden-winged Dapeng were the same mother, Dapeng had not yet been born, and there was no family relationship between them. However, after Kong Xuanhua's transformation, his strength rose greatly and his self-confidence was extremely inflated. Mad Dog provoked him like this, which made him so angry that one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas were born. Volume 1 Witchcraft Wars Chapter 239 The Crisis of Being possessed by the Devil Chapter 239 the crisis of being possessed by the devil. Lu Xiaoqi naturally would not stop absorbing because of Kong Xuan. After the energy of the ROC entered his body, he felt that the water and fire blade of the spirit tooth had been strengthened to a certain extent. At the same time, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back, as if something was about to break out of his body. The energy in the body forced Lu Xiaoqi into his original state, and soon a sarcoma appeared on both sides of the dog demon's body, and the sarcoma grew bigger and bigger. Lu Xiaoqi only felt that the energy in his body urgently needed a vent, and kept rushing toward the two sarcomas. The intense pain made Lu Xiaoqi almost faint, two sarcomas burst open, and a pair of wings appeared on the back of the dog demon. This pair of wings is golden yellow, shining with dazzling luster, with the continuous influx of energy, the original inconspicuous pair of small wings quickly become larger. Feeling the strange body, Lu Xiaoqi tried to shake, golden wings stretched out, almost two meters wide. Lu Xiaoqi's body is only about one meter at this time, and the two-meter-wide wings should be able to lift him up. Lu Xiaoqi gathered up his wings and looked back at the golden wings. He couldn't help laughing and said, "I haven't finished the task of inheriting the dog yet, but I have a pair of wings. Now I finally have the appearance of a dog. Now it's not very useful to become a flying demon clan." "Player Mad Dog, congratulations on completing the second evolution. Your basic attribute growth rate has changed. Your water attribute resistance is increased by 5%, and your fire attribute resistance is increased by 5%." This ROC golden-winged eagle is indeed a top prehistoric alien. After Yin and Yang enter the seven bodies, the resistance of the five elements of water and fire increases by 5% each. The system prompts that the growth rate of basic attributes has changed. The growth rate that Dapeng can increase is nothing more than agile attributes. Looking at the growth rate of agility, Lu Xiaoqi can't help but grow his mouth. Lu Xiaoqi's agility points are 5 points, the growth rate is 1, so his movement speed is 5, evasion is 5, after devouring the golden wing ROC, his agility points have not changed, but also 5 points, but the movement speed and evasion have become 207 points, his speed is so much faster, grey marble slab ,Agate Slabs Countertops, now even if all the players add agility, there are few players faster than him. Lu Xiaoqi's mental arithmetic ability is not so good. He directly opened the common tools trembling in Myth and calculated them with a calculator. He found that the growth rate had become 1.8. Lu Xiaoqi had never heard of a player whose secondary attribute had reached 1.8 in his previous life. The highest one was a local witch who had obtained the essence and blood of the ancestral witch. The growth rate of Qi and blood had reached 1.8. The speed of the golden-winged ROC is recorded in many documents. In Myth, the speed setting is naturally abnormal. In fact, the speed growth rate that the golden-winged ROC is best at is 2. Because the golden- winged Roc has not really been born yet, Lu Xiaoqi has gained 0.2 growth points. However, the 1.8 growth rate of agility has made Lu Xiaoqi very excited. The biggest gain from devouring the ROC is the growth rate of agility. Lu Xiaoqi's secondary attribute plus points is relatively mediocre. With the growth rate of 1.8 agility and the addition of the magical array, Lu Xiaoqi has really entered the top ranks of Myth. When Lu Xiaoqi was devouring the ROC's eggs, the four disciples of the Great Sage of Heaven were standing there in silence. The Great Sage of Heaven on his seat was full of anger and said bitterly, "Primitive has bullied me too much. Seeing that my disciples are prosperous, he let the Elder Martial Brother oppress me. But he was annoyed that the Elder Martial Brother knew that I was teaching without discrimination, so he followed Primitive to deal with me." The four disciples did not dare to speak. The sage stood high above the masses. Laojun and Primitive were their masters anyway. Although they were loyal to their masters in their hearts, they did not dare to disrespect the sage. Seeing that the four disciples did not speak, Master Tongtian frowned and said, "Tell me about it. You two Shibo think that my disciples have disturbed them. What should we do?" The Holy Mother of the Turtle Spirit had a hot temper. When the sage opened the mountain gate, he tried to worship under the door of the lamp. The lamp knew that the primitive did not like demons, so not only did he not accept the Holy Mother of the Turtle Spirit, but he also satirized her many times in his words. Hearing that Tongtian had been suppressed by Laojun and Primitive, the Holy Mother of Turtle Spirit was filled with indignation, but because she was not sure what the attitude of Tongtian was, she never spoke. After hearing Tongtian's inquiry, the Holy Mother of the Turtle Spirit couldn't bear it any longer. She shouted, "Master, why should the two Shibo intervene in our own affairs? We deeply feel the master's kindness. As long as the master gives orders, the disciples will not be afraid even if they are scared out of their wits." The other three also chimed in. Master Tongtian's face showed a look of relief. He hesitated for a moment and said, "At this time, the two brothers are dissatisfied with me. How can I deal with it?" The Holy Mother of the Golden Spirit said, "Although the three religions, Ren, Zhe, and Jie, are all disciples of the Taoist ancestors, their doctrines are different. If the two Shibo are dissatisfied, let them be dissatisfied. The Master doesn't have to pay any attention to them." Master Tongtian nodded. He thought so, too, but he was so arrogant that he did not know how long he could endure the primitive ridicule. The Duobao Taoist next to him opened his mouth to oppose the statement of the Golden Spirit Holy Mother, but the Master of Tongtian agreed. He could not say anything more, so he had to lower his head and not speak. Seeing that none of the four disciples spoke, Master Tongtian waved his hand and said, "Go down first. Remember to restrain the disciples. Don't let them go too far." Lu Xiaoqi's second evolution has been completed, and he is studying the role of Yin and Yang in his body. Only a small part of this Yin and Yang Qi has entered the Lingya Shuihuo Blade. After this small part of Yin and Yang entered the Spirit Tooth Water Fire Blade,Calacatta Nano Glass, it did not change the essence of the Spirit Tooth Water Fire Blade, but the attack of the two systems of water and fire attached to the Spirit Teeth Water Fire Blade increased by 10 points, and now it has become 50 points. forustone.com

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