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Taobao shopkeeper in the fairy world Full-time Job

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Small white took a look at day chess to protect the hand on his head, rare smile, day chess care he is very useful. It was also easy to deal with this kind of wading bird. He and the red-crowned crane looked at each other in the air. The little crane was suddenly shocked by something. It flapped its wings in panic and turned rapidly, making a dangerous neigh to warn its companions. The group of wading birds overhead received the warning of the same kind and flew around. Because they escaped in panic, many black and white feathers fell from the air. Tianqi picked up the black fluff that had fallen on Xiaobai's head and said, "This is too cruel. If there are big cats like lions and tigers in Qingqiu, we will be in danger." "Don't be afraid." "Of course you don't have to be afraid if you can fly. I can't afford to be eaten by a tiger if I rent a horse from the Royal Horse Supervisor." "If there is a fight, you can step back behind me." "What about the horse?" "As long as you are in the car, I will protect the horse together." Tengu jerked open the car door: "Enough of you!" It's obviously a business trip for three people. Can you worry about my mood? . Huang Youfu's home in Qingqiu was cleaned up early, waiting for the distinguished guests to come. There are less than a dozen families in this border village, most of whom are monastic people, and the three members of Huang Youfu's family are weasels. In the past, when he was practicing Buddhism in the human world, he was chased and beaten by Taoist priests and monks. Fortunately, he met Tengu, who ran a restaurant in the human world, and helped him find this place,x60 line pipe, so he was not released. From sunrise to noon, the immortal finally arrived. Huang Youfu led the carriage to the door of his house. His daughter poked her head out of the house and saw two young men sitting in front of the carriage. One was fragrant and immortal, and the other looked very noble and seemed to be a super powerful God. The little weasel's face was red, and the two brothers were so good-looking. Tengu Shangxian was her father's savior, which she knew. She heard his father say that he was very indifferent, but today he enthusiastically helped to move all the snacks his father bought into the kitchen. Tengu took one look at the little weasel leaning against the door and asked in surprise,uns s32750 sheet, "I haven't seen you for a few days. Huang Youfu, your daughter has grown up so much." Huang Youfu hastened to say, "We haven't seen each other for more than two hundred years. How forgetful you are!" Said the daughter called over: "Love, do not hurry to say hello to the guests." The little weasel nodded with a red face and ran indoors to hide again. Huang Youfu looked at the two immortals who came with Tengu, both of whom were very elegant, and the one with short hair was said to be the boss of Tengu. So young to be able to work in heaven, must be a good family background, people are also excellent! The population in the village is getting smaller and smaller, and those who have the ability go out to make a living. Seeing that the child has reached the age, there is no suitable candidate for marriage. Now it seems that the shopkeeper Zhang started his own business and has a good image. Otherwise, he would like to find a way to make a match? When Huang Youfu thought of this, his heart moved and he stepped forward to hand over to Zhang Tianqi: "This must be shopkeeper Zhang, x56 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, the boss of Gou Tianxian. Old Huang Youfu, you have worked hard to help me deliver the goods this time." Zhang Tianqi nodded and said, "Hello, Uncle Huang. My name is Zhang Tianqi." Huang Youfu: "Ai Ai has just turned three hundred years old. She is usually cute and lovely. You are new here. I will ask her to go out with you." Zhang Tianqi is not very old, but this type of words can be heard in his ears, and his former neighbor's uncle and aunt like to introduce him to someone. He was in the period of struggling for his career and had little interest in marriage, so he had to change the topic: "Uncle Huang, is your village making weasels? Why is there a rotten smell?" Huang Youfu: "This..." It's not going in the right direction. You can keep a dog at home, or you can put a few rat traps, both of which are effective. Zhang Tianqi is sure. Love's face in the inner room is white. Tengu thought that the shopkeeper was really a chat genius. Xiao Bai leaned close to Tian Qi's ear and said, "He is the weasel." The author has something to say: Whistling Dog: Maybe you should take me with you! Thank you for throwing a mine at the moon. Be clever and ask for comments Chapter 29 envy, jealousy and hate. After coming out of Huang Youfu's home awkwardly, the poverty alleviation project finally pushed new news to him. "Xianjie Precision Poverty Alleviation Project: Congratulations to users, the task has been completed, prizes have been distributed to your warehouse, and more efforts should be made in the future!" Embarrassment in the heart swept away, Zhang Tianqi was eager to return home, and on the way back, he was too lazy to take pictures, so he rushed back to Qianlai Mountain early. At this time, the employees of Qianlai Mountain were surrounding the express box printed with "valuables", waiting for the shopkeeper to come back and open the goods. The staff think that the owner is so awesome that he always receives things from Lingxiao Palace. Jiu'er said, "The shopkeeper has risen at a young age. He is really a genius between heaven and earth." Xiaoqing said: "And he looks like a weak chicken, but his mountain contains more spiritual power than several of us combined. I'm really worried that he's pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger. I dare not bully him at all." Hong Haier said: "The Jade Emperor often visits the world incognito. In fact, the shopkeeper is not the illegitimate son of the Jade Emperor.." Before he had finished speaking, his mouth was covered by the crowd. You are in solitary confinement less! The Kitchen God's grandmother pointed at Hong Haier and taught him a lesson. When Zhang Tianqi returned, he took out something like a crystal ball from the express box, but it was obvious that it was a refined product, not made of existing substances in nature. According to the instructions, the treasure made by Taishang Laojun can be recorded and broadcast live, and can also be used as a projector. Compared with ordinary machines, its greatest advantage is that it does not need to consume electricity, nor does it need to connect to the Internet. It can be used directly by linking to the poverty alleviation project App. Employees groped for most of the day but did not find where the button was, watching the shopkeeper fiddling with it a few times, casually clicking on the mobile phone, the ball actually flew up and did fancy rotation in the air. Maybe the shopkeepers are really better than they think. In the evening of the same day, the immortals who were bathing in the afterglow of the sunset happened to raise their heads and suddenly saw a huge scroll open on the horizon, in which there was a magnificent scenery,316ti stainless steel, which they had never seen before. The immortals thought Laojun was doing something again and stopped to look at the scroll, but what the scroll presented was not the old-fashioned propaganda of the heavenly architecture, but the beautiful scenery of Qianlai Mountain. lksteelpipe.com

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