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Taixu Illusion Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:47   Tourism & Restaurants   Sankt Ingbert   335 views Reference: 63
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Rong Ruo pressed her hand and said, "Do you know under what circumstances and on what part of a person, it is best to send a hidden weapon?" "What?" Rong Ruo smiled: "That's it." Holding a small cylinder in his left hand, he aimed at the downstairs and pressed the mechanism. At the same time, Zhao Yi was attacked by three palms, four swords and five swords. In a hurry, he used thirteen swords to force all the swords away. He also broke out in a cold sweat. Zhao Yi's last sword thrust out with all his strength, and he was about to stab the man who had hit him in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, he felt the sound of lifting the air. He was startled in his heart and retreated with a horizontal sword to protect himself. The man who waved his hand was also busy dodging back. More than a dozen thin needles shot between them, and Rong Ruo upstairs waved his weapon without scruple and said to the two livid men downstairs, "You two, I know I'm handsome and handsome, but I'll still blush if you stare at me like this." For a moment, the two women beside him covered their lips and snickered, and the two parties downstairs almost died on the spot, while the other people in the scuffle, either misdirected or wrong footwork, were obviously affected by this unreasonable thing. Chu Yunru asked in a low voice, "What are you doing?" "Shouliang is simple, don't let them kill people, no matter who kills who, I don't like it." Rong Ruo shrugged: "I don't want Su Liang and Zhao Yi's hands to be bloody too early. They are kind-hearted and have never killed anyone. Even in the hunting ground, in order to save me, they only seriously injured Qin Fu.". If they lose control and kill people in the fight, and kill people who have no grievances, their hearts will be very sad,Planetary Gear Motor, just to discuss the inexplicable small enmity to kill people, let the soul bear the burden is not worth it. If this kind of killing happens too often, they will be numb to life, and they will feel that it is natural to kill people in private fights among the people. In the martial arts world, it is reasonable for the strong side to take away the lives of the weak, and rationalize the killing, which is tantamount to letting them go down this road and harming them. Chu Yunru smiled and nodded, "OK, let's work together to control the situation and not let anyone be killed." As she spoke,Gear Reduction Motor, her fingers moved slightly, and the golden needle shot out. Ning Xiang's internal force was a little weak, and he was not sure whether he could control the hidden weapon freely. He took the launcher and aimed at the target he had chosen. In addition to Chu Yunru, Ning Xiang, Rong Ruo's martial arts are not brilliant, but with the guidance of a famous teacher, his eyesight is far better than others. Every time he shoots a hidden weapon, he can just stop the fight to a deep place, which will inevitably cause death out of control. Or force people to retreat, or shoot the weapon slightly off, or shoot the wrist, hit the arm, did not cause serious injury, but successively let seven or eight people lose their fighting power, had to quit. Rong Ruo also grinned, while sending a hidden weapon, while cheering for the next head, the expression of innocence as if he had done nothing. All of a sudden, brushless gear motor ,12v High Torque Motor, the angry voice downstairs one after another, obviously a large group of people want to put the two big boys to death, the two big boys also gradually kill red eyes to go all out, a good atmosphere of bloody battle to Rong Ruo a person confused. The solemn and stirring indignation, which had to fight to the death, now turned into a teasing gnashing of teeth, depression and resentment. Everyone, including Su Liang and Zhao Yi, wanted to rush up and kill the three men who were standing upstairs with hidden weapons. At the end of his patience, Su Liang shouted at Rong Ruo, "What on earth do you want to do?" By contrast, the reaction of others is much more intense. With the sound of anger, hidden weapons were flying all over the sky. For no reason, darts, needles and nails were flying at the three people upstairs. Some people were so angry that they threw their close-fitting weapons, long swords and precious knives at the top. With a strange cry, Rong Ruo pulled Chu Yunru with his left hand, pulled Ning Xiang with his right hand, and hid behind Xingde. Relying on his virtue, he deliberately pulled all the people's hostility to himself, but where to know, virtue has long lost its power, in the face of the hidden weapon from the sky, even self-protection is a problem, let alone rescue others. Xing De moves quickly, returns his hand to Rong Ruo's bosom, pulls out a small brocade box, opens the lid of the box, throws it hard, and a black piece of iron flies out. All the swords and swords, together with the dark green son, changed their course and flew toward the black stone. In the stunned eyes of a large group of people, they formed a bright weapon regiment. With the flying of the stone, they staggered and landed on the opposite second floor stairs, making countless big holes in the floor. But I saw a bunch of Wulin people downstairs, and their eyes were almost flat and rolled out of their eyes. Rong Ruo was so angry that he flew into a rage. He grabbed Xingde and wanted to fight for life and death: "You, you, you. This magnet sealed with a box of wind and fire is a treasure that I can keep by my side and save my life if necessary. So you took it out and exposed it." Xing De disagreed with Rong Ruo's anger. "Isn't this just to save your life?" "You.." Rong Ruo was so angry that he raised his fist and wanted to hit the peerless beauty of Xingde, but at the moment it was extremely dazzling and rigid. Suddenly, he heard the sound of lifting the air in his ear. On one side, he saw Chu Yun rushing downstairs like a person like Lingbo Yufeng. Rong Ruo couldn't help exclaiming, and Chu Yunru in midair was already out of the sword. Chu Yunru's sword was picked out from a large pile of swords that Rong Ruo had brought out from the palace. It was usually as soft as cotton and was tied around his waist as a belt. As soon as he pressed it on his waist, the body of the sword straightened up and rose against the wind. A piece of moonlike brilliance on the sword caught people's eyes. The name of the sword was "Yuehui". When the moonlight was unsheathed, everyone upstairs and downstairs felt as if the whole world had darkened, and then a shallow light pierced the darkness. The ray of light enveloped the people downstairs, but it was still as clear as water and as hazy as smoke. After the sound of a series of crisp weapons, the fairy, who was riding the moonlight down to the earth in the shadow of water and smoke, just turned around and floated back to the railings on the second floor, stretching her sleeves lightly, just like a goddess in the sky, occasionally reaching the earth, and in a twinkling of an eye, she was nine days high. Although a person downstairs, because of the surprise to see all the hidden weapon blades shot to the second floor, all under the strong magnetism of the sky magnet to synthesize a blade dumpling, for such an incredible scene and some daze,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, strain a little slow, but more or less still drag back some heart grace, to attack the beauty who jumped down in the air. ichgearmotor.com

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Nine Dragon Rings