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Taishang Zhang Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:29   Banking   Sankt Ingbert   96 views Reference: 466
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The scene of the fight was very simple. Ruoshan and Ruoshui joined hands, and the thorns transformed by the artifact could not kill Xingyao immediately, but tied him in place and could not fly up, while Panhu took the opportunity to launch a fierce attack with all his strength. This is equivalent to the mountain master and the water mother-in-law working together to tie up the star, and then let the dog go over and tear it up. Jiaolong struggled endlessly, and the thorns burst one after another, but Xingyao could not succeed in getting away. In a short time, he was already black and blue all over his body. The pale golden dragon's blood and the splashing dragon's scales were turned into a sharp weapon for him to fight back. He kept shooting around, and several of them hit the original body of Panhu. But Panhu ignored it, and in the end he rushed into the thorns and opened his mouth to bite the dragon. A dog that looked so small seemed insignificant in front of the dragon, but its every bite was so cruel. In this situation, there is no need for Panhu to directly rush up and fight with Jiaolong, as long as he wields the artifact bone stick from a distance, he can consume the death star. But Panhu, after all, is a dog, has been inspired by the ferocity, for his parents and the people of the Qingshui clan, it is red-eyed regardless, is to bite the star to death, even the mountain master and the water mother-in-law can not be called back. The two elders had to launch the rattan ring artifact with all their strength to restrain the struggling dragon as much as possible. Zhijie,Micro Gear Motor, who was watching the battle from a distance, was dumbfounded. The scene of fighting was so tragic in a twinkling of an eye, and Panhu was simply crazy. The fight did not last long, about a stick of incense, and even the original body of Panhu was black and blue. Jiaolong, the incarnation of Xingyao, uttered the last words: "Can you tell me how my master is?" "He's dead," Panhu shouted. "He was killed by my Elder Martial Brother Huwa. I'll send you to see him." Not to mention Xingyao,small geared motors, even Zhijie and others who watched the battle were shocked, and Panhu finally made clear the situation of Bai Sha. Is it true that the invincible Bai Sha on Ba yuan has fallen and died at the hands of Lord Peng Keng? They did not know the mystery of the door of the Black and White Hill Immortal Cave Mansion, which could only be opened by the cultivation of immortals, so they did not think that Huwa had become an immortal. But what Panhu said in this case should not be false, these experts all guessed a possibility-Huwa was a sneak attack while Bai Sha was in seclusion! If you want to attack successfully, you must clean up the Shanzha Demon King on the premise of not disturbing the white evil spirit. Then the means of Lord Peng Keng are powerful enough, and few people can defeat him in today's Bayuan. In particular, Gale and Zhijie, the two Chiwangqiu elders, did not fall headlong. For many years, the invincible Bai Sha of Bayuan is like a towering tree, in which the descendants of Chiwangqiu enjoy the cool and feel the power and prestige. Now the white evil spirit has become an immortal, although one day it will fly away, but it also pushed the prestige of Chiwangqiu to the extreme of the scenery, 12v High Torque Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, never expected such an ending. The white evil spirit was suddenly gone, and he was beheaded by his enemy. This feeling was similar to the collapse of the sky. The two elders both had great achievements, but they were shocked and even confused for a moment. Just then, the dragon and the fierce dog sent out an earth-shaking roar at the same time. The dragon's body suddenly burst, scales, blood, flesh and blood all turned into a sharp light to diffuse and open, and the star launched the most fierce counterattack at the moment of its fall. Although very far away, but the magic force hit each other, making Ruoshan and Ruoshui at the same time stuffy hum, back a few steps to stand firm, the face is a little pale. All the thorns wrapped around the dragon's body were blown open, and then turned into two rattan rings to trap the dog. At the last moment, Ruoshan and Ruoshui tried their best to protect the original body of Panhu. Panhu was already wounded all over his body. When the mountain master and the water mother-in-law put away the rattan ring, he rolled on the spot and turned into a human form and changed his clothes. Although he could not see the scars on his body, it was obvious that his face was badly injured. (To be continued.) 081. Fu Wei Fu Ju (I) Panhu did not look at the battlefield just now, but turned to kneel down to the mountain master and the water mother-in-law, and was pulled up by the water mother-in-law. Two elders and three elders also fell into the valley to put away the sword, two elders patted Panhu on the shoulder, but did not say anything. Panhu got his revenge today, and the mountain master and the water mother-in-law have been protecting him as they did when they were young, and the elders on Wufu Hill have been helping him. There is no need to say a lot of words, and everything is in silence. The two suzerains, Ben Ji and Miao Chen, were even more dumbfounded. In recent years, the clan they belonged to regarded Chiwangqiu as the superior clan. The biggest reason was the power of Bai Sha. Now that Bai Sha and Xing Yao have both been beheaded by their enemies, they have to consider a series of changes caused by this. How should they choose in the future? But they soon figured out that there might be no need to worry too much about their own clan. It was Lord Peng Keng who beheaded Bai Sha, and Lord Peng Keng's Taoist companion, Lord Xuan Sha, was sure to succeed the suzerain of Chiwangqiu, which did not have much impact on the clan of Chiwangqiu, the people of the Baie clan, and the "lower clan" attached to Chiwang Hill. It's just that Bai Sha and Xing Yao are gone, and the Xuanyi Iron Guards have all disappeared. Zhijie and the gale had fallen from the clouds and came to the front. The footsteps of the two masters were staggering. Zhijie asked in a hoarse voice, "Panhu Daoyou, has the White Evil Lord really fallen?" Panhu nodded and said, "Yes, the Shanzha Demon King has been suppressed. The old thief Bai Sha was killed on the spot by my Elder Martial Brother in seclusion." In front of them, Panhu called Bai Sha an old thief. The two elders' expressions twitched a little, but they didn't entangle anything after all. They must have seen the situation clearly and were thinking about how to deal with the aftermath. The gale turned around in the same place and saluted everyone. Then he lowered his voice and said, "I have something to ask you.". Panhu Taoist friends have avenged themselves. The perpetrators of the Shimizu genocide have all been brought to justice. Can this matter not be spread outside, but only be known to the insiders at the moment? Before Panhu could answer, the three elders twirled their whiskers and said, "Panhu, the purpose of you and Huwa is only revenge. Now the vow has been fulfilled.". Gale Daoyou's words are also reasonable, the future in charge of Chiwangqiu is Xuanyuan, there is no need to cause shock from all sides,micro gear motor, this matter also need not be publicly publicized. Actually, say it. Many people will not or do not want to believe, but in vain lead to differences and conflicts. ichgearmotor.com

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