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Sword tripod Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:37   Engineering   Saarlouis   179 views Reference: 332
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Of course, seven days of inhuman pain is not in vain, just now, Zhao Fuchen clearly felt that the body has been in the process of continuous destruction and repair of the internal organs suddenly resisted the invasion of the five forces of heaven and earth, and at this moment, Zhao Fuchen also restored control of the body. It is this wonderful feeling of suddenly losing control of the body to control the body again that makes Zhao Fuchen roar to the sky. At the end of the roar, Zhao Fuchen seemed to have roared out all the pain he had suffered these days. After his mind suddenly cleared, he began the last step of refining his body, forcing the five advanced forces of heaven and earth out of his body. As Zhao Fuchen exerted his strength, his whole body burst into a strong deep golden light, and his burly body trembled violently. The body trembled more and more violently, Zhao Fuchen roared in a low voice, and the golden awn on his body became more and more abundant, until finally it surrounded his body like a deep golden slurry. Roar!!! After several hours of continuous violent trembling, Zhao Fuchen suddenly raised his head to the sky with a roar, a thunderous roar, and between his deep golden torso, there was a faint light of grey-green, blue, black, black, and pink. The stronger the roar, the more powerful the five rays of light, and the vitality of heaven and earth within tens of feet of Zhao Fuchen's body also violently rioted, as if echoing with the five rays of light, which was magical. As if to feel the call of the endless vitality of heaven and earth around the body, the five points of light in the golden trunk of Zhao Fuchen are more brilliant, like five gorgeous stars located in it. As these five points of light became more and more brilliant, Zhao Fuchen's face became more and more painful, and the trembling range of his body became greater and greater, until finally, he could no longer control his body. Driven by the violent vitality of heaven and earth, his burly body, like gold casting, rose from the cliff and hung high in the sky,wire nail machine manufacturers, just like a golden sun reflecting the scorching sun in the sky. Unconsciously in the high altitude, Zhao Fuchen's trembling and curled body suddenly stretched out, with a burst of'crackle! ' The sound of bone cracking, as bright as five stars, began to move slowly under the golden reflection of his whole body, moving slowly to his head, hands and limbs respectively. With the movement of five points of light, Zhao Fuchen's golden body suddenly shook, sending out a burst of bone cracking sound, and at the same time, the golden light on his body became transparent, not fading, but changing to the golden color like glass. Five bright stars of light, although slow, but firmly to the end of the limbs slowly moving, in a strange sound of bone cracks, finally issued a huge silent "boom!" In the sound, from the top of his head, Automatic nail machine ,wire nail making machine, the palms and soles of his feet shot out, drawing five five-color streamers into the sky, gradually dissipating without a trace. When the five-color light spots formed by the five-point advanced power of the vitality of heaven and earth dissipated, the restless vitality of heaven and earth in the whole world also subsided in an instant, but the burly body of Zhao Fuchen's "Qi", which exudes the golden color of glass, did not fall from the sky because of the subsiding of the vitality of Heaven and Earth's "Net", but slowly floated in the air. As the golden light of colored glaze poured into his five limbs pierced by five points of light, the five perforations closed in an instant and disappeared without a trace. Soon, Zhao Fuchen's whole body gradually became transparent, from the skin and bones to the viscera, all emitting a faint golden light of colored glaze. This strange scene lasted for more than half an hour before it slowly disappeared, restoring Zhao Fuchen's bronzed body. Eyes slowly opened, Zhao Fuchen eyes shot out two glass golden light flash away, burly body slightly a shock, step out of the air, instantly appeared on the cliff. Standing quietly on the cliff with bare feet, feeling the power of shaking the world in his body, Zhao Fuchen took a long breath and gave a long roar to the sky. Between the roars, the vitality of heaven and earth in the whole Qijue Valley fluctuated violently, as if he wanted to escape from Zhao Fuchen's body. Whistling gradually stopped, Zhao Fuchen Lang laughed, the body gently moved, after a few breaths, the body of Zhao Fuchen on the cliff fluctuated like water lines, disappeared, and Zhao Fuchen's body, at this time has been outside the Qijue Valley. The immortal body of the human world is formed, and the cloud of Kyushu will stop. (The human world is almost over.) ) Chapter 243 Departure of the Fifth Ensemble At the intersection of the yellow killing field and the green grassland, thousands of color tents stretch for several miles, like a huge black and white beast crawling on the edge of the killing field, looking at the two cities of the killing field. In the center of this huge black and white tent area, a huge white tent with silver light in the sun stands in it. Even the black and white tents around it, which are much larger than other tents, are quite different from it. It is as striking as standing out from the crowd. At this time, in this huge tent with a trace of silver light, the white horse Marquis, Luo Fusheng, Shuixiaoxiang, Xue Yecheng and more than a dozen white horse dogs were sitting in a semicircle surrounded by prominent figures with outstanding martial arts. In the center of these figures, Shuixiaoxiang and Luo Fusheng were sitting in the middle of an empty chair. The people in the tent were already familiar with the empty chair. They took one look at the empty chair. The White Horse Marquis, who was sitting beside Luo Fusheng, said softly, "Master Luo, I don't know when your teacher will appear."? When will we join forces with Shang to attack Wu? "Don't worry, Hou Ye. When it's time to appear, my master will appear naturally." Luo Sheng's face was light and gentle. White horse Hou smell speech nodded lightly, then eye view nose, nose view heart no longer speak, this period of time, white horse Hou also gradually recognize the situation, especially Zhao fuchen took the dog Rong, let white horse dog Rong coalition arrived after the killing domain, white horse Hou will know that the situation of the merchant world will be irreversible, and then keep the identity of the nine governors of big summer has been meaningless, It is better to seek a good position in the merchant world, and holding Zhao Fuchen this big thick leg,Automatic Nail Making Machine, is undoubtedly the wisest, this is also the reason why the white horse Hou obeys Luo Fusheng now. Master Luo, you. 3shardware.com

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