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Sweeping the world Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:52   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Dassel   240 views Reference: 74
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Ji Chang was angry and amused to see Ran Min's pleading and threatening documents. The country's grain reserves had entered a difficult period, which was related to the country's war of national destruction. The prime minister's office could only force Xu Zheng to exert pressure on all aspects of the war in the southwest peninsula on the other hand. At the same time, he kept looking for colleagues and big families with details. It was on the eighth day after Shi Hu's stroke that the shogunate found out what had happened. There were two channels for them to spy on. The first was that Shi Hu's sons actually started fighting each other. The second was that some Shi Jie's ministers secretly communicated with each other. Also do not know is brain damage, or barbarian is like that, after the news of Shi Hu stroke leaked, the first gathering armed is Shi Shi, but the outbreak is not from Shi Shi. Shi Shi is actually a child now, and his mother is the daughter of Liu Yao, the Emperor of Later Zhao. As the royal family of the former Dynasty, and one of the favorite harem of Shi Hu himself, Liu is not the kind of woman without any influence, she is surrounded by a lot of old ministers who are the former Zhao, and some Han people are also attached to Shi Jie after he is frustrated. Xiang Shi Shi. Or it should be said that Liu suggested the uprising is jackal Zhang, he was in schleswig period is a big man who can call the wind and rain, to the stone tiger in power early is also repeatedly won over, but to the back can only say not dead should be lucky. Shi Shi's mother, Liu Shiben, was captured by Zhang Jackal's army and presented to Shi Hu, who was still the king of Zhongshan at that time. Several people did not have an enemy relationship because of the capture and being sent, on the contrary, they forged a good friendship. Jackal suggested that Liu rise with only one word,Inflatable mechanical bull, that is, the stone tiger is about to die, prince Shi Xuan is not a guy who can accommodate people, to be killed after being humiliated behind him, it is better to rise and fight to the death. Liu is very clear what is the situation of Shi Hu, and know Shi Xuan's cruelty, nature is willing to fight to the death, but to say that there is no worry is false. She asked Zhang to contact the ministers in the court,Inflatable 5k obstacle, especially those who had military power. Not only that, she also asked jackal Zhang, even if the final success, a civil strife after the stone Jie Zhao how to face the menacing Han. Zhang Jackal ran out of a series of answers to the questions, he had contacted Shi Tao, Shi Kun and Shi Chong in advance, with a variety of means to obtain their commitment to fight with Shi Shi. Shi Tao was the fifth son of Shi Hu. He was the king of Anle first, and then changed to Qin Gong. He had been fighting with Shi Xuan for a long time. The two sides fought fiercely. When Zhang Jackal was looking for him, he was making some preparations. Because he knew that Shi Xuan would kill himself after he gained power, he planned to do it first. Zhang Jackal was deceiving him, saying that he, not Shi Shi, would sit on the throne after it was done. Shi Kun is the eighth son of Shi Hu. He has the title of King of Ruyin. Generally speaking, he is an alien among Shi Hu's many sons. He is timid and cautious. What is wonderful is that he worships Han culture very much. Zhang Jackal looked for him purely to boost his momentum, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable meltdown, and threatened him that Shi Xuan would definitely kill all his brothers after he ascended the throne. He didn't dare to participate in the uprising, he just wanted to escape, but Zhang Jackal said that he had found the way to the Han country, and that it was still possible for the king of Ruyin to go to the Han country to be a rich man. I don't know what he was thinking, but he was really convinced by Zhang Jackal's last statement. Shi Chong is the youngest son of Shi Hu, the real decision is definitely not his own, is to take refuge in some of the civil and military under the door, Zhang Jackal to get those civil and military is tantamount to pulling him in. In fact, without waiting for Zhang Jackal to really start, Shi Xuan was the first to find Shi Bin to operate after he confirmed that Shi Hu could not govern. Shi Bin is one of Shi Hu's many sons who have the most right to speak in the military. He has been running Youzhou for a long time, holding military power, and once controlled Jizhou. He was the prince who fought the most with the Han army, and sometimes played well. Jizhou was captured by the Han army, and Youzhou was given to Murong Yan by Shi Hu. He suffered a comprehensive blow, but the strength in his hands was still very strong. He was the first person to threaten the throne of Emperor Shi Xuan. Shi Xuan to Shi Bin, first several assassinations did not succeed, then directly out of the East Palace Gaoli. Shi Bin did not have any possibility of waiting for death, the same is aimed at Shi Xuan several assassinations did not succeed, Shi Xuan out of the East Palace Gaoli at the same time, Shi Bin is called QinJun start, the two sides are directly in Dingxiang city war. Shi Xuan east Gao Li is very fierce, Shi Bin the original frontier army is not bad, both sides directly after the start to kill the dark, some rational and loyal minister to persuade two people, said the Han army is about to force two people fighting is a dead end, red-eyed Shi Xuan and Shi Bin response is to let the ministers die first. The war in the city soon spread to everyone, whether active or passive, people who want to protect themselves have been involved, as a third party and alliance Shi Shi, Shi Tao, Shi Kun and Shi Chong are the most noticeable. Previously, Shi Jie Wenwu secretly contacted Ran Min, so that Ran Min learned that Shi Hu had a stroke and could not govern, and then he learned about the civil strife in Dingxiang. After Ran Min and others who were marching to Dingxiang received the information that many of Shi Hu's sons were killing each other, they were really stunned. If I had known that Shi Hu's many children were incompatible. Xie Ai said with emotion, "Hu Lu is really Hu Lu. He died in a civil war." Xie An was so stunned that he couldn't even hide it. "They didn't think about how to face us in the end, even if they fought for that position," he said. "Ha ha ha!" Ran Min is a completely familiar look, after a burst of laughter, said: "It is so, but also inevitable." Now there is no saying that "if God wants to destroy it, he must first make it crazy", but similar words still exist, such as what Ran Min just said. Shi Jie suddenly civil strife, and a large number of civil and military rushed to take refuge, the sudden change is actually to make some of the preparations made before the Han side ineffective. General Xie An looked directly at Ran Min and said, "Is the army stationed in situ?" "No!" Ran Min knew what Xie An meant,inflatable floating water park, but he did not intend to accept the suggestion. He said, "Order Li Tan to dispatch cavalry to cut off the northern route, and the other army will attack Yanmen County directly." joyshineinflatables.com

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