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Street pavilion of the Three Kingdoms Full-time Job

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"Oh.." Is the general going to sit back and wait for Fei Kui to dispose of the general? You should know how he is. The old man's words made Jiang Wei, who had put on an angry expression, fall into silence. Fei Wei's reputation in the outside world is known as calm and friendly, but Jiang Wei, who has experienced decades in Shuhan officialdom, is well aware of his real personality. After the death of the prime minister, the only conflict that broke out was that Wei Yan and Yang Yi fought for the right to be the military governor. As a result, Fei Wei, in the name of mediation, first cheated Wei Yan's trust and then used Yang Yi's hand to get rid of Wei Yan in the name of suppressing the rebellion. Then he secretly played Yang Yi's complaints and forced him to commit suicide. Then he pushed out Wu Yi and let Wang Ping, who belonged to his own faction, take charge of the military. All these were in Jiang Wei's eyes. Ever since that time, he had been so impressed by Fei's quiet and ruthless tactics that he never dared to underestimate the smiling fat man again. Although Jiang Wei relied on the identity of the successor of the prime minister and did not suffer any blow, he has been deliberately suppressed by Fei Wei. He repeatedly asked for the Northern Expedition, but the tone of the memorial was sincere, and he did not dare to be a little fierce in his words,ceramic bobbin element, for fear of challenging Fei's authority and being persecuted. Now that the old man had hit Jiang Wei's sore spot, he had to put away the anger of the performance and rethink what the old man had said. …… Well, let's not talk about that for the moment. Jiang Wei twitched his lips, waved his hand, and sat back down. "Then why did you kill him, old man?" I killed him for a better reason than you. The reason why I live in Longxi until now is to kill him. In fact, I want to kill Wang Ping,Alumina Ceramic C795, but unfortunately he has died of illness. The old man said without hesitation, and Jiang Wei noticed that his eyes became sharper for a moment, and at the same time he was interested in his strong hatred. Tell me your reasons. I think this is the basis of our mutual trust. Jiang Wei said. The old man nodded, went to the front of the table, picked up the brush, wrote two words on the white paper, and took it to Jiang Wei. I think these two words should be enough. Jiang Wei took the copybook and looked at it. Startled, he quickly looked up to re-examine the old man's face. This time he vaguely remembered that he had seen this man many years ago, on the way from Xicheng to Nanzheng, when he was still young.. And the old man's next story begins there. When the old man finished telling the story around the two words, Jiang Wei was stunned and could hardly believe it. He did not expect that such a thing was hidden behind it, ceramic igniter electrodes ,ceramic bobbin heater, nor did he expect that the long-dead man would suddenly appear in front of him today. He had assumed a high profile, but now he was at a loss. He reached out his hand and patted the old man on the shoulder. It took him a long time to find a sentence that he thought was more appropriate: "I think if that didn't happen, maybe you are the one who is in this seat today.." "Oh, it's all days, days." The old man didn't seem to care at all: "Well, General Jiang, can you trust me now?" "Yes." Jiang Wei nodded his head, and at the same time solemnly declared as if to defend his own actions: "This is for the great cause of the Northern Expedition of the prime minister." "Yes, for the prime minister." The old man's expression seemed to change, but Jiang Wei did not know what kind of emotion was hidden behind the wrinkles and pits. In April of the fifteenth year of Yanxi, the long-silent border of Shu and Wei set off a small wave. A Han army led by Jiang Wei, the general of Han Wei, penetrated into Wei territory, attacked Xiping County of Wei with the cooperation of the Qiang people, and then retreated hastily before the Wei army could reinforce it. In this attack, a Wei Zhonglang general named Guo Xun was captured by the Shu army, and all his followers were killed. This military action did not have any substantial gains, but to the delight of Shu Han officials, the captured Wei Zhonglang showed great sincerity and took the initiative to show deference to Shu Han. For the court of Shu Han, which had always regarded itself as "orthodox", it had always been extremely tolerant of the enemy generals who defected. The former Wei general Xiahou Ba got a grand treatment, so Guo Xun also got a special treatment. Although Guo Xun's appearance was not good and his face was full of pockmarks, his attitude was modest and his speech was extraordinary, which won the favor of the officials of Shu Han. After he was received by Emperor Liu Chan, he was immediately given the title of General Zuo. You know, this is the position that the late Xiang Hou Ma Chao once held. Then Guo Xun was left in Chengdu. He kept a low profile and had a calm manner, but he was very clear about the temperament and hobbies of the officials. What was more, he was quite familiar with the bureaucratic affairs, as if he had lived in Shu for more than ten years. There was no reason for such a person not to be reused, and soon the general stationed in Hanshou began to notice the man. Guo Xun was congenial to Fei Kui because of his outstanding ability and not taking credit for it. On the other hand, he seemed to have a lot of hostility towards Jiang Wei, the general of Wei. This is a good chess piece for Fei, and it is a pity not to weave it into the account. So he began to make a conscious effort to win Guo Xun over, and wrote several letters to him one after another, talking about world affairs; and the latter replied one by one, and the political views and writing style revealed in the letters made Fei Kui very appreciative. At the end of this year, Fei Wei finally got the permission to open the government office, becoming the third person in Shu Han to open the government office after Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wan. He immediately came to list a list of aides who wanted to be recruited to the court,cordierite c520, including Guo Xun's name. In the early spring of the 16th year of Yanxi, Guo Xun and more than a dozen other recruited officials traveled from Chengdu to Hanshou, where Fei Kaifu was located. General Jiang Wei and other senior officers also arrived at the same time to congratulate the successful general. So the overjoyed Fei decided to hold a banquet to celebrate the glory of his house. global-ceramics.com

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Street pavilion of the Three Kingdoms