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Start with board games Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:18   Engineering   Baden-Baden   220 views Reference: 352
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May be the reason for playing games with the brain, Gu Jingsheng's state is more relaxed than the other two: "Don't worry, you look carefully at the appearance of this bed." The bunk bed in the duty room is placed on the side, only one wall away from the bathroom. Although the style is enough to accommodate two people to sleep at the same time, judging from the traces of use, the upper berth is probably used to pile up debris, which can be completely equated with the wardrobe in use. Gu Jingsheng did not climb up to see the small room, but concentrated on observing the lower berth. There were old bloodstains on the four corners of the head and end of the bed, of which the side of the head of the bed had the most bloodstains, which not only completely soaked the bed board, but also dripped down, forming a similar circular pool of blood on the floor. Wei Jiashi murmured, "Are there chains and restraints on the bed?" Since it is a duty room, there is no doubt that this is the place where nursing home staff rest at night,lamella clarifer, how can there be equipment for patients? Gu Jingsheng said calmly: "Before the patient escaped from the sanatorium, he had launched a crazy revenge against the staff, and these things must have been left behind at that time." Wei Jiashi thought about it and feared it. After Ronaldinho's death, Fang Qiju was a little anxious. Reason told him that he should wait a little longer, but the danger everywhere made him urge: "Have you found anything?" Although there was no specific reference,filter nozzle, Gu Jingsheng got Fang Qiju's question without any obstacles and shrugged his shoulders: "Don't worry, I think there must be a clue of advanced difficulty in this room." Fang Qiju froze: "Do you really want to challenge the high difficulty?" Gu Jingsheng didn't have to fight to the end with this copy. "Try it first," he said tolerantly. "It's really impossible. It's OK to pass the customs with ordinary difficulty." “……” Fang Qiju felt that if he could say such a thing, either the girl in front of him was really a big man, or she was really cute and new. The desire to survive made Wei Jiashi temporarily ignore the difference in room numbers and reach a United front with Fang Qiju: "Before pursuing higher difficulties, should we solve the immediate problems first?" Fang Qiju agreed: "It's been checked outside. We can go to the bathroom to have a look." Gu Jingsheng shook his head: "I don't think the puzzle should be in the bathroom." Wei Jia was puzzled: "Where is that?" Gu Jingsheng smiled: "Right in front of us." Under the gaze of Wei Jiashi and Fang Qiju, Gu Jingsheng lay directly on the lower bunk of the bunk bed, staring straight at the upper bed board. ……” Although similar things have been experienced several times since entering the copy, Fang Qiju still wants to ask: "How do you know there is something on the back of the bed board?" Gu Jingsheng said: "Put the riddle in front of your eyes, but you have to change the angle to see it. This is a common routine in literary and artistic works. What's more, Wall Penstocks ,fine bubble diffuser, there are hints now. The props used to tie people to the bed, such as chains and restraints, are the game reminding you that you can lie down and have a look." Fang Qiju's forehead, which was stimulated by the common routine, jumped up and down, and he couldn't help asking: "What do you do in reality?" Gu Jingsheng stretched out his hand to hold the position near his temple and pretended to wear glasses with a deep face: "Photographer, the kind who can sacrifice his life for his work." Looking at Fang Qiju's thoughtful expression, Wei Jiashi still did not have the heart to reveal to him the truth of the so-called "sacrifice of life for work" that "the first time he went out to collect folk songs, he was killed by a meteorite.". Even though the "Rosemary" sanatorium has been abandoned for a long time, the handwriting on the bed board is still deep and distinct. Gu Jingsheng's intuition tells her that these marks are not only stained with human blood, but also cut out with her nails. Dear Mr. Connor, when the effect of the sleeping pills has passed, you will wake up from your sleep and find that your limbs are bound, and there are only three hours left before the complete onset of antidepressants. ” "Although the cruel Mr. Connor never gives innocent patients a chance, the polite Andre is willing to let him go. When Connor sees this line of words, the'calming potion 'in his body has begun to act. This potion will increase people's strength in a short time. Mr. Connor can try to break the restraint of his left hand by himself." "Mr. Connor, who was initially free, wanted to leave the bed, but unfortunately, it was not the poor quality of the restraint belt that trapped his right hand, but the strong chain. Of course, if Mr. Connor was careful enough, he would find a sharp knife under his pillow.". Andre used his own reputation to guarantee that the knife could not cut the chain, but it could easily cut the wrist of an adult, even a fool like Mr. Connor, who was always at the bottom of the physical test. "Mr. Connor couldn't make up his mind. He was afraid he would bleed to death before the drug took effect.". Thoughtful Andre prepared bandages and spray for him to stop bleeding in the drawer below the wooden cabinet. These bandages are often used by patients, and Mr. Connor can safely wrap his wounds with them, but Andre is not sure about the medicinal effect of the spray, which is as difficult for him as the meat in his lunch. Mr. Connor can pin his hopes on the kindness and honesty of the purchasing staff. Chapter 33 Gu Jingsheng lay watching, holding his face and reading out the message on the bed board to the stick. Wei Jiashi:.. So did Connor end up cutting off his own hand? Gu Jingsheng turned over and sat up and said lazily, "This question is very easy to verify." Fang Qiju looked at her lazy walking posture and suspected that the other party had forgotten his soul on the bed board. Wei Jiashi had given up thinking and followed Gu Jingsheng's pace all the way down, so as not to meet Xiao Luo's open-door killing after free action. He watched Gu Jingsheng open the drawer of the wooden cabinet that had been checked before again, and then pulled the whole drawer out,MBR reactor, upside down. There was a new message on the back of the drawer and several bloody handprints. Gu Jingsheng judged: "These handprints are obviously left by the left hand, plus the distance between the wooden cabinet and the iron bed is far longer than the length of a human arm, so Connor must have cut off his right hand to touch the drawer." khnwatertreatment.com

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