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Star corona Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 04:14   Engineering   Adlershof   230 views Reference: 109
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He usually has a good temper, but this time it seems that he is really angry and shouts "Xin" to the heroine. Yan did not speak, but listened, leaning over to get the coffee on the table. In the gap of inserting the straw, his line of sight has read the hot search with greasy words, the expression on his face has not changed much, and asked him: "We haven't responded yet?" "An hour ago's hot search, I also just saw," Wei yuan looked at his boss a calm look, followed by a lot of calm, then took his cup of hot mocha, drank a big mouthful before asking, "that brother, do you want us to negotiate with Xin Qingyi's team first, or do you want to respond directly here?" "No need to negotiate, just deny it." Yan took out his cell phone from his coat pocket. When Wei yuan heard this "denial," he opened his eyes wide and thought of his boss's real boss's wife. He suddenly escaped from the role of anxious assistant and turned into an eager crowd of melon eaters: "What are you going to do, brother? Is it directly open with Sister Chu? "Deny it first, and the rest." In the middle of Yan's words, the mobile phone rang, and the caller ID on it was "Yan". After looking at it for a while,Magnesium Sulphate price, he finished saying "see if she wants to go public" before picking up the phone. After Ji Tanghua was fired, Yan Yan did not want to arrange a new agent for him, but the company's agents were carrying several artist contracts, unable to take him out of their minds, and now they could only report to her if something happened. Recently, she has been overwhelmed by a lot of court summonses, running around looking for relationships,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, turning around to see this kind of hole poked by her own artists, the tone of her opening is very blunt: What is the hot search? You think no one can control you after Ji leaves, don't you? Can this kind of picture be taken? Don't you really know that your relationship with Qingyi needs to be maintained? This group of CP and that group of kiss photos? What about the script you want you to shoot now? Yan Jian took a sip of coffee, and it was not until her voice fell that she replied, "General Manager Yan seems to be very confident about the seven economic disputes, and he still has time to reach out to me." The voice of the other party was sluggish, and then he was suddenly enlightened. Soon, the sound of elderly breathing gradually increased, and came from the other end of the phone. Yan Qi frowned and took the mobile phone away. You did all the work? How did you get.. Yan Yan managed to make a start, and when he thought of what kind of person he was, he stopped talking again. General Manager Yan, after all, I graduated from the School of Political Economics. I'm good at accounting and economic law. You don't have to doubt too much. When Yan Jian heard this, he admitted her accusation. When Yan Kui heard this, her hand holding her cell phone trembled a little, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Oxide price, and countless thoughts quickly flashed through her mind, and finally she settled down in that year when she should have done things a little better. Even though he has been very quiet and introverted for more than ten years, at most he is just a smart child, but if a person like this is dormant for too long, it will only lead to endless trouble. No one will really not fight for it. Since she had done something at that time, she should not care about blood and her eldest brother's warning. Even if she did not get rid of him, she should paralyze his brain and break his hands and feet. At the same time, Yan Kui's mouth quickly softened and his voice went down: "Yan Kui, you can't do things like this, we are a family anyway." Even if you think your aunt was strict with you when she was a child, you don't appreciate me, or even hate me, you have to remember who raised you and trained you after your mother died, and who let you go to England for further study.. Yan listened to her words, and the radian of his lips faded a little. Also do not know why, at this time, he suddenly wanted Wen Chu to be able to be by her side. If she is here, it is estimated that she will directly shout at the phone to scold Yan "shameless", "old pious woman" and "too cheap", and will not give her any face at all. Unexpectedly, he would still laugh at the thought of her at this time, while reminding the person on the other end of the phone: "General Manager Yan, you are old and have a bad memory. I don't blame you.". But you know, before you put your hand on my head, you're the only one who's going to stab me in the back, and I've never talked about human relations like that. ” The opposite side was quiet for a moment, as if he was still thinking about "put your hand on my head." Finally, he took a deep breath and said, "Yan, I signed you into Platinum Yue to give you a better platform. I don't even interfere with your relationship with the daughter of the Koshi family. Do you take this as a reason?" "Whether you want to give me the best platform or something else, it's enough for you to know in your heart. I don't care." Yan answered, and didn't want to continue to entangle with her. Long fingers unconsciously tapped on the coffee cup and told her, "It's a fact that Platinum Yue forges accounts and writes off accounts, it's a fact that you evade taxes 636 million, and it's also a fact that you're suspected of contract fraud 148 million.. If you hadn't done these bad debts, of course I wouldn't have been able to do it. When Yan heard these two figures, which were more accurate than she knew, her eyelids twitched uncontrollably. In fact, she knew very well that her chances of winning next were not high. Once the case was adjudicated, the amount of tax to be paid plus the fine would probably exceed 12% of the market value of the entire Platinum Yue. Such a loss would be a fatal blow to Platinum Yue, and she could not afford it. So she changed the tone of her conversation with him again, and after withdrawing the invalid emotional card, she sounded more sincere than before: "Yan, well, let's all take a step back." What you want is nothing more than the unconditional termination of the contract between Platinum Yue and you. I promise that the economic contract between Platinum Yue and you will be cancelled within a week. You can still keep the resources you have got. I can even invest in setting up a studio for you. So you just stop, okay? "Do you think it's possible?" Yan Qi sighed lightly,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and the tone of his mouth was still gentle. "My contract itself has a fraud loophole, and the case over there will be judged invalid after winning.". Your leverage has no value in negotiations, you understand. "You.." Yan Yan opened his mouth and was blocked by the ups and downs of his chest so that he could not say anything else. And her mind was completely occupied by the thought that she should have got rid of him that year. We should get rid of him. stargrace-magnesite.com

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