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Splendid Heroes (Part 4) Happy Time + Fanwai by: Drunken Rain Full-time Job

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That day, Ling Han was tortured by pain and shouted loudly. Cheng Yihan kicked the door next door and even began to scold Jiang Yang. But the young man with amber eyes just caught Ling Han and beat him severely word by word: "The Flying Leopard Regiment is mine, not my father's!" He pressed the cane on Ling Han's heaviest scar, "and I won't ruin my career because of you, you don't have the ability!" Ling Han struggled feebly: "I will. If I can destroy 0734, I can destroy the Flying Leopard Regiment." "I don't believe it at all." Jiang Yang gave him a hard beat at the root of his thigh. "You didn't tell the truth about 0734." Ling cold trembled, in the sharp pain, tears became the first uncontrolled factor, dripping down the cheeks, mixed with cold sweat, hit the table. He made a "stop" gesture with his remaining strength and rested for ten minutes before speaking. Jiang Yang did not give him water or even remove the cane that was pressing on the most painful wound. I pinched him, and in order to have the most effect in a short time, I pushed back hard, and the neck bone was broken. Countdown. I don't even know where the handle is.. The deputy said you jump first and protect the PDA. Ling Han panted, slowed down for dozens of seconds before continuing, "the building exploded, I saw the body of the person next door flying out, and the head.". The ground was covered with debris and the building was in ruins. I couldn't find it. I couldn't find it for a long time. "Looking for what?" Jiang Yang put a small glass of water on Ling Han's mouth and clenched it stubbornly, refusing to give it to him. Ling Han took a deep breath and his lips trembled uncontrollably: "She helped me clean up the guest room. Every day I saw her, her head. I saw her head flying out. I couldn't find her.." Jiang Yang fed him water in silence, pushed back his hair, which was wet with cold sweat, then picked up the young man who had been shivering, carefully put it on the bed,large artificial blossom trees, and set up a pen and paper at the head of the bed: "Rewrite all the details of the 0734 operation tomorrow, otherwise I will continue to come in the evening." Ling Han seemed to be unconscious and his fingertips moved. Cheng Yihan. He pulled the door open and stared blankly at his adjutant, who was staring at him. "Go and help him.". For your abuse, two weeks' pay and a full monthly bonus. Cheng Yihan simply did not bother to pay attention to this tyrant, had already rushed in, the latter half of the sentence announced the amount of punishment did not care. Jiang Yang was a little lonely, hid in the bathroom to take a shower, and then when the lights went out, he finally sat back behind his desk, picked up the thickest copy of the half-arm-high pile of documents, and opened it to read carefully. Chapter 31: Unforgettable Cheng Yihan did not dare to sleep all the time, listening to the movement next door alertly, silk ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, but his uninteresting stomach called twice at this time. In the past week, he could only use the change from last month's balance to buy bread at the canteen, or to bring two or two more rice for himself when he was feeding Ling Han. A mechanic genius born in the family of a good general, he was so poor. Jiang Yang is not completely ruthless, from time to time will send out "lunch together" and "call night snack takeout" invitation, but Cheng Yihan has been livid face refused to accept, maintain the last pride with the colonel's shelf pressure "Jiang Yang brother" fighting. He got up and turned on the wall lamp to see a confidential plan that Jiang Yang had given him a few days ago. The red seal is embedded in the seal, which has only a few simple but clear lines of small print, giving Cheng Yihan full authority to set up an intelligence agency in the Flying Leopard Regiment. This was the only thing that moved Cheng Yihan since he joined the Flying Leopard Regiment. He finally had a chance to do a career according to his own ideas. Although he had to look at Colonel Jiang Yang's cold face every day, he could at least use this to show that his ability never needed to be improved by deducting his salary, even though this way had greatly reduced his quality of life. When Cheng Yihan was planning some details, Jiang Yang crept into Ling Han's room. He glanced at his adjutant and asked in a low, discontented voice, "Why don't you rest?" Cheng Yihan said grumpily, "Report to the officer, the interval between the medication of Lieutenant Ling Han is only 3 hours." "I don't remember allowing you to give him painkillers today." Jiang Yang raised his eyebrows. As half a doctor, Xiaoguan couldn't watch his brother toss and turn in pain and couldn't sleep. "Cheng Yihan has stood upright in front of the other side and put down his work." It was the one left over from the previous accident, for which Xiaguan was willing to fine another week's salary. Jiang Yang felt a pain in his heart, but he didn't dare to show it at all. He clasped his hand tightly behind his back: "The whole month's salary and bonus, Lieutenant Cheng Yihan.". For your softness, all the progress of Ling Han today is in vain. He took two steps in front of Cheng Yihan and roared in a trembling voice: "He is hanging on the edge of the cliff and has torn the ligament of his elbow. The pain is as long as it takes to get him up or to let him go." As he spoke, he left Cheng Yihan, who was breathing deeply, and went back to work. During that time, Jiang Yang missed the days when he was a director crazily, those days when he was very close to his dream, very happy and free. For more than a week in a row, most of his thoughts were devoted to Ling Han, forcing him to perfect the description report of 0734 one after another, forcing him to evaluate his own behavior, forcing his recollection, forcing his thinking, and forcing such a proud man as Ling Han, as long as he saw Jiang Yang knocking on the table, he had to choose again whether he was beaten or finished. Say it directly, though if he chooses the latter one, he will hate himself, hate himself, and look at a sinner who goes over to the enemy with a kind of indifference and indifference. Later,artificial banyan trees, a strange procedure was formed between them. Ling Han would judge whether he had room for resistance and negotiation according to Jiang Yang's eyes and movements. If not, he would accept the punishment very carefully. The reason was simple. If he did not obey, he would not expect to stand up and brush his teeth and wash his face the next day. hacartificialtree.com

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