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Song Shi Ming Yue Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:38   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   295 views Reference: 170
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Chen Yiyi is a little disgusted with the charm of the five Hu Ji. She waved her hand and ordered people to take away these Hu Ji. But Hu Ji did not pay attention to her greeting, until Zhao Xing also waved, they went with the woman who led the way. Behind them, Chen Yiyi bit the penholder and asked, "After Liao Xingshou comes, do you want to teach them to make up?" I'd like to see them take off their veils. Zhao Xing shook his head and changed the subject with a smile: "Have you sent Dun'er's pet cats and dogs? Let them send them quickly." "What?". The cat and the dog have already been sent. Are you sure Hu Ji doesn't need makeup? Then forget it. "I am not interested to see Japanese women make up," Chen Yiyi jumped over and began to count the boxes in the courtyard, and pointed out that they were stored in different categories. In this age, we should talk about fornication. No one can match the Arabs. In this era, they wrote a vast amount of harem literature in Haiti. The Kama Sutra and the Book of Sex, which teach women how to please men, are all products of this era. Under these professional education, Arab women do not need to be taught how to make up at all. But Japanese women are not the same, they learn from the makeup of the Jin Dynasty is terrible. When Liao Xiaoxiao arrived, the busyness in Zhao Xing's yard had already come to an end. A 50-year-old procuress accompanied Liao Xiaoxiao. When she saw Zhao Xing, Liao Xiaoliao gave a reserved gift. Before she opened her mouth, the procuress was already waving a handkerchief and singing: "Zhao Daguanren, your face is really big. As soon as I heard that it was you who invited me,phycocyanin spirulina, I immediately turned down all the singing fees and came to you specially.." As soon as Zhao Xing waved his hand, Chen Yiyi handed over a bundle of silver coins. With a backhand, he threw the paper bundle into the arms of the procuress. Then he said a few polite words to Liao Xiaoxiao and asked her to enter the backyard: "It's a group of Japanese girls. My friend sent them to the Song Dynasty to see them. But their makeup is terrible. The little girl bothered.". I can't go in with them, because they don't make up well and dare not see me, so I ask the little girl to go by herself. Well, that group of Huji brought some unique cosmetics. If the little girls are interested,carnosic acid price, they can communicate with them. Among Hu Ji, the woman with an impatiens flower embroidered on her veil is named Kasri. She knows more or less Song language. If the little girl has something to do, she can translate it. Liao Xiaoxiao saw that the yard was busy. Without saying anything, she made a bow and followed the maid to the backyard. Taking advantage of this, the procuress tore a corner of the paper bundle in her hand and looked at the value of the bundle of money. Paper bundle is "Japan cast" half two silver yuan, it is made of full snowflake silver, each foot weighs half two. Now the shops in Bianliang City recognize this kind of "Japanese system" silver dollar very much, and do not carry out any folding treatment. Fifty silver yuan were bundled into a bundle, and the paper bundle was worth twenty-five taels of silver or twenty-five copper coins. This is a sky-high price. In the Song Dynasty, the price of a superstar's appearance was about 15 to 20 taels of silver in the yuan Dynasty, while a first-line singer was 10 taels to the top, and a second-line singer was about 5 taels. As for a female singer who was not popular, she could only sing a song for 100 taels. The procuress finished checking the money and looked at Li Ying, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,pumpkin seed extract, who was watching from the side. Knowing what she meant, Zhao Xing added, "Brother Li, I'll give you another share." The procuress was overjoyed. This meant that the whole bundle of paper in her hand belonged to the procuress, and she was so happy that she thanked her again and again. In the Song Dynasty, whether it was an official private banquet or a rich family banquet, they had to get some pink geisha to accompany them. If you want to hire "popular" characters at any time, you have to hook up with people who have extensive contacts with the sex industry. These people are called "pimps" and "managers" in modern times, and "strips" in Song Dynasty. When the pink geisha appeared, the money the procuress got was called "tea money", while the "tour guide fee" from the "bamboo strips" was called "sedan chair money". In addition, the brothel also had some "hands in the room" and "downstairs help"-these people are now called "thugs", and the money they took is called "filial piety". Originally, after the procuress got the money, she needed to share it with others. Even if she was not present, she would at least share it with Li, but Zhao Xing's words exempted the redistribution of the money. When the powder-headed geisha appeared, the money from the powder-headed geisha was called "tangling the head", which was given separately and was equivalent to the "labor service" bonus of the powderheaded geisha herself. For example, Chen Yi-niang got the bead of the South China Sea. It was her "head", because it was flesh money, the rest of the people did not share it (only in the Song Dynasty), so the harvest of this bead allowed her to "redeem herself". Think of Chen Yiniang. Only then did Zhao Xing remember. Chen Gongchuan did not see the bird these days. He asked Chen Yiyi curiously, "Where did your brother go?". Why didn't you see it? Chen Yiyi curled her lips, shook her head and replied, "Don't make a noise. I'm counting the boxes. If you make a noise like this, I'll have to start all over again." My brother went to Chen Yiniang's place. Yi Niang redeemed herself today, and her mother offered a sky-high price-eight hundred Guan! Still pestering endlessly. Zhao Xing opened his mouth and wanted to ask Chen Yiyi if his brother had enough money? But I saw Chen Yiyi was very focused on counting the number of boxes. He walked to the steps at once. On the steps stood Cheng Azhu. Cheng Azhu is illiterate, or she only knows a few simple words. She could not do the work of settling accounts, so Chen Yiyi helped the housekeeper all the time. In this respect, she did not argue with Chen Yiyi, so she acquiesced in the existence of Chen Yiyi. At this time, Cheng Azhu's face was filled with a happy smile. Zhao Xing went over and took her hand. Cheng Azhu snuggled into Zhao Xing's arms and watched Chen Yiyi in the courtyard waving a brush to scold the servants. Ma Mengde stood at the foot of the steps. He also watched the servants in a hurry with his hands behind his back, and after Cheng Xia took two students to Zhao Xing for placement, he went back to his room to freshen up. The courtyard was restored to tranquility. Chen Yiyi ran over and waved the account book to communicate with Ma Mengde: "Yes, the number on the account is right." Zhao Xing stood on the steps and smiled, but before he could open his mouth, the group of Japanese, Korean and Jiaozhi people who had just appeared in the Hele Building. And the beadle who claimed to be Li Fan yuan also appeared in the courtyard, each of them carrying a large barrel for bathing,ghana seed extract, chirping to Zhao Xing to congratulate him on his housewarming. "Give each of them a gold coin," Zhao Xing told Chen Yiyi. "Well, Li should give three gold coins!" prius-biotech.com

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