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Song of the Sad Coffee Shop Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:50   Banking   Salzgitter   227 views Reference: 67
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Yesterday, after work, she took the familiar 252 bus, the difference is that she went across the street to take the opposite direction. Before the bus went straight to the railway station, she got off and walked to Chongqing South Road, where she bought books after a long drought and rain. She bought Livisto's "The Wild Mind," Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," "Behold! The Man, The Wisdom of Joy, Schopenhauer's The World of Will and Representation, and Isaiah Berlin's Four Essays on Freedom. After buying it, she roamed the street of books until she saw the boy. It was a very, very young boy, with the fierce and bright of a teenager between his eyebrows and eyes. In fact, Marty saw the crowd around the boy first, and then she lined up to see the boy. The boy is challenging a video game. Very simple and very stupid game, the main machine on the console is a boxing sandbag, as long as the boy hit the sandbag,Granite Slab Supplier, you can fight with the devil in the game. The demon is also divided into three levels, namely, a crab-shaped sea monster, a train, and a meteor attacking the earth. With an amazing explosive force, the boy smashed the demons to pieces with a fist of more than 130 kilograms per blow,Agate Slabs For Sale, and passed three passes in one breath. But the boy could not stop his anger. He put in coins again and punched again. Again and again, the monsters were defeated and fled, but they could not escape the boy's crazy pursuit. In the fierce admiration of the crowd, the boy threw coins seven times, 21 heavy punches, and angrily hit the game machine to reorganize its championship list again and again. In the midst of the crowd and Marty's near adoring gaze, the boy left. The tall, thin boy, with an old schoolbag on his back, pressed one hand over his right fist, which was tired of pounding. It's probably a bloody mess. The crowd dispersed with satisfaction, and Marty opened her notebook. She felt that she should not forget the excitement of the day. She saw the date on the notebook and understood everything immediately. This day is June 29th. On Chungking South Road, which is close to the Nanyang Street cram school, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Grey Marble Slab, Marty understands that the university entrance exam is the day after tomorrow. Chapter I Madagascar (2) Marty could no longer find the boy's back in the hustle and bustle of Chongqing South Road, but she seemed to look back and see the hesitation of her youth. To the lively music of the fast food restaurant, Marty opened each new book and wrote down the date of the day on the title page. There are still two days to go before the joint university entrance examination. How many young souls have been detained on this day? How many utilitarian oriented people have been chosen before they know how to choose? Marty ate some French fries and drank half a glass of coke, but he still couldn't forget the boy's face, which was suffering from severe pain and fierce anger. Now Marty opens her book again. These books are not the same. They were not textbooks, and no one even in college suggested that Marty read them. These books are not healthy, so you should focus on your handouts! Matty seemed to hear her seniors suggest this. The healthy ones were the textbooks for the test papers, which Marty digested with the enthusiasm of a teenager, and at the same time felt the intense indigestion in his life. In this crowded city, the so-called way out is too narrow and desolate. If you go through it, you have to bear the narrowing and minimization that is difficult to reverse in your mind. Marty could not forget the face of the boxing teenager, and his restraint and confusion when he faced the exam at the age of 18. She finally thought of the younger brother who was now next door, Ma Nan, who still had 13 hours to face the joint entrance examination. Marty got up and went to Ma Nan's room and saw the back of his younger brother sitting at his desk. As soon as he looked sideways, he noticed someone at the door. Marty waved to him and said softly, "Come on, we'll get through it in two days!" Not wanting to disturb the younger brother's final sprint, Marty turned around and was about to go when he heard Ma Nan shout, "Sister." Marty turned to Ma Nan and smiled gently, a sister-like smile. Ma Nan grew so big, really so big, and even the voice of calling her was born out of a child's voice into a young man's rough voice. Ma Nan looked at her with some expectation. Marty went into his room and sat down on the edge of the bed. Have you read it all? Marty asked. She saw that Ma Nan's desk was very clean, there was a large stack of handouts on the desk, and all the textbooks were neatly placed on the bookshelf. Compared with the chaos of war on the eve of Marty's joint entrance examination, the younger brother seems to be much more relaxed. Sister. Ma Nan shouted again. There was no sign of fatigue or tension in his expression, and Marty noticed that he had tiny starry pimples on his forehead. Uh "Do you remember how you felt before the exam?" "Well, I'm pretty nervous, but I'm so nervous that I don't have time to panic. I can only say it's a mess.". The day before the joint entrance examination, all the reading plans were out of order, and I could only read whatever I caught, like a bet on fate. "I'm asking about your real mood. Aren't you depressed?" "Depressed is some, who likes to memorize, read those boring things?"? Especially reading something that even you think is stupid, but this depression is so long, by the day before the joint entrance examination, it is no longer important, and it becomes a feeling of going to the exam with a sigh. Do you understand? Since there is no way, the system is like this, then rush over, all the pay out of the price,Marble Granite Price, can not read for three years in vain. "But why don't I think so?" Ma Nan put his elbows on the table and his eyes were empty. "Sister, will you help me close the door?"? Lock it. Marty did it. Ma Nan bent over the bottom drawer of the desk, took out a pack of cigarettes and looked at Marty inquiringly. She shook her head. Ma Nan lit a cigarette and used the empty bottle of chicken essence as an ashtray. forustone.com

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