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Soldier of Rebirth Brother Good Brother Full-time Job

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"Xiaojuan!" Liu Zixuan and Fang Yi Zhao Guodong stared at her at the same time, Fang Yi said: "Do not let people have a quiet year!"! If you don't like to stay, go quickly. If you are willing to go back to your house to play, no one will take care of it. Just to be a good person to let people damage, Tian Mi son also did not use the hot face to stick to the cold buttocks of the habit, lowered his head and did not speak. Zhao Fangxia wanted to give her a wink, but she had no choice but to persuade herself. Fang Yi was still very angry, and she also felt that her girl had lost her face and made her lose face in front of her daughter-in-law. The children of Laotian's family are more sensible than one, more promising than one, and her girls are married as if they were not sensible. Go back to her mother's home to make her little temper, no one should owe her, what is the difference between her and this! The more I live, the more I go back, and there is no distinction between inside and outside. In the end is his wife, Liu Zixuan came forward to maintain, Fang Yi and he had to talk small, so as not to fight behind the couple. Lying in bed at night, nestled in Zhao Fangyi's arms, Tian Mier said, "The elder sister and sister-in-law can't stay for a few more days,Inflatable bouncer, and it won't take much effort to cook. Don't quarrel with them about this.". During the Spring Festival, my parents felt uncomfortable when they looked at me. She is not a little white flower or a virgin, and she doesn't care if people say bad things about her, but she has to say what she should say, at least she has to put on a pose. Come on, you don't have to get involved in their business. The more you get used to it, the more you get on your face. It's too much not to talk about her. Zhao Fangyi pinched the cigarette butt and turned off the bedside lamp cover to sleep. The hand reaches into the quilt to walk on her exquisite curve, between the crotch also has not once to her soft charming body. Tian Mi son patted his smooth chest,Inflatable outdoor park, this man, how hot and cold when sleeping is a pair of underwear, it is very convenient to do things. The elder sister's brother-in-law is next door. You're like fighting a war. Tomorrow I'll have no face to see anyone! The new house has two floors, three rooms upstairs and two downstairs. Downstairs are Fang Yi and Zhao Guodong's bedroom and the little aunt's room. Upstairs is the study, Zhao Fangyi's room is in the inner room, and the middle is the guest room. If only the elder sister was beside him, Zhao Fangyi would not care. His brother-in-law was also there, and his wife's gentle singing could not be heard by other men. Chagrin lying back on the bed, the body has been stimulated by a thin layer of sweat, underwear was stretched tight. Zhao Fangyi pulled Tian Mi's hand over and put it on the hot bed, and his buttocks gently shook up and down. It was good to have no fish or shrimp. Tian Mi son can not pity him, this smelly man is in high spirits regardless of, especially when the high/tide, the noise is about to be heard downstairs. If not, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable water park factory, you can give him a mouth to solve it, and she is also distressed to see that he is suffocating, but his problem is too big. Anyway, as a soldier, his strength and endurance are all good, so he should hone his will. In the next two days, Zhao Fangxia and Zhao Fangjuan took their husbands to visit their relatives and friends. They grew up in this city, and many of their classmates and friends are doing very well now. They are getting in touch with each other through the Spring Festival. Tian Mi-er saw that the time was almost up and said that she was tired and went upstairs to sleep. It was estimated that her sister-in-law and sister-in-law would come back one after another. She didn't want to deal with them any more. It was a thankless task. After a while, Zhao Fangxia and Zhao Fangjuan came back and looked like they were drinking a lot, and their faces were flushed with the smell of alcohol in their mouths. Fang Yi said a few words and gave the two sisters strong tea to sober up. Zhao Fangjuan held the teacup in her arms and said, "Brother, guess who I met today!" When Zhao Fangyi finished watching the news, he didn't like to stay with two drunkards. When a woman came back drunk, her brother-in-law and Liu Zixuan didn't say anything. If he had known earlier, he would have gone upstairs to hug his daughter-in-law. I do not know Zhao Fangyi was impatient, his tongue was too big to go back to sleep, Zhao Fangyi was tired of her drunkenness and frowned, and his tone was not good. Elder Brother! Sister Li Ru is back! We met in a restaurant. She and Uncle Li and Aunt Wei invited relatives to dinner. Sister Li Ru is beautiful again! Talk, do things, dress up, and look like they are gilded from abroad! A hundred sets better than Tian Mi! Zhao Fangyi was annoyed. How could his daughter-in-law serve her all day long and serve an enemy? "If you have nothing to say, stop drinking your water. Whoever is good will take it with him!"! Tian Mi is my wife. What does it have to do with you? You don't like her all day long. ” As soon as Fang Yi saw that her son was really anxious, she knew his stubborn donkey temperament, and she really wanted to make trouble without being soft. Hurriedly let him go back upstairs to sleep, Zhao Fangyi in the end passed the age of truer, and she is not more stubborn, a forehead lawsuit sullen face. But Zhao Fangjuan was unrelenting, as if she had to explain his unclear brain: "Brother!"! Sister Li Ru always has you in her heart! With him, you can go abroad with others. Do you have a long brain? You believe everything people say. How many times have I told you not to fight with Li Ru again and again? Our family has done their best without asking them for an explanation. Zhao Fangjuan felt bored when she talked about it, because there were so many rumors about it that the whole family was ashamed. What man? Sister Li Ru just asked the overseas Chinese to help with the formalities for going abroad. There was nothing between them at all! Said these even Fang Yi did not like to hear, how did she give birth to such an unclear girl, is not in the hospital to hold the wrong! There is nothing to do, so why should people help her get a green card, and they are like a son-in-law coming to the door. Zhao Guodong also cooled his face and said, "Don't mention this again. Fang Yi, listen. No matter why Li Ru broke up with you at the beginning, my daughter-in-law can only be Tian Mi!" "Just take care of Zhao Fangjuan. I won't pick up Li Ru's broken shoes." Then he turned and went upstairs. Sweat. Honest people speak worse. A few people said Zhao Fangjuan a good, long eyes but will not take the eyes to recognize people, Li Ru that is flying duck and want to come back to occupy the nest. Zhao Fangjuan was also said to be wronged, Ru Jie which let them dislike like this, the two families have been familiar with each other since childhood, people are also beautiful, and will be generous and courteous, the original family is not also like. Just want to go abroad to settle down, who does not have the right to pursue dreams,Inflatable water park on lake, and finally not to love my brother back from abroad! To say that she also felt that her brother was not worthy of Sister Ru, if he had been willing to come back to emigrate with her for Sister Ru, how could the two families make such trouble. joyshineinflatables.com

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Soldier of Rebirth Brother Good Brother