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Sixth God Block _ 202002 15155550. Full-time Job

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"I do not embarrass you, you love Bai Su, that she is really worthy of love, but I hope that from today on, your love will be buried in the bottom of my heart, you can love her, I do not stop, but 10 million, 10 million do not step forward, because in that way, you will make me angry, when the time comes, the bad luck is not just you!" Wu Wangchen listened to what Yang Ye said, but his eyes were decisive, and his chest fluctuated violently. Obviously, a breath could not be released in his body. Even, he might go on a rampage at any time and rush forward, not only because Yang Ye took away his love, but also because of so many years of depression, so that deep in his heart, there was a wave of abuse rising. But with the passage of time bit by bit, Wu Wangchen's anger, abuse, unwilling, but gradually calm, finally, he slowly opened his mouth: "I just want to look at her, and then leave here, I will not impulsively do anything to hurt her!"! You can rest assured of that! But if, if you let me know that you treated her badly, I will come back and make you pay for it! "Oh, you are a wise man, but you can't go like this. What if Bai Su suspects that I dug a hole to bury you? Then she will have a knot in her heart. And if you go, how do you know whether I am good or bad to her? It's better to do this. Recently, Hou Fu is recruiting guards. You can come too. In this way, you can protect her anytime and anywhere!" Wu Wangchen Wen Yan, immediately frowned,endless pool factory, obviously Yang Ye this sentence, it is difficult to understand: "Why do you do this, put me here, let me suffer, or say, you are going to..!" "OK, how a mind is so dark, I see you are a talent, so just leave you, and I believe you are a smart man, know what is the bottom line, of course, if you have to think in that way,jacuzzi swim spa, I don't mind, the final choice in your hands, as to where to go, you can do it yourself, OK, Yang Zhong, take him down." Give him a good seat! "Yes, Marquis!" Chapter 284 the custom of robbing the bride, gold coins clear the way. "Marquis, have some breakfast. It's going to be a hard day today!"! If you don't have some food in your stomach, it will be a hard day. Yang Zhong sent the man away, and soon returned with breakfast. When Yang Ye heard this, he nodded and said, "Well, you can sit down and eat together." This Qinglong Empire, founded for thousands of years, and the customs and culture of the former Dynasty, after constant evolution, the marriage of the common people is enough to toss about, and Yang Ye this aristocratic family, pay more attention to. Although a lot of things don't need Yang Ye to worry about, but according to the etiquette, Yang Ye this day is don't want to live in peace, and this is to marry such as madam, less a lot of steps, hot tub wholesale ,outdoor spa manufacturers, but this time the big wedding, is Mu Tian Hou Fu with peace Hou Fu marriage, so meet the bride, worship heaven and earth, after the ancestors, but more than a parade, to let all the people in Longcheng know the wedding, and the route, But also around the small half of Panlong City, this item alone, it will take half a day. Fortunately, this time, Yang Ye is to marry five, is to save the trouble of repeated four times, and Jun Meier, Yan Ruyan four female parents also please not on the scene, so as long as you go to peace Hou Fu welcome back to Bai Su, back to Hou Fu line three life gift, even if the gift, but this meet the bride, is not plain sailing, also have to go through five passes to kill six will. The morning sun rose slowly from the east. After breakfast and a rest, Yang Ye went to Dongfang Qian's yard: "Grandma, it's almost time. I'm going to Ping'an Hou Mansion to welcome the bride!" On Dongfang Qian's face, she hadn't closed her mouth with a smile since the morning. She took Yang Ye's arm and said, "Ye'er, don't hurry to go first. There are only a few steps left and right. You should listen to it. The custom of marriage in Mu Tianfu is to welcome the bride. But you have to go through five passes and kill six generals. Although you can't lay a heavy hand, you can't lose the face of our Mu Tianhou Mansion, and the old man in Ping'an Hou Mansion." Will certainly put down the dragon gate array, will not let you pick up the person so easily! "Five passes and six generals, my grandson also heard about it, but we also prepared our hands here, to ensure that we will not lose the face of our Mu Tian Hou Fu!"! But listen, the future father-in-law has some quarrels with his grandmother! Yang Ye asked. There is no festival, but your reputation before this boy is not very good, although there is news back that your strength has been restored, but this old man still has some knots in his heart, think you have humiliated the apple of his family's eye, although, this old man will not be a bastard to let you even lose the last dignity, but in the future you can't get up in front of the white girl! "Grandma, what do you mean by this? Why do I sound a little confused?" Yang Ye is really a little confused, because a few days ago when someone said these, they only said in general, and Yang Ye did not listen to much, but now it sounds like there is an inside story ah! Dongfang Qian pulled Yang Ye to sit back on the couch and said in all earnestness, "To put it simply, this is the local folk custom of Mu Tianfu. After all, the surrounding folk customs are tough. So when you get married, there are five passes. The so-called five passes are that the other party will bring relatives, friends, relatives, and even brothers to battle together. You have to fight all the way in from the door." If you get through the five passes and prove your strength, you will be the master of the family in the future. If you can't get through, but are allowed to go in, it means that your family is not strong enough. After passing the door, you will be three points shorter. In the future, if something happens at home, you have to discuss it! YangYe this listen to understand, northwest local folkway tough, that is to say, the woman's family big business, then marry home, the woman in the home will have the right to speak, to put it bluntly, is to fight strength, spell the family property, mutian Hou mansion is hereditary Hou, and peace Hou mansion is inheritance Hou, natural high status, it is said that this five pass, that is, go through the motions, but because YangYe past a little "Although I have to marry my daughter, I don't want her to be bullied and have no status. It's going to be real after five passes." Grandma, I know, the backbone of our Yang family is straight, you can rest assured, whatever they do,whirlpool bathtub, I will take it, the tiger is not powerful, he took this Marquis as a sick cat! monalisa.com

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Sixth God Block _ 202002 15155550.