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Sit and wait to fly up _ Fog 10 Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:39   Engineering   Dahlem   428 views Reference: 46
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Unexpectedly, something magical happened. The short strong man came straight to him. His heart was about to jump into his throat. Then he heard the other side's voice like the sounds of nature and asked, "First time hunting?" "Yes, yes." "A level five leopard sand beast?" "Yes!"! You really know things like a God. Although he is a novice, the other side is actually quite complacent, but he succeeded in the challenge of leapfrogging. And a five-level leopard-shaped sand beast can help him in the task hall of the castellan mansion in exchange for the immortal stone and elixir that he regarded as the old house of his family since childhood. Then let's go together. The short strong man made such an invitation. Even though he has begun to walk side by side on the road, he is still a bit like drifting on the road. My name is Yan Juntao, and you? In the past, Yan Juntao could not be as enthusiastic and active as he is now. Most of the time, he actually has a sense of distance from others, because he is not particularly good at chatting. He's a relative chatterbox only in front of people close to him. My name is Ting Wan. This is the reason why Yan Juntao will take the initiative to invite the other party to go to the castellan mansion together. Although today's Tingwan is still a short and thin young immortal who seems to be stunted, Yan Juntao recognized at a glance that this is his future Taoist friend. Yan Juntao is not sure when Tingwan came to the border town, but only knows that the reason why Tingwan first came to the border town is only five words- "seeking wealth in danger". Tingwan is an orphan whose father is unknown and whose mother died early. If it hadn't been for the loyalty of the old man left by his mother who brought him up, Yan Juntao wouldn't have known the strongest bounty hunter Tingwan. Tingwan seldom mentioned his past to Yan Juntao. Yan Juntao thought it was because there was something obscure that could not be said. Now he found that maybe the other party was just ashamed of his black historical figure like bean sprouts. What Tingwan said most was that when he was a bounty hunter for the first time, he leapfrogged the challenge and earned enough immortal stones to cure the old house. Yan Juntao compared in the heart, almost estimated that at this time is probably the first mission of the pavilion evening, he just returned to the city, is colliding with Yan Juntao. Sure enough, even Daodao felt that they were still suitable to be friends. But Yan Juntao did not dare to show too much enthusiasm, afraid that the other side felt that he was inexplicable,water filling machine, so Yan Juntao found a strange reason to go together. Behind Yan Juntao, Rong Xi had already made up a whole palace drama of "only seeing the new people laugh, not seeing the old people cry". The new people who tried to seduce Yan Juntao were naturally called Tingwan in front of them! Is there anything else this man can see besides his face? No, Yan Juntao has praised his face countless times, what does this mean? That means it's enough to have a face! Unforgivable! Of course, not to say Yan Juntao, but to attempt to seduce Yan Juntao's Tingwan! Anyone who attracts Yan Juntao's attention is not a good person. Especially for no reason, do you know how much thought he put into a word with Yan Juntao? Why can the other side be so easy?! Ting Wan: "… …" Why do I feel colder and colder along the way, with some suffocation that I can't breathe? Yan Juntao's side was very closely protected by Rong Xisui, and did not feel any changes in the environment, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,CSD filling line, he also like nothing happened, poor attempt to become good friends with his Taoist friends again. Do you believe that I will prophesy? Yan Juntao really had no way out and could only say so. I believe it. Tingwan is respectful and dare not say he doesn't believe it, also because. A strong man must be able to deduce, right? Isn't this a basic subject in the mortal world when you cultivate the truth? Everything is very powerful, but the deduction is not strong, especially the partial Yan Juntao: "..." What could he say but a smile that pretended to be mysterious. After he felt almost mysterious enough, he said to Tingwan, "The first restaurant you enter after handing in the task today will let you meet the most beautiful person in your life. If you are sure, you can come to me again." Here is the nature of Tingwan has been secretly in love with the landlady, Yan Juntao ready to believe in Tingwan after him, and then use the prophecy to encourage Tingwan to confess. Ting Wan: "??" Is the brain of this strong senior not quite normal? Still a young man who doesn't understand love at all, Tingwan didn't figure out what Yan Juntao was going to do, and Rong Xi, who was jealous and flying, had already figured out when Yan Juntao caught the old hobby of the month? Is the neuropathy of Wan Fa Xian Zun contagious? The author has something to say: Wan Fa Xian Zun is the matchmaker who is particularly keen on matchmaking. Rong Xisui: You deserve to die! Wan Fa Xian Zun:?? Chapter 145 145 salted fish do not turn over. No matter what Yan Juntao was paying attention to, he and Tingwan still chose to separate in the task hall of the castellan mansion. One to hand in the task, one to visit the Lord of the border town. The castellan mansion in the border town is as big as the palace that Yan Juntao saw in Zou Tu, perhaps even bigger than Zou Tu's palace, with extremely complex functional areas, especially the inner palace and the outer palace. The outer palace has a task hall, anyone can enter and exit; the entry conditions of the inner palace are much stricter, this building complex built on the hill, obviously a pair of people are not welcome to disturb the appearance. In a word, the overall painting style of the castellan mansion is obviously incompatible with the whole desolate desert. But the castellan family in the border town is the king of a country, the emperor of a day, and their castellan mansion can be built as they want. Although the border town, which was nominally too barren, was also under the jurisdiction of the Emperor of Heaven, it basically belonged to listening to the tune but not listening to the announcement, which vividly interpreted the feudal officials who supported the army and respected themselves. The strangest thing is that all the governors of the border town are like this, and all the emperors of heaven have seen it in their eyes, but they have never interfered, not even complained. As for why. Then who knows? Yan Juntao only knew that he had shown the greatest sincerity to visit the Lord of the border town, but he got the Lord's response in seclusion. I can't say whether this is an excuse or not,bottle blowing machine, because the castellan generously gave Yan Juntao all he wanted, so that he could freely consult the population records of these years into the border town, with great freedom. gzxilinear.com

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