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Shunji of Kiyoshi loves food Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:24   Financial Services   Sankt Augustin   99 views Reference: 456
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Snapper is light in taste, with fine meat and less fat, while salmon is high in fat, thick in meat, rich in taste and aftertaste. When the delicious taste of fish spreads on the taste buds, when the pungent taste of mustard overflows the whole body, the cool and exciting feeling of jumping from a place five kilometers high, familiar and strange, makes him very sad for a while. And he finally understood that when he accompanied his grandparents to watch the musical film "The Embalmer", the president missed his dead wife's words to the delicious dolphin fish, "Delicious makes people embarrassed." His grandfather said that when you grow up, you will understand. Is he growing up now? While eating, Xiao Shunzhi vaguely realized the meaning of "growing up" in Grandpa's mouth, and his heart was sour, nostalgic and comforting. He would cherish his life and eat well, but he wanted to hear his grandfather say that his grandson had grown up. Dodo, who did not quite understand the meaning of his words, nodded approvingly. "It's really difficult.". The slave was very sad to think that it would be difficult to eat this delicacy again. Kalantu shook his head. "Tianjin, north of Beijing, is also near the sea. Besides,Carrara Marble Slab, the emperor said that river fish can also be used, such as carp.". The problem is that you need to have enough free time to sit down and enjoy a delicious wine slowly. Oboi nodded. They went out with the emperor this time, plus to confuse Japan, so the boat is not fast, to the various places along the way can also get off the boat activities, so there is plenty of time. When the ship arrived in Quanzhou, it began to attack Japan,Stone Honeycomb Panel, and then there were all kinds of affairs to deal with after the war. It was estimated that there was no free time this year. You really should be sad. Especially he wanted to eat the emperor this meal, when doing things can not play a careful mind, and planned to land in advance when deliberately sent the Han people to play the vanguard more feel embarrassed. But next time if the emperor still has time to open a gourmet feast, he is still not willing to miss. Embarrassed! Just use the latest artillery to bomb directly, without saving firepower. When the time comes, let the Japanese send back all the losses of their troops. Small Shunzhi looked at them one by one very "difficult" look, a little confused. Especially Oboi, who had a gloomy and ruthless look on his face. Chapter 15 Chapter 15 Little Shunzhi, who did not quite understand what they were thinking, thought that they would only eat a fresh one, and that it would not be easy for them to want to eat fish in the future? Let the chef bring out a few apprentices. But as far as he knows, apart from the people of the Tang Dynasty in history and later the Japanese, no one has ever eaten fish as a daily dish. If you like it, let the chef teach the craft and go to the restaurant. But I think it's good to eat once in a while, Agate Slabs For Sale ,grey marble slab, and I'm not used to eating every day. After all, we usually eat and drink with big names. "It's different." Hoping that the emperor would come to such a gourmet feast several times, Duoduo immediately said, "Take the apprentice taught by the chef back to the house for his own use, and now eat like the emperor, the feeling must be different." The minions are guaranteed to get used to it, especially all kinds of small snacks as charming as peach blossoms. I feel that I have embraced spring with this small snack whose color and shape are as pleasant as peach blossoms. Prince Duoduo of Yu, who discovered the new world of gourmet food, felt that he had an understanding of the "pleasure of feasting" in the five pleasures of life pursued by the literati of the former Dynasty. However, their banquets, which they thought were lofty but actually chaotic, were certainly different from the emperor's pure gourmet feast. And he felt that the girl sent by the local officials had lost his previous deep interest; he realized the charm of delicious food, and he had no worries about his own brother's request that he could not lead the emperor to care about the Han girls, including the regret that he was forced to be a "monk" because the emperor was not an adult along the way. However, little Shunzhi did not realize that this "spring" was not the other "spring". When he heard Duoduo's sentiment, he smiled with a pure and gratified face. "Every season has its own delicious food and beautiful scenery, so when preparing meals, we should try our best to integrate the vision, taste, smell, hearing and touch of the season into it, and enjoy the changes of the four seasons and the magic of all things in nature. ” "This is also a kind of Buddhist and Taoist culture, a Confucian culture of the unity of heaven, earth and man.". The idea of putting oneself between heaven and earth actually runs through every detail of our daily life. Including the Shaman culture of the Manchus and the theological culture of the Mongols are all the same. Duoduo, who was slightly drunk, stared at him with red eyes. He seemed to understand, but he didn't seem to understand. He wanted to explain. He just felt that Confucius was a wise sage. "Food and lust are also", and delicious food is in front of beauty. And the emperor who practiced what he preached had great wisdom, and his admiration for the emperor went up to a higher level. But his sober mind made him feel that it was better not to say anything. Listen to the emperor's explanation, how noble? Kalantu understood the meaning of Duoduo's words, and saw that the emperor not only did not understand, but also let the layman Duoduo have such a "noble" understanding, the corners of his mouth, but he also wanted the emperor to open more such food banquets, "slave feeling will be very used to. If this bartending is promoted, we Manchu people like to drink soju, and it is estimated that the problem of drunkenness can be corrected. "So good." Oboi, who had always had a headache and loved to get drunk, listened to their words and stared at them. When he heard that the children of the Eight Banners were drunk despite repeated prohibitions, he immediately followed them. "The late emperor ordered the children of the Eight Banners to prohibit drinking soju several times, but he could not help it.". The milk tea and black tea promoted some time ago are good, but they don't taste like wine. As for other thin wines, such as red wine, the price is too high. The slave also felt that it would be better to let them drink this mixed wine instead. "If you think it's feasible, you can do it,Silver Travertine Slabs, using several common, inexpensive thin wines and vegetable juices or drinks to make the good wine that the soldiers like.". I will sort out the curriculum of the school of young officials these days. If you need help, come to me. forustone.com

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Shunji of Kiyoshi loves food