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Seven-day escape game Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:25   Transportation & Logistics   Damme   173 views Reference: 221
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"I don't agree." As soon as Wang Xiaochi opened his mouth, Ruan Chushui raised his hand and pressed it down. Other players have just arrived, have not yet figured out the situation, there is no mood to stand in line, as long as someone proposes a way, they spontaneously follow, so no one speaks again. Tang Zhi looked around among the players, but did not find Fan Weiwei, but found a strange girl. Know in the heart, Fan Weiwei escaped from the snow mountain copy, so find a new person to replace her position. The crew only provided the players with one meal, and everyone took out all the meals in the plane and gathered at the door of the cabin to get food one by one. Gu Meng walked out of the crowd, came to the corner and squatted down slowly. His back looked a little autistic. Enjin followed him all the time. Seeing him squatting down suddenly, she came to his side without knowing why: "Gu Meng, what's wrong?" Gu Meng covered his right hand and looked at him sideways. His expression looked unusually suffocating: "It hurts so much." Baby. It hurts too much. “……” Enjin took his right hand carefully, because he had just hit the plane with full strength, and his knuckles were red. He lowered his head and blew on the back of his hand and said, "Don't try to be brave in the future. Although you are handsome for three seconds, you are very cute, but I still don't want to see you get hurt." Gu Meng's attention was all focused on "handsome but three seconds". He lowered his head and covered his face, so embarrassed that his ears were red. Do you know those people? Bo Ye did not know when to appear behind him and asked the two people in the corner. Gu Meng and Enjin looked at each other, exchanged ideas quickly, then looked at Bo Ye,inflatable water slide, shaking their heads at the same frequency, with an innocent face. Bo Ye narrowed his eyes. Opposite two people tacit understanding is strange, Bo Ye is not so easy to believe, but in order to save face for them, also did not ask again. In the evening, the players went up the mountain one after another. Before Wang Xiaochi left, he took a look at the four people who were still beside the plane. "Why don't you go?" He asked. With one hand in his trouser pocket, Bo Ye leaned against the cabin and said lightly, "Little friend,large inflatable water slide, you are too broad. Take care of yourself. Do you understand?" "You!" Wang Xiaochi's young face was full of indignation. He looked at Ruan Chushui and Luo Ting, who were waiting for him not far away. Ruan Chushui shook his head at him. The young man was unwilling to "hum" and turned away with his bag on his back. When everyone was gone, Bo Ye looked at the three men behind him and said, "Why don't we go?" He saw that everyone had no intention of leaving, so he waited until now, in fact, he was wondering. Enjin: "Go somewhere else tonight." Bo Ye frowned, just want to ask where, Gu Meng, Enjin and Tang Zhi spontaneously gathered together, whispering. "Open the box first," said Gu Meng. I've got all the props and stuff. "The first night was a rainy night," said Enjin. The tail of the plane is not the key part, and it can be left alone for a night. "Matches and bows and arrows.." said Tang Zhi. The purpose is unknown, but it should be obtained earlier than others. Bo Ye looked at the three men, could not hear what they were saying, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable meltdown, only a few words came over, into the copy of the strange feeling more and more intense. Always feel that these three people have become very tacit understanding, and everyone's actions have become very bold, step by step, the goal is very clear, it feels like. The three men unified the plan. Gu Meng rolled up his sleeves on both sides and said, "Let's start. Try to start before sunset." "Wait a minute." The languid male voice suddenly sounded. Everyone looks at the door of the cabin. Bo Ye changed his standing posture and turned the platinum ring on his left hand with his right hand. He did not hide his displeasure at all: "I have something to ask. Tell me the truth." Gu Meng swallowed his saliva and aimed at Tang Zhi, probably guessing what Bo Ye wanted to ask. Men are very smart, some things are afraid to hide, but "in fact, you have already died once" such words can not be said in any case. Tang Zhi pursed his lips and said calmly, "Tell me." The sun is in the west above the snowfield, and the ice-blue lines of the mountains stretch in the distance. Bo Ye carried the light on his back, and half of his face was hidden in the shadows, looking unfathomable. "Are you cheating on me?" He asked faintly. Tang Zhi: ".." Enjin: ".." Gu Meng coughed lightly: ".." Brother, I really don't. ” After digging out the axe, flashlight and raincoat from the box, the four men jumped out of the plane one after another. Only one axe and flashlight were taken, and the rest were left to other players. In order not to appear too purposeful, thus causing Bo Ye suspicion, Gu Meng and Enjin also took clothes and water milk and so on to confuse the public. On the way, Enjin explained to Bo Ye: "If this game is a personal confrontation, it is risky to keep pace with most people. If we go to other places to explore, maybe there will be important discoveries." "Oh." Bo Ye responded coldly, still maintaining a high degree of rationality, feeling that his explanation was a cover-up. These three must be hiding something. Gu Meng picked up Enjin's words and said, "You have to trust the intuition of a genius!" Bo Ye: "Oh." “……” The four men walked through the snow in the fir forest, from sunset to night. After walking for nearly two hours, Gu Meng raised his flashlight and saw the black flower forest at the end. He took a glance at Bo Ye, hesitated a little, and gasped pompously. "Look ahead," he said. "What is that?" It was as if it were the first time I had seen such a spectacle. Enjin, who is also an actor, said seriously, "It looks like a flower, but how can there be such a big flower?"? Unexpectedly, there was a situation in the depths of the woods, but fortunately it was found. Understanding that they were pretending to be here for the first time for the sake of Bo Ye, Tang Zhi looked at the two of them, feeling a little grateful, a little complicated, and kept silent. The wind brought moisture, Bo Ye looked at the sky, dark clouds on the top, it's going to rain. Pulling out his raincoat and shaking it out, he said lightly, "Don't pretend, you people who are hanging up." Gu Meng: ".." Enjin: ".." Bo Ye walked with them all the way, also thought all the way, the only explanation is that Tang Zhi, Gu Meng and Enjin have a special status in this game,inflatable bounce house with slide, it is not convenient to say, but they do have a lot of information that players do not have. That being the case, there is nothing to ask. joyshineinflatables.com

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