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Sad Cao Xueqin Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:41   Independent & Freelance   Sankt Ingbert   160 views Reference: 433
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Sigh plum blossom: jade bone ice posture, twisted branches like iron. Ling Han spits out fragrance and fights against frost and snow. However, it is difficult to tolerate the nobility and purity of products. Memories of that year, facing the catastrophe, heartache. Ten years of injustice, when will this hatred be extinguished?! After reading it, Cao Kui was filled with emotion: "It's really a deep feeling. Blood and tears blend together. People can't bear to read it. Good!"! That's a good word! Brother, you have really become a bookworm. They only praise the good words, but they don't persuade our girls. Humph! Mo Yun said, snatching the lyrics and songs from Cao Kui's hands and clapping them on the stone table with a bang. You girls, like me, have feelings in your heart and complaints in your heart. It's not good to persuade them. Yuying raised her head and looked at Cao Kui. "Do you also have feelings and complaints?" "Of course, last night I watched Pearl's soul all night!"! Alas- ' "Pearl, she." Yuying refused to say the word "death." She's worse off than you think. After Grandpa Ding and his son sent her back to Master Yi's house, Master Yi not only did not ask the doctor to look at her wound, but also burned her chest with a red-hot iron, burning her alive! "Ah!" Moyun gave a cry of surprise and cried like a child. Sue him! Kill for your life! The purple rain beat the stone table and shouted loudly. 'It Looks like killing people, like wormwood. 'This is called careless disregard for human life! Sister Pearl,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, you are young. What a terrible death! Yuying was extremely sentimental and burst into tears. Yuying, do you still remember that last spring, Brother Ling brought Pearl to our house, and we gathered together happily. I told you that night that I wanted to write an unofficial history novel, but now it seems that it's really the right time. In the near future, there are Qing Qing's debauchery,S Adenosyl Methionine, Cao Yi's adultery and murder, and in the far future, there are your master and servant in trouble, your uncle's family is ruined and dead, our family in the south of the Yangtze River is in trouble, and our family is shackled and put on public display. That tragic situation.. And my cousin's wife, the third wife of our family, why? Why Cao Kui was very excited. He paused and breathed a sigh of relief. "Alas-it seems to be a dream but not a dream.". But the universe in the dream is very clear! Yuying, before, I do not know where to start, now, there is! I've even thought of the name of the book. "What's your name?" Yuying is also very excited. It's called Feng Yue Bao Jian. "Feng Yue Bao Jian." Yuying is pondering and realizing the intention. Cao Kui saw what she meant and further explained to her: "I want to arrange a mirror in the book, which is red and pink, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and reflects a skeleton, to awaken the world: color is emptiness, and emptiness is color, so as to fill the blue sky and warn the secular world!" "Good!" Yuying was filled with emotion and said, "My father left me three excellent toothbrushes. I have always regarded them as treasures and refused to use them. Today I will give you one first. If you can keep your word, finish what you start, and write well, I will certainly give them all.". Purple Rain, take the pen. "Yes." "Purple Rain is about to go." Purple Rain, you do not go first, listen to me to continue to say: I have already had the title of a book. Cao Kui was a little proud. He said in a long voice, "This time, it's called Qin Keqing's Lewd Mourning at Tianxiang Tower." Chapter 5 Cold Mountain Lost Green (50) "Tianxianglou?" "Isn't that where your fifth aunt lives?" Moyun asked in surprise. "Not bad.". Qin Keqing is a false name, "Qin" is the homonym of the word "love", but also the meaning. "We all know the word Qing." "You're crazy. It's a true story about Master Yi's family. You should write it in a book. Don't wash your dirty linen in public. If you let Master know.." Moyun kindly dissuaded him. Yuying suddenly stood up and said, "Did the pearl die in vain?" "Yes!"! Can it be said that the scandals of these grandfathers should not be shaken by them? Purple rain finished, turned away. Yuying found Cao Kui looking at herself up and down. "What are you looking at?" She wondered. "I see you've just stood up in anger, and with this plain dress, you look even more.." "You don't care about the past or the future." "Hey, hey." Mo Yun was secretly happy, but he didn't expect to make a sound. Yuying glared at her: "Moyun!" Moyun wanted to take the opportunity to slip away and ran to the garden gate with a smile. But as soon as she got to the gate, she found Cao coming towards her. She had to stop and pay her respects. "Sir." Cao nodded and walked into the garden. Cao Kui and Yu Ying hurried to pay their respects. When Cao saw that Yuying was dressed in plain clothes, he frowned at first. Then he saw the incense burner and the thread incense on the stone table. "What are you doing here? I heard you crying, laughing, talking and shouting." Already aware of Cao's unhappiness, Moyun hastened to explain, "Today is the 13th anniversary of my master's birth, so my girl has just held a memorial ceremony." Cao Jingzi went to the stone table and sat down. He picked up the lyrics and read them silently. After reading them, he frowned and said, "Yes, Brother Jianchen has passed away for thirteen years. Time flies. Filial piety is the first of all virtues. It's natural to hold a memorial ceremony. But, Miss Yuying, I have a few words. I don't know if you like them." "My niece would like to hear my uncle's teachings." "I thought that offering three sticks of incense to the souls of the dead was enough to fulfill filial piety, write poems, and make use of the topic to play. It is very easy to make trouble and bring disaster. Isn't your father a lesson from the past?"? The girl's family still attaches great importance to learning needles. Don't play with words. I don't know what you think. "Yes, my niece wrote it down." "Well, well, just remember." With a slightly pleased look on his face, Cao stood up and was about to leave. Just then Ziyu hurried in with a good toothbrush! My brother! Here's your pen. As soon as he saw Cao, he hurried to pay his respects. "Pay your respects to the master." Cao is a little surprised: "Pen,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, what good pen?" Ziyu replied happily, "This is a precious relic left by our master to our girl. Let our girl take one and give it to my brother to write an unofficial historical novel for him and help him." "What!"! Are you going to write an unofficial historical novel? Cao suddenly lowered his face. Yes, I've already thought of the title. It's called Fengyue Baojian. pioneer-biotech.com

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Sad Cao Xueqin