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Run amuck in the other world Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:46   Independent & Freelance   Sankt Ingbert   250 views Reference: 62
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Emily blushed and pretended not to hear, still burying her head in invincible's shoulder, but invincible smiled and answered, "Well, when I see her, I always think she looks like my little sister!" Effie's eyes flashed. Oh? Surely Lord Wood's sister is as lovely as Miss Emily? There was a touch of nostalgia in his eyes, but it soon disappeared in the depths of his eyes, as if he answered casually: "Yes, it's lovely!" Too bad I'll never see her again! Emily might be a substitute! I wonder how little sister in the original world!? There are big bears, boulders, and winks. They are looking after her. The allied government should not find her on her head! Countless memories of the picture just flashed through his mind, invincible once again returned to the space of Oslo, distraction has never been his hobby! Looking sideways at Effie, he praised the future Grand Duke of Baya and suddenly asked, "Your Highness Effie, you should be more beautiful than Emily,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, right?!" Invincible in the arms of Emily heard this immediately prick up the ears, even on the invincible hand can not help but a tight, invincible snigger: women, regardless of age, always can not escape the appearance of each other! Effie did not answer, but chuckled and stepped forward. For this seemingly rude behavior,Small Geared Motors, it is the privilege of the noble women in Oslo, and the noble lady can choose not to answer the questions that the gentlemen are difficult to answer! But invincible originally also just want to get rid of this language belt spy of his Highness Effie, in exchange for the usually interesting game of you guess you guess you guess, but now is not the right time. Bart suddenly appeared from the entrance of the third floor, looking around with an excited look on his face, looking for the figure of Miss Emily, the lovely gold owner. When he saw the petite figure hanging on the huge body of the Wood Knight, a cold sweat came out immediately, and the expression on his face froze. This Miss Emily and Lord Wood are moving fast, aren't they? Could it be that the demigod inheritors also like to engage in the epic love trilogy of Blitzkrieg, love at first sight, goodbye and devotion at third sight?! Invincible looked at Bart and waved to him to come over. Reluctantly, Micro Gear Motor ,small geared motors, Bart finally could not resist the call of the hand of death (Bart felt that the hand of Lord Wood was no different from the sickle of Lord Death, and that it was common to kill him) and dawdled over. Parma and Effie went to their respective hands and began to issue a series of orders, and no one came to greet the invincible side for the time being. Invincible lowered his head and asked, "How are those two idiots doing?" Bart: Huh?! Idiot He didn't understand who the two idiots were. Emily looked up and said quickly, "You stupid thief!"! Of course, your excellency is talking about the two guys who made trouble in the south of Bielefeld! She had just faintly heard the sound of Palma and Effie, as if someone was making trouble in the south. Bart replied with a sullen look on his face, "Back to Lord Wood, it's not just those two now …" Idiots are fighting, and I just heard about another.. Three idiots are already involved, and it's all over the south side. ” Bart then added in his mind: "These idiots are holy orders!"! However, dare to fight in a densely populated big city like Bielefeld, these five holy steps are really. Idiot! The Holy Order can't mess around like this. Look at it. Lord Parma is probably going to get angry! Sure enough, Parma suddenly let out an angry roar, because another of his men had just run in and whispered the latest "battle situation", and Parma felt his head was about to explode! Five holy steps!? How do you want him, the Marquis, to stop it? He has only one holy rank under him now! But just finished the fire of Parma eyes fell on the invincible side, immediately the corners of the mouth with a smile: "This is not two ready-made holy steps?"? And one of them is the inheritor of the terrible demigod mad knight, plus his own holy rank, can always separate the five idiots?! Thinking of this, Parma piled up a smile on her face and came over to the invincible. Emily glanced disapprovingly at Parma and whispered in the invincible ear, "Yuck!"! The old fox smiled so brightly that he must have come to take advantage of it! The invincible snigger gently patted her with the hand holding Emily, which was true but inappropriate for Parma to hear, but did she want to take advantage of herself? But it's not that simple! Emily looked at a flash of light in her invincible eyes and gloated at Parma coming over: "Old Fox!"! I'm afraid you're going to bleed a little! Emily, who has signed a spiritual contract with invincible, is the one who knows invincible's means and temper best among all the people present. Who let her even be cheated by invincible?! With this personal experience, Emily can always understand and judge the invincible behavior from a different perspective. And this judgment is usually correct, which is what Emily is most proud of-no one knows invincible better than she does! "Hey, Winder, what do you think?" Panta asked in a dull whisper? I don't want to do it, those 250. They all seem to know me! The invincible crowd looked askance: "Do you all know each other?"? Then what are you afraid of?! Panta looked at the questioning eyes of the crowd and laughed awkwardly: "Hey, when they come, I can smell their silly smell!" The eyes of the crowd became more and more fierce. Panta finally raised his hand and said frankly, "OK, I admit that they have all been beaten by me!" …… This is really a Panta-style process of understanding! The crowd looked at Panta, and their knowledge of the drunken paladin's eccentric proclivities went up a notch. Emily even giggled,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, "Uncle Panta, did you beat up all the players you know?!" Panta shrugged. It's not accurate, but it's almost the same! Ten miles.. Beat up seven or eight of them! Volume III Cross Oslo Chapter 147-Into.. The five holy ranks of the melee!. ichgearmotor.com

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