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Run amuck in the other world Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:27   Financial Services   Sankt Augustin   145 views Reference: 464
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Eiseman was horrified! These ice elements are part of him at the moment! If the whirlpool continues to devour these ice elements, even if he can absorb the ice elements to fill his lack of energy, once the speed of replenishment is lower than the speed of the whirlpool absorption, he will be in a dilemma! At this moment, the dark golden whirlpool has just taken shape, and the suction is amazing! And in his sense, the suction of the whirlpool is still increasing rapidly, and if there is no accident, the absorption of ice elements by the whirlpool will soon exceed its own replenishment. Could it be. This strong man named invincible is a magic God who is proficient in space magic! Incorrect! As soon as the idea came up, it was denied by Eisman himself! This invincible can't be a magician! Because the stormy attack just now could only be used by a samurai! The magic skill developed by the ice control talent like myself. Extremely rare on this continent, this invincible use of nature is not! However, if we say that the effect of space magic is displayed with martial arts.. Mad Knight Winder's Tornado is definitely one of them! Could it be that this invincible is also such a warrior? In Eiseman's mind, the thought of electricity turned, and the scattered ice elements suddenly came back. He could not wait for the invincible absorption of his own ice elements. For now, he could only take back all the ice elements and condense them into one. Let the suction of the whirlpool have nothing to suck! In a series of clicks,liquid bottle filling machine, an ice-blue ice crystal giant appeared in front of the invincible! In the middle of the ice crystal giant, Eisman's appearance is clearly visible! He had a full head of strange dark blue hair, trimmed eyebrows and phoenix eyes, a pair of blue eyes full of cold air, pale and thin lips under his towering aquiline nose, and after a moment,Beverage packing machine, he smiled coldly: "Invincible?!"! You are very strong! Invincible looked at the ice crystal giant, eyes showing a look of amazement: "You are also very strong!"! However. I'm more curious why you can move freely in the ice! Eisman sneers: "So, can you tell me, what martial arts skill do you use after all?!" Invincible shook his head and laughed: "No!"! I just wanted to get a good look at you before.. After killing you, no one in the world will remember what you look like! In the hands of the dark golden whirlpool has not dissipated slowly pushed out, the original dull thunder-like whistle suddenly became deafening, the dark golden whirlpool suddenly shine, as dazzling as the sun! Eiseman's face changed dramatically! The golden whirlpool in front of us seemed to have just woken up from a deep sleep, and the suction just now turned into a crazy leak of energy! The ice elements, such as the arm, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,water filling machine, make it clear to Eisman that the whirlpool does not have an extremely high temperature. The distortion of the space beside the whirlpool is certainly not the refraction of light under the transpiration of hot air, but the real distortion of space! It is impossible that the invincibility of the space law God will cause space mutation. There is only one possibility-the energy of this golden whirlpool has been so huge that it has begun to destroy the balance of space! Such a terrible martial arts, is it really martial arts?! At this point, Eisman no longer dare to have the slightest fluke mentality! This invincible is completely to kill themselves. If you don't go all out, if you don't pay attention, you may really be killed by invincible on the spot! "Esiaki!" As soon as the ice crystal giant hand unfolds, the ice crystal giant sword takes shape directly from the palm, an arc is drawn toward the invincible, under the glittering and translucent brilliance, an endless sea of ice begins to spread from the tip of the sword, straight toward the golden whirlpool! Where the sea of ice passes, even the snowflakes that have just passed have stagnated in the air, and everything in space is still! This is a peerless skill that Ice King Eisman has never used before, and its effect is the absolute zero degree of cold. Lock everything down! Even space can not escape the fate of the same blockade! Eisman felt that only this skill could resist the golden whirlpool that caused the space change! Just for a moment, the sea of ice and the golden whirlpool hit each other hard! The crackle sounded, and the sea of ice broke under the impact of the golden whirlpool, but the sea of ice was endless and continued to attack the golden whirlpool! Under such an attack, the violent and turbulent energy of the golden whirlpool was gradually suppressed. The speed of its rotation is getting slower and slower, and the original golden whirlpool is infected with a faint layer of ice blue, which is the invasion of ice elements to the whirlpool! Ice elements have gradually gained an advantage. The ice-blue brilliance has soaked the whirlpool half, and if it goes on like this, the final name of the whirlpool is bound to be defeated by the breath element! The invincible complexion is cold. Body a move, has rushed to the foot of the ice crystal giant, the endless ice sea as if it did not affect him at all, the speed is not slow, a punch to the ice crystal giant's waist and abdomen! That's where Eiseman is! Catch the thief first catch the king! As long as Eisman is killed, the whole frozen hell will dissipate naturally and will no longer have any impact on invincibility! As soon as Eisman's ice crystal sword turned, the dazzling ice crystal seemed to burn the invincible eyes into blindness, and for a moment the invincible felt blind! But by virtue of the perception of the ice crystal giant's image, invincible still did not stop to shake out the fist! Eiseman's ice crystal sword is just right in front of the invincible fist! The sharp ice crystal sword, the fist with dim golden light, finally had a direct contest between the two in the next moment! Crackle! Fist and sword meet! A tiny crack appeared on the ice crystal sword, and then countless tiny ice crystals fell from the body of the sword, and in a moment the ice crystal sword was broken without a trace! The golden light of the fist still hit the ice crystal giant on the waist! Boom The ice crystal giant is like a piece of paper under the invincible fist, breaking both sides with one blow! "Ah!!!" A shrill scream rang out,Vegetable oil filling machine, and an ice-blue brilliance suddenly sank into the ice and disappeared! Invincible slowly withdrew his fist and sighed: "What a pity!"! Only one of his hands was destroyed! What a pity! Into two sections of the ice crystal giant fell in front of the invincible body, the ice crystal giant in the body of Eiseman has disappeared, the remains of two sections of ice crystal giants fell lifeless on the ground in front of the invincible. gzxilinear.com

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Run amuck in the other world