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Rose in the flourishing age Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:39   Engineering   Sankt Augustin   151 views Reference: 339
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"Not really. The setting in the fiefdom system is very subtle. Once the territory is sealed under the name of an individual, all the settings in that territory are completely controlled by the individual-I am in charge of my territory." Silkworm laughed, "so at that time on the Peach Blossom Island, probably no one could be more powerful than the president." "This is good." Cherry clapped his hands, "After the identity of the president is announced, with Peach Blossom Island as a base, our trade union is not invincible." "That's limited to the advantage of defense." Silkworm shook his head. "If you want to attack, you can't rely on this setting." The conversation changed, "speaking of it, our president's character is really invincible." "First enter the game and get the mythical beast, then fall down and pick up the gold, and get the first piece of fief.." The quilt is enumerating her glorious course, does not forget to add, "is cut by the NPC also to be able to have the first master to come forward to vent anger!" " Jianjia found that today's topic is always easy to cover her and the body from the sky-is she oversensitive? Originally, he admitted that the identity of the owner of Peach Blossom Island was a temporary idea, because he thought that it was not very loyal to keep it secret for so long with the people in the same trade union. But the heart is still nervous for fear that everyone is angry, although she did not want to hide from you for so long, but at that time it seemed that the existence of the Peach Blossom Island Lord as a pseudo-NPC actually provided a buffer time for the development of their own trade union. Although she did not expect that the appearance of the Blood Rose task would directly lead to the opening of her long-delayed fief into a mandatory task opening,pipe fittings manufacturer, if there was any regret, it was probably the only thing she regretted. But still very happy, the congregation can still understand her arrangement at that time. I didn't blame her. "But what would you have done if our trade union had been as strong as it was in The World Hegemony?" Artest began to have no responsibility for YY. After all, at that time, there was a hundred responses, and the hostile trade unions were in high spirits when they saw the flag of the dominant side in the distance, which everyone would miss. She raised her eyebrows. "That goes without saying. Start the city battle immediately." The people at both tables were laughing together. There is nothing to be confused about. She is the leader of a group. Naturally,hydraulic fitting supplier, she gives priority to the development of her own trade union. At that time, although hiding it would make people feel distrusted, there was no better way. We're all adults. We all understand. A meal was eaten and chatted until two o'clock in the afternoon. As an entertainment place for high-end consumption, the Golden Hyatt is naturally not only eye-catching in catering. After booking the box service, there will be KTV, billiards, indoor tennis and other activities on the upper floor after dinner. After eating and drinking, White Dew pulled the crowd upstairs to KTV, shouting to sing until dinner was over. CICI because in other cities, should not be too late, then early exit; Xiaoshu said something in the afternoon, also leave early. Although a group of people regretted that they could not come and go together, stainless steel tube fitting ,38 tube fitting, they still rushed to the upper KTV box in a lively way. Xue Jianjia had heard White Dew say that her brother didn't like the noisy environment of KTV, and she had expected that Xiao Shu's departure was also a similar reason. But when she was woken up by the voices of Mai Ba on the sofa in the box and found that Ling Da, a handsome man who didn't like the noise, was sitting beside her, she was still scared. Are you awake? His voice, even in an environment like KTV, could still reach her ears clearly. She blinked, hugged the pillow and sat up straight. Why are you still here? Then he felt suspected of driving people away and immediately added, "White Dew said you didn't like such a noisy place." His clear eyes reflected the light on the big screen like two black crystals, dyed with a slight smile, "Well, but it's okay." The microphone was snatched in the hands of Mai Ba, and the group of men and women who had been drinking at a table seemed to have lost their restraint at first sight and laughed at each other. As if no one had noticed that Xue Jianjia had woken up, and as if there was a tacit understanding that she had not been disturbed. Finally, there is a slightly calm environment. You didn't have to come out and say that just now. She whispered. Uh He turned his face sideways to look at her, and looked down at her eyebrows and eyes, which were soft and charming because she was slightly drunk. That you knew I was the Lord of Peach Blossom Island. "She explained earnestly," If you don't say it, people will think you don't know, so you won't think you're cheating or something. " Although some silkworms explained afterwards that they were invincible, it was more or less harmful to his glorious image. Oh With a faint response, he gazed carelessly at the dancing subtitles on the screen, looking somewhat unpredictable against the constantly flashing colors of the subtitles. When she thought he and she were going to start brushing up on silence again. The man, surnamed Ling, opened his mouth slowly and said, "Do you want me to verify that sentence, 'fly separately in the face of disaster'?" Chapter 22 Husband and wife are birds of the same forest. Although Xue Jianjia is not a literary young woman, this well-known saying is still at her fingertips. So she stiffened at the moment someone was speaking. She had been unable to count how many times the beauty who was several times more beautiful than her had molested her. Flirt. The stiff Xue Meiren looked stiffly at the calm Ling Meiren in front of her, waiting for him to open his mouth and lead the petrified topic back to the right path. But Ling Meiren does not seem to have this intention, the eyes like black glass do not look at her, but suspiciously slightly pick up the corner of the eye to look at the big screen where the subtitles jump. Like a person, how is such a strange feeling. Inch by inch, she twisted her stiff neck to an angle that made her look at the big screen, and her almost hardened facial expression was unable to make the tears of hope in her heart. When she felt that she was going to have a secret crush, it was silent pleasure, and occasionally one or two ambiguous words would make her jump for a long time. When she was determined to pursue it, it was indomitable courage and blood, and she had planned countless dialogues in her heart, and she felt a surge of emotion. Now, the truth came out, and the two were happy,ball valve manufacturer, but she was afraid of his perfection and could not open her mouth; But he flirted a lot -- well, if teasing any flower like her was flirting -- and she was bumping around in her heart, trying to figure out how real his teasing was. chinaroke.com

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Rose in the flourishing age