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Rich Thief of Online Games Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:37   Tourism & Restaurants   Sankt Ingbert   104 views Reference: 423
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Defensive skills. Fog Shadow Void: Instantly void to avoid physical damage, 80% chance to avoid magic damage, 50% chance to avoid poison damage. Special skills. Chewing Fusion: Fusion controls the monster's body. You can use all the abilities of the monster you control. Fusion weak-willed monsters have a corresponding bonus. Number of fusion: 0/3. Is this, is this strong or weak? You know, the strength of A-level pets can be similar to monsters, but now it may not even be able to play A slightly advanced monster, but look at its attributes now must be stronger than me, let it pick A senior player alone but certainly not, 100 points of blood, although the probability of evasion is very high, but let people hit it enough to suffer, chewing fusion skills did not say that the monster level limit. Is it possible to rely on it to fuse a high-level monster to play? I was proud again. Did you laugh at me when you went out to see the inner cool and the madman? To be honest, I'm a little reluctant to let it go to explore the way now, but don't let it go? It's safer for it to go. If the pet is dead, I'm looking for a senior NPC Taoist priest to revive. I ordered the "bird" to float to the golden gate. It's really like me. It floats on foot. I found that I began to like the "bird" of the crystal class. When the bird reached the middle of the dragon's tongue, there was a sudden sound of a spring bouncing, followed by countless golden lights shooting at the dragon's tongue from the surrounding walls. I was so frightened that I almost fell out of the dragon's mouth. I thought, "The bird is finished. It would be strange if so many golden lights didn't break it." But everything was not like what I thought. At the moment when the golden light came, the figure of the "bird" floating on the dragon's tongue became illusory at the same time, as if it were a fog. Countless golden lights passed through the illusory shadow and hit the dragon's tongue fiercely, revealing a golden shaft with golden feathers. Bird "It's all right!"! My heart a happy, restore the crystal "bird" continue to float forward, to the golden gate, there is no attack, I ordered the "bird" in the second float back, or no attack, I ordered the "bird" float back and forth three times, to make sure that it is safe before I set foot on the dragon tongue, looking at the golden arrows inserted in it, I do not know how to settle down. Now the dragon's tongue is like a hedgehog. PS: The advertisement, takes the knife by them to force, does not give the advertisement they to want PK me, bitter! 5555 I strongly recommend Yan Shengli's The Third Gate, which tells the story of a man with the memory of the second generation who made his way to the early Tang Dynasty, ups and downs, charming women and fierce men, all in the third gate../../qhmh. ASP = 32531 ../../qhmh.asp=32775 Ordinary Heart's Latest Work "95 Supreme in the Vertical and Horizontal Business Circle" After looking at all the adverse consequences and I have nothing to do, reflect the good and I have something to do, ha ha. - Chapter 72 exploration of the Dragon's bowels. Looking at the golden dragon's tongue full of arrows, heavy duty warehouse rack , I don't know where I will step next? I don't want to step on it. If there is any situation, it's hard to hide. In the unknown situation, the fewer obstacles, the better. Only in this way can I ensure my safety to the greatest extent. After safety, I can talk about other things. Otherwise, there is an artifact in front of me, and you can only look at the heartache when you hang up. I met a friend in the world before. In the labyrinth of the Pope, he found a "Blood King's Blade" in the monster group. He wanted to go up and pick it up before it was clean. As a result, he hung up and asked me to pick up a cheap one. He also sent out "black letters" to share the benefits. (After death, everything he said turned into black letters.) Who cares about him? I used my hand to pull out the arrow stuck in the dragon's tongue, but it took me a long time to pull it out, as if it were growing on it. Looking at the tens of thousands of arrows, it is impossible to pull them out, not to say whether they can be pulled out or not, but how long will it take to pull them out? Looking at the "feeling of the thief" on the hand, the hope of clearing the road depends on it. "Thief's feeling" exudes the same suction as a black hole. I try to support my body and not let the suction pull me down. "Thief's feeling" cleans up the arrows on the dragon's tongue like a vacuum cleaner. I feel excited. Since I can receive it in my hand, it means that the player can use it. The dragon's tongue is very hard. The golden arrow can shoot in and only show the feathers behind it. It shows that its hardness is incomparable. After receiving the golden arrow, I can't wait to open the package bar, "Dragon Guardian Assassin", level: immortal level, weight 10, attack: the user's total attack power is three times, ignoring any defense below the immortal level, ignoring the defense skills below the master level, durability: 2/3, unrepairable. After reading it, I was so happy that I almost jumped up. I didn't expect that there would be this treasure here. When I became an assassin looking for a good crossbow, I could easily kill the monster. Would there be a better treasure inside the door? I stepped back and ordered the "bird" to attack the Golden Gate. The faithful "bird" had no idea of the possible danger here. A mouthful of white transparent saliva sprayed on the Golden Gate. With a "hissing" sound, the saliva faded and disappeared. The Golden Gate was intact. It seemed that there was no danger! I'm oversensitive. I went up and pushed the door carefully. The golden door was as firm as a stone wall. I looked around and didn't find any mechanism to open the door. I looked around. Couldn't I open the door? There is no special key or task condition to open the door, is there? That can be troublesome, want to know the task that does not have a clue is the most difficult to do, so I want to open this door do not know when, let others open ahead of time can be a loss, you know, the task can be unique, if here really exists in the form of a task, as long as someone completed it, here will not exist in the future, this kind of good thing I do not give to others? No, never give anyone a chance. I anxiously turned back and forth. If I couldn't find the answer, I had to go out. After a long time here, I had to attract the attention of tens of thousands of players outside. At that time, it was no secret. If I missed today, the whole Golden Dragon would be guarded by countless guards. It was difficult to come in. Time was running out. Where was the mechanism to open the door? There was no dragon stone. The dragon's mouth was smooth everywhere. You can't even see the hole where the arrow was shot just now. The dragon's beard is outside and you can't touch it at all now. Dragon's tooth, dragon's tooth. omracking.com

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Rich Thief of Online Games