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Reshape Your Life (Showbiz) Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:41   Financial Services   Bayreuth   228 views Reference: 379
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However, the cinema line directly found the big tree behind Star Entertainment. Under the command of the big tree, Star Entertainment and Deification of the Gods could only hold their noses and admit their bad luck even if they dared not speak out. Originally, 38% of the national screening rate suddenly dropped to 30%, and the big screen across the country gave up 1200 yuan. To the outside world, he had to pretend to be generous and publish a draft for publicity. He admitted to the national media that he had no hope of breaking through the 360 million box office of "Shipwreck", so he was willing to help "Best Partner". After all, we are all Chinese filmmakers, and Chinese people should support their own films. No matter whether Star Entertainment and the cast of "Deification of the Gods" had blood in their hearts when they said these words, and whether they had the teeth itching with hatred, the national audience was moved by the tolerance and understanding of Star Entertainment and "Deification of the Gods". All of a sudden, "Deification of the Gods", which had a very bad reputation, had a trend of public opinion reversal. Everyone thought that "Deification of the Gods" was a loser, and they went into the cinema one after another to express their support and recognition through action. As a result, after giving up 1200 screens, the box office and attendance of the third week of "Deification of the Gods" did not fall but rose, reaching a 46000000. When the film was painted, it struggled to break through two hundred million. See in the eyes of the insider, although do not know whether to laugh or cry, can only sigh a inadvertently inserted willow shade (_) Chapter 58 daily life at the dining table. At the end of December of that year, Brother Lu Chi was about to cross the Atlantic Ocean to report to Stanford University. Although the eldest son has lived in the county middle school since junior high school, and lived in the attached middle school of Yanda for a year in senior high school, it is the first time in 18 years that he left Huaxia to go to school abroad. Lu's father and mother did not know how to prepare luggage for Lu Chi,asrs warehouse, and heard that the foreign devils only ate western food, afraid that Lu Chi was not used to eating and living outside, so they simply prepared several bags of delicious food for Lu Chi, and prepared a bank card with 200,000 yuan for Lu Chi. However, before Lu's father and mother could give the bank card to Lu's eldest brother, they received the bank card that Lu's eldest brother gave them at the dinner table. …… This is the money I earned from my part-time job in the office for more than half a year, and I kept part of it as living expenses. Brother Lu pushed the bank card in front of Mother Lu and said with a smile, "The password is six sixes." Lu's father and mother looked at Lu's eldest brother with a moved face and pushed the bank card over again: "Since you earn money by working, you can keep your own pocket money.". Mom and Dad can still earn money, and the family is not short of money. But you yourself, the first time you go back to study abroad, shuttle rack system ,mobile racking systems, there is an old saying, "It's easy to stay at home for a thousand days, go out for a year, carry more money in your pocket, and you can feel more secure." Then he handed Lu Chi the bank card he had prepared: "Your mother and I have saved 200,000 yuan in the card. You spend it first. If it's not enough, you can ask us for it. Don't treat yourself harshly when you are away from home." "I really don't need it." Smiling, Lu Chi pushed the two bank cards over again. "When I was working part-time in the office, I was led by the group leader to do several big projects. I earned a little more than 130,000 yuan in salary and bonus. After that, I learned to speculate in stocks with a colleague. I didn't expect that I was very lucky and earned more than 700,000 yuan.." This time I went to Stanford University, the firm also introduced me to M country branch part-time, the salary will be a little higher than here, so you can rest assured that I should not be short of money. Lu's father and mother knew that Lu Chi had worked as an intern in an international accounting firm since he graduated from high school, and that Lu Chi was highly valued by the firm. But I didn't know that Lu Chi had earned so much quietly. Lu Heng, who was sitting next to Lu Chi, looked at his eldest brother with shining eyes and said with envy: "Elder brother, you have earned so much in the stock market. You are so awesome." Lu Chi smiled and said shyly, "It's not terrible.". It's just that I'm very lucky. The stock I bought has not lost money so far. So far! Today! For! Stop! No! Have! Pay! Pass! Lu's eldest brother said that the clouds were light and the wind was light, but he envied Lu Heng, who had bought anything in his previous life. It's not just a matter of luck! Lu Heng put down his bowls and chopsticks, folded his fists and looked at his brother with adoration on his face. He shamelessly said, "Big brother is tired of being hurt. Big brother is so great. Please take me to pretend to be a force and take me to fly." Lu's father hit Lu Heng on the head with a violent chestnut: "What are you talking about in a mess?" Finish saying, one face looks at eldest son worriedly again: "Isn't that speculating in stocks gambling?"? I heard that a lot of people get rich overnight and lose everything overnight. It's terrible. You mustn't fall into it. Lu's mother's view is the same as Lu's father's. The eldest son went abroad to study, unfamiliar to go so far, two people had planned to give his son more pocket money, but heard that his son actually learned to speculate in stocks, immediately worried. Mother Lu simply took back the two bank cards and said directly, "Your father and I will manage the money for you. After the New Year, your father and I will go outside to see the houses and buy you a house." Lu's father and mother's financial management concept is very traditional and conservative, with the persistence of Chinese farmers in land and real estate. They think that buying a house and buying land is the best way to preserve their value when they are rich. Lu's father and mother did not understand and were not interested in the rest of the stock speculation fund. The two of them would rather put their money in the bank than buy these unreliable things. Lu's mother also advised Lu Heng: "Don't fool around with your brother.". Your brother made some money by luck, but how can he have luck all his life? Stocks are the kind of things that make money today and lose money tomorrow, and you can't say which day you will lose everything. You are all brothers of your own family. Of course you are happy if you make money, but if you lose money, whose will it be. I don't want you two brothers to have a knot in your heart about money. Lu's father also nodded approvingly and seconded, "Yes, stock speculation is not a business. If you really lose money, you don't know how to lose it.". If you burn too much money, we will buy a house after the Spring Festival. Anyway,heavy duty cantilever racks, after buying the house, you can't run away from it. Even if you don't live in it, you can rent it out to collect rent. It's much more reliable than speculating in stocks. jracking.com

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Reshape Your Life (Showbiz)