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Reporter's Secret Visit to Non-standard Tape Measure: 5 Meters Measured into 5.5 Meters _ GB Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:27   Engineering   Salzgitter   142 views Reference: 397
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Original Title: Reporter's Secret Visit to Non-standard Tape Measure: Measuring 5 Meters into 5.5 Meters Reporter's Secret Visit to Non-standard Tape Measure: 5 Meters into 5.5 Meters Non-standard steel tape refers to a steel tape with a large error, such as a ruler marked with 5 meters, the actual length is 4.5 meters or 5.5 meters. According to the national standard, the total length error of the 5-meter steel tape should not exceed 0.6 mm. According to people familiar with the situation, such tape measures with large errors are not only sold online, but also sold in Nanning's physical stores. Nanguo Morning Post reporter found that the price of each "5 meters" non-standard steel tape is as high as 60 yuan, and the field test error is up to 10%, which is more than 800 times higher than the national standard. The seller said that this kind of tape is mostly used for decoration projects and carpet sales. Relevant departments said that they would investigate and deal with the physical stores selling non-standard steel tapes in Nanning. There are two kinds of non-standard steel tape measures sold in a physical store in Nanning. The one on the left is "actually 4.5 meters, showing 5 meters", and the one on the right is "actually 5.5 meters, showing 5 meters". & amp nbsp Wang Guangjia/Photo Unannounced visit: Non-standard steel tape hidden under the desk Recently, an owner in Nanning reported that he saw someone selling non-standard steel tape on the Internet, saying that "the actual 80 cm, showing 1 meter", "the actual 110 cm, showing 1 meter", and that "the first 3 or 5 meters are standard, the back 80 cm or 110 cm show 1 m", the non-standard steel tape provided by the seller. Prices range from 10 yuan to 180 yuan. The reporter learned from people in the decoration industry in Nanning that non-standard steel tapes are not only sold online, but also sold in physical stores in Nanning. On January 6,seamstress measuring tape, according to the clues provided by people familiar with the situation, the reporter came to a hardware store at the North China Road intersection in Nanning to learn about the situation. The shopkeeper said that there were non-standard steel tapes for sale. Subsequently, the other party took out two bags from the desk in the shop, which contained dozens of non-standard steel tape measures, from which he took out a nominal 5-meter "steel tape measure", saying that "there are big and small, depending on the needs of customers". Asked whether they could supply goods according to other requirements of the non-ruler sold on the Internet,large print tape measure, the salesperson said that at present, there are only two kinds of non-ruler mentioned above in the physical store. If you want to buy a ruler with "nominal 10 meters" or "standard front section and non-standard rear section", you need to "customize" it. The cost is higher, and the template fee alone is more than 8000 yuan. Expand the full text In a physical store in Nanning, the non-standard steel tape is wrapped in plastic bags and hidden under the table in the store. & amp nbsp Wang Guangjia/Photo Contrast: Field detection error exceeds the standard by 800 times The physical store in Nanning provided reporters with a non-standard steel tape measure of "actual 4.5 meters, showing 5 meters". The reporter took this non-scale to the decoration site of a roughcast house in a residential area of Xiuxiang Avenue in Nanning, checked with the standard decoration workers, and found that the error was large, and the on-site decoration owners called out that "this non-scale is too deceptive". The worker used the standard steel tape and the standard measuring ruler provided by him to check the non-scale, and found one thing in common: when the reading of the standard ruler was 1 meter, the reading of the non-scale had reached 1.11 meters; when the reading of standard ruler was 2 meters, the readings of the non-scale had reached 2.20 meters. After many tests, the actual length of the non-standard steel tape with a nominal length of 5 meters is 4.5 meters, with an error of 50 centimeters and an error rate of up to 10%. According to a staff member of the length room of Guangxi Institute of Metrology and Inspection, mini tape measure ,personalized tape measure, according to the national standard requirements of steel tape in China, the error standard of steel tape is divided into two grades, one and two. Taking the nominal 5-meter steel tape as an example, the positive and negative errors of the primary standard should not be greater than 0.105 mm, and the positive and negative errors of the secondary standard should not be greater than 0.6 mm. Therefore, the error of non-standard steel tape with an error value of 50 cm is 833 times the allowable value of the national secondary standard error, which exceeds the standard seriously. By comparison at the construction site, it is found that the error of non-scale is large. In the figure, the left is the standard ruler and the right is the non-ruler. & amp nbsp Wang Guangjia/Photo Inside story: Some people use two kinds of ruler to fool the owners. Steel tape is one of the main tools when the owner and the decoration party check and accept the decoration project. How many workers in Nanning are using non-scale? Many decoration practitioners told reporters that the number is difficult to count, but it is certain that they have seen workers using non-standard scales on the construction site, using non-standard steel tape more projects are hydropower projects, tiling projects and so on. The non-scale seller of the above-mentioned Nanning physical store also said that many people asked for goods from her. In the decoration site visited by the reporter on January 6, there was a non-scale in one site. The "steel tape" used by the workers on site was compared with the standard steel tape, and it was found that the error reached 7%, that is, when the standard tape reading was 1 meter, the worker's "steel tape" reading was 1.07 meters. Seeing this, the worker immediately took away the problem tape and took out another steel tape to use-this steel tape was compared by reporters and read the same as the standard tape. Subsequently, the worker invited the reporter out of the construction site. Decoration sources revealed that this is not standardized decoration site in the existence of Maoni, workers or foremen have two kinds of rulers, one is standard, one is non-standard, they will use according to the actual situation. For example, if it is easy to be found by the owner, the standard ruler shall be used; if it is not easy to be found, such as concealed works, the non-ruler shall be used. What is the owner's loss when using non-scale measurement? Chen Yonghua, the project supervisor of the third-party supervision organization in Nanning, calculated an account: if the error rate of non-scale reaches 10%, the "engineering quantity" will increase by 10%. Take the hydropower project as an example. For a house of 100 square meters, the pure manual cost is 45000 yuan. After using this kind of non-scale, the owner will pay more than 45000 yuan to the workers. If the labor and materials are contracted, the total cost will be doubled, and the owner will lose about 1000 yuan; If you encounter a dishonest decoration company, the owner will lose about 1300 yuan because the overall quotation is higher than the Mustang decoration. Non-standard steel tape belongs to "three-nothing product". & amp nbsp Wang Guangjia/Photo Department Non-scale sellers will be investigated and dealt with On January 7, a staff member of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Xixiangtang District of Nanning City learned about the above situation and said that they would investigate and deal with the physical stores of non-standard steel tapes. Industry insiders remind consumers that, in fact, some owners have questioned the project valuation in decoration, but often can not find flaws, and generally do not think that there will be problems with the ruler of the decoration party. Therefore, when the owner and the decoration party accept and settle accounts, they must pay attention to whether the ruler of the decoration party is regular, whether there is wear and tear, and whether the error is large. Regular steel tapes have trademarks and corresponding label information, while non-standard steel tapes belong to "three-nothing products". If the steel tapes held by decoration parties and carpet sellers have no identity information,bespoken tape measure, the owners should be more careful. In addition, it is suggested that the owner should bring a standard ruler to the construction site when accepting and settling accounts, which can also prevent the construction party from doing tricks. Collection Report back to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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Reporter's Secret Visit to Non-standard Tape Measure: 5 Meters Measured into 5.5 Meters _ GB