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Record of Sword Demon in Other Realms Full-time Job

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"What else can it be? Of course, it's the sword of God of War '!". " TieKong yuan even said even shook his head: "How can such a sword be moved and where can it be moved?" When everyone heard this and looked at the'Sword of the God of War 'again, they were still braving all their brilliance and seemed to be laughing at the incompetence of the people in front of them, and the sharp body of the sword was showing everyone that it was extraordinary as a'magic weapon to break the world'. Only Dugu Qiubei and Chen Monan were thinking about something thoughtfully. ...... "I think it's difficult but not impossible to remove the Sword of War." Chen Monan's voice came slowly into the ears of the people when it was no different from the sounds of nature. Oh? It's great that General Chen can remove the Sword of the God of War! Iron empty yuan quite excited way, but that Chen Mo Nan is interrupted way: "It's not difficult for Tie Ge Lao to remove the Sword of the God of War. I think it's not only me, but also the master can do it easily." Chen Monan said that when they looked at Dugu Qiubei, the Dugu Qiubei just nodded gently in agreement with Chen Monan's statement that Chen Monan got the affirmation of Dugu's defeat, nodded and smiled, but then said: "But what is difficult now is where we will move this'Sword of War ', and that place must be heavily guarded, there must be a master in charge, and in addition to outsiders are not allowed to enter easily, we also need to be able to keep abreast of the changes and movements of the'Sword of War'.". It is difficult to find such a place! Chen Monan looked at all the people,a333 grade 6 pipe, all of them immediately thought that it was really difficult to find such a place in the capital, and finally the Shuduanshui could not help saying: "Why can't the old mansion and our Shu mansion do the same?" Heard that her words do not wait for anyone to open his mouth, solitary defeat is already a smile: "Then can you guard it at home at any time and never go out again?" "This..". I'm afraid not ” Shu Duan Shui is very embarrassing. Then they were silent again, and while they were sad, a man who had never spoken before spoke: "Why don't we put the'God of War Sword 'in the palace where the'Unknown Blood Sword' was originally stored?" Mo Yan's "one word side by side king" Li Xian's personal bodyguard finally opened his mouth, he opened his mouth to bring all the dawn. Yeah,x70 line pipe, why didn't I think of that? As soon as Bai Lang patted his thigh, Chen Monan, who was annoyed, also nodded: "The Imperial Palace is indeed a good place, not only difficult for outsiders to see, but also a royal master in charge, and under the command of my imperial guards, I can really put this'Sword of the God of War '!" Recalling that the'Nameless Blood Sword 'Green Destiny had spent so many years safely in the palace, everyone nodded in agreement. "Well, x56 line pipe ,x70 line pipe, let's make that decision." Chen Monan words and then way: "General Bai Lang, please return to the palace immediately to reply to Your Majesty and the adults. We will come with the Sword of the God of War." "It's General Chen." After an impassioned answer, Bai Lang was ordered to look at his image of wind and fire, and everyone was not in = a knowing smile. But after laughing, everyone was about to face the'Sword of War ', and all the smiles stopped in an instant. ...... "Your Excellency, Master, are you going to..". It's still me ” Pointing to the'sword of war ', although the mouth is the color of inquiry, but Chen Monan's pupil is the spray of war. Presumably, he was prepared to vent his resentment against his master for suffering so much from the'Sword of the God of War 'four hundred years ago. Solitary defeat to see the real nod way: "The general will do it for you." "Thank you, sir!" Chen Monan's eyes showed a little color of gratitude, and after a lonely smile, Chen Monan's figure grew up, and the'soft waiting gun 'behind it appeared in his hand in a moment, and the head of the gun also pulled out several beautiful guns. It is indeed worthy of the name of the gun God! Looking at Chen Monan easily made such a move, everyone sighed that the good name of the God in the army was not a false story. When Chen Monan held the gun in his hand, the momentum on his body immediately soared step by step towards the'Sword of War ', but there was no fear and despair when he first met it, instead, his face was full of fighting spirit. And the'Sword of the God of War 'seemed to feel the challenge from him, and when the body of the sword moved, it burst out with a bright brilliance. But Dugu Qiubei clearly felt that the'Sword of War 'had no consciousness of its own at all. So how on earth did it feel the war spirit of Chen Monan? Do not know in this'broken world magic weapon 'it seems that everything is a mystery, and Chen Monan toward the'God of War Sword' and the upcoming results are also a mystery. This is a battle between the'magic soldier who breaks the boundary 'and the general. Large division chapter 319 tears of the general Novel Bus Updated: July 26, 2010 18:21:33 Words in this chapter: 5295 Monan step by step toward the'sword of war 'in the hands of the'soft God of waiting behind the tip of the spear overflowed a few shining smooth, as if as long as a little touch on the ground can easily cut the'bronze sparrow street' that hard ground. Sir, General Chen is really.. Can you really. Will the Sword of the God of War be brought to the palace? Although Chen Monan is extremely powerful, but the sharp image of the'God of War Sword 'has already entered the hearts of the people, so Shu Duan Shui looked at it and asked with some concern. I don't know Solitary defeat shook his head and said: "But that's no longer a problem, because no one can stop General Chen's determination now." "Oh." After listening to the words of Dugu Qiubei, Shu Duanshui seemed to understand and nodded. Even as a delicate woman, she might not be able to understand the change of Chen Monan's mentality when facing the'broken world magic weapon 'Zhanshen Jian,x60 line pipe, but now she could see that he was heading for the'Zhanshen Jian' without hesitation. It was a kind of unwillingness and hatred after countless years of silence. ...... Chen Monan finally came to the'God of War Sword 'before the'God of War Sword' suspended on the ground about his chest high at this time is facing him. Through the sword body of the light of the'God of War Sword ', Chen Monan seemed to see a faint figure, which was so familiar but so strange. At this time Chen Monan's mouth is can not help but blurt out: "Master!" lksteelpipe.com

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Record of Sword Demon in Other Realms