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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency) Full-time Job

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"If you have something to decide, you can ask about ups and downs." Younger Martial Brother, you must remember. Gradually, this nihilistic figure disappeared little by little. Chapter 1747 Kunlun Hill. Feng Chan Tai Forbidden Area. There is a mountain in a very deep world. This mountain is ninety thousand feet high, leading to the sky, towering and vast, as vigorous as the first peak to open the chaos! Rumor has it that this mountain is the core of Kunlun Ruins and is called "Kunlun Hill"! Since ancient times, many ascetics suspected that the hill of Kunlun did not belong to the world at all, because it was too beautiful and powerful. Even if it is able to incarnate the body refining sage, standing in front of this mountain will also have a feeling of being as small as a mole ant. Fengchantai is located on the hill of Kunlun. At this time, Meng Yi stood in front of the hill of the Kunlun Mountains, with a touch of shock between his eyebrows: "The vast Kunlun Mountains are so strong!" The air of chaos here fills the air, like a waterfall falling from the sky, and the rocks and vegetation are all glittering and translucent and holy. In the void, the power of all kinds of road rules is like substance, which turns into divine rainbow, light rain, auspicious light, divine light and other visions in the void, brilliant and dazzling. The road is invisible, but in this hill of Kunlun, it seems to be within reach! This is one of the three forbidden places of Kunlun Ruins, a mysterious area that can make any monk crazy. Here, the rumor hides the secret of Emperor Chengzu! "Nowadays, the mountain path of Kunlun Hill is covered by the'Great Road Torrent ', which takes at least seven days to fade away, which means that it will take seven days for us to climb the mountain." Beside, Wen Qingxue opened his mouth indifferently. Her clothes were fluttering, and she was as beautiful as a fairy. She was surrounded by a group of people from Panwu Taoist Court, just like the stars around the moon, which made her more detached. The so-called "Great Road Torrent" is a kind of taboo power of the rules of the Great Road, but it is too majestic and violent, like a mountain torrent bursting its banks, covering the mountain road of Kunlun Hill. In front of such forces,ultrasonic handheld welder, any ascetic who approaches will be drowned and killed! Therefore, if you want to climb the mountain, you can only wait. Meng Yi gave a hum, and his eyes glanced into the distance. Near Kunlun Hill, it is not just a group of them, such as Huaxing Li and his party in the Demon Court, such as Tang Su, the "knife fanatic" of the mad knife war clan, such as the Chiyang war clan, the black water war clan and the ghost war clan. Almost all of these characters are descendants of the Six Great Warlords and the Ten Great Warlords, and there are no other ordinary monks at all. Because they are not qualified and do not have the strength to reach Kunlun Hill. It should be noted that thousands of monks entered the Kunlun Ruins this time, but now only a handful of people have arrived. However, this small group of people are extremely difficult and tough characters. Some of them even make Meng Yi quite afraid. For example, Xu Lingkun, a descendant of the Xu clan of the Emperor Clan, is a horrible character who ranks thirteenth in the list of the Great Saints of the Stars, and his fighting power is unparalleled. There is also Zhuan Heng, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the core descendant of the imperial Zhuan clan, who is cool and tough, and ranks tenth in the list of the Great Sage of the Stars! Such characters, in the starry sky ancient road, can also be called the overlord of the same generation, the existence of the scorching sun. Meng Yi knows very well that he may not be afraid of other opponents present, but if he meets such giants as Xu Lingkun and Zhuan Heng, he is doomed to be at a disadvantage. Therefore, he will choose to trade with Wen Qingxue, at the cost of killing Lin Xun, in exchange for the help of Wen Qingxue. In this way, when you set foot on Fengchantai to fight for good fortune, you will not be afraid of such roles as Xu Lingkun and Zhuan Heng. Brother Meng, are you sure that Lin Xun. Are you really dead? Suddenly, Wen Qingxue opened his mouth. Meng Yi restrained his thoughts and said with a smile, "Qingxue Fairy, don't you still believe in me?" As soon as he raised his hand and turned it over, a curtain of light emerged, reflecting the scene of Lin Xun and Ah Hu being tied up and suppressed by the lock God Tianfeng. The fanatic was so unlucky that he was tied up by the lock God Tianfeng. It was too suffocating to die. "Haha, this son is ferocious and cruel. He has killed many people during this period of time. He is extremely arrogant. It's best to die." Those passers-by of the Panwu Taoist court were more or less gloating over their misfortunes. Only Wen Qingxue looked indifferent. "What if he's not dead?" She asked. Meng Yi couldn't help laughing: "How can this be possible? Since ancient times, all the strong people who have been bound by the lock God Tianfeng have died, including the existence of an emperor." Others have nodded, recognition of Meng Yi's statement, lock God Tianfeng name, they also know that it is a ferocious mountain of death! "I mean, what if he's alive?" Wen Qingxue repeated. This made Meng Yi a little unhappy, but he did not dare to get angry. Wen Qingxue seems to rank very low on the list of the Great Saints of the Starry Sky, so she can be ranked among the top 100. But Meng Yi is the only one who knows that in the last hundred years, this "fairy" character of Panwu Taoist Court has obtained an unprecedented great fortune, which has made his cultivation and details comparable to the past. According to the secret information that Meng Yi found out, a few years later, when the Star Great Sage List is re-ranked, Wen Qingxue will be able to soar into the sky, enough to be firmly in the top 30, even if it hits the top 10, it is also hopeful! But Meng Yi also needs Wen Qingxue to help, also can only endure. He thought for a moment and said, "Even if this son is alive, if he wants to go from Suoshen Tianfeng to Kunlun Hill, he must pass through here." With these words, he took out an old yellowing animal skin map, unfolded it in front of Wen Qingxue's eyes, and reached out to point at one of the positions. This is the'ghost hidden blood river ', across the road, its endogenous'flying night ghost', under the group, within the holy land, no one can stop, even if you have the order of flying immortals! Meng Yi looked confident and spoke with certainty. Wen Qingxue nodded his head. By the river of ghosts and hidden blood. Hu suddenly stopped, his pretty face suddenly changed and said, "No, this seems to be the legendary'river of ghost blood '!" Lin Xun also frowned, he also heard that in this "Feng Chan Tai" forbidden place, the ghost hidden blood river is a famous ferocious place. However, no matter how he felt,ultrasonic spray nozzle, he did not notice the danger. Soon, Ahu also noticed that the river was surprisingly calm, and there was no sign of danger as expected. Hum ~. fycgsonic.com

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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)