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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:29   Financial Services   Saarbrücken   130 views Reference: 467
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Shu's parents made a lot of money when they were young, which is a positive example of starting from scratch. I had a happy life. However, in an accident, Shu's parents both passed away, and Shu Ran inherited the huge family business. She is still a minor, her uncle's family, because she does not understand the company's affairs, coax her, for her control of the Shu family property. Her uncle was kind enough to help her hold a funeral for her parents and comfort her. Shu ran just lost a loved one, this time someone is good to her, of course, the whole heart trust uncle. So the uncle's family moved in on the grounds of taking care of her. It was fine at first, and her uncle was very kind to her. It was Shu Xue, the daughter of my uncle, who occasionally argued with her. Uncle is always on her side at this time. Because uncle is good to her, so Shu ran always let Shu Xue,Small Dc Gear Motor, and Shu Xue will be more and more excessive, and then be scolded by uncle, go round and round, causing Shu Xue to hate her very much. Such a day has passed for two years. One day, Shu ran suddenly began to hallucinate. Uncle took her to see a doctor, the doctor said that because she missed her parents too much, she would have hallucinations,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, no big problem, gave her a tranquilizer. But Shuran found that his problems were getting worse and worse. Shu ran knew in his heart that he had no problem. But the doctor said she was mentally ill. She was prescribed a lot of medicine. Her uncle forbade her to go out, and at first she could move around in the villa. Gradually, they can only move on one floor. In the end, she was locked in her room. Uncle always kindly told her that she would get better, as long as she listened to the doctor, she would get better. Gradually, however, Shuran found that he seemed to be really sick. Shuran should have taken too much medicine and been too emotional, which led to his death. That uncle is not a good man at first sight. The original owner is fine, how can he suddenly start hallucinating? And ended up being diagnosed with mental illness? Shu ran's parents did not inherit the ancestral property, brushless gear motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, so Shu ran's uncle naturally could only be jealous. But Shuran's parents are not bad to them, giving them some shares, so they get dividends every year. But compared to the Shu family's property, that money is certainly not enough to see. Shu ran's parents are dead. Leaving behind a minor daughter. Uncle Shuran is normal even if he makes up his mind. Mingshu straightened out her memory, and now she was locked in the room. Then how do I eat! Mingshu turned over, but his head was dizzy. And fell down again. Hey! Mingshu lay on the bed for a long time. There was nothing to eat in the room-except medicine. This body, small arms and legs, looks like a weak chicken. Mingshu remembered that he also had a harmony number, a mobile snack mall. And you don't need a halo value now. It dares not to give! …… Dare not, all serve the host. Mingshu sat on the bed and opened the snacks. It was already half past three in the afternoon, and the original owner had eaten something in the morning, and no one had come to bring her a meal at noon. The original owner was ill and took too much medicine himself. It could be for the hungry. Poor thing. Mingshu felt that his body was not so uncomfortable, so he lifted his sleeve and went to the door. I have a universal lock! Remove the door? I'm not that violent. What a waste of energy. Mingshu opened the door, and outside was a corridor, also of that dark color. It wasn't like that here before. And then it got like this. I guess I want the original owner to go crazy faster. This is the fourth floor of the villa, this floor is not inhabited, the rest of the rooms are either sundries or entertainment rooms. The original owner lived on the second floor. But the uncle said she was resting. Let her move to the fourth floor. There are two reasons for moving here. The first reason is that Shu Xue took a fancy to her room, and when she first moved in, Shu Xue made trouble. But at that time, they just moved in, Shu ran uncle is naturally severely reprimanded Shu Xue. Now that she has been diagnosed with mental illness by doctors, Shu Xue certainly got what she wanted. The second reason is that she is afraid of running away. After all, the fourth floor is so high that it is much more difficult to run than the second floor. Mingshu went to the stairs on the fourth floor, where a new door was added. - The smell of food in the kitchen filled the air and the servants were busy. Hurry up. Miss is going to invite her classmates today. Is the cake ready? "What are you dilly-dallying for?" "These are no good, redo them!" The housekeeper was directing people to do things when out of the corner of his eye he suddenly saw a figure coming in at the front door. The girl was wearing a one-piece nightdress, and her hair was loose at the back of her head, which was a little messy. The girl's facial features are delicate, her face without makeup is slightly pale, and there is a kind of weak aesthetic feeling. She went into the noisy kitchen. The servant in the kitchen suddenly seemed to be pressed the pause button. They all looked at her. In the kitchen, there was only the sound of gurgling soup. Mingshu walked to the long table without squinting, picked up the snack and stuffed one into his mouth. Who let her down? Housekeeper this just reacts to come over, scold: "Still do not hurry to take her up, let the classmate of the young lady see how to do!" As soon as the housekeeper shouted, the servant nearest to Mingshu immediately came forward and grabbed Mingshu's arm. Miss, why did you come down? Hurry back and don't make a mess here. The servant spoke without politeness. She called her young lady, but acted as if she were the master. She dragged Mingshu outside. Mingshu was dragged back several steps. Mingshu put the snack in his mouth, held the servant's wrist with his backhand, and twisted it out. Ah The servant let out a scream. Her wrist was strangled,Small Geared Motors, and she couldn't get out of the way. This scream made the kitchen fall into a strange silence again. Mingshu released his hand and smiled at the servant. "Don't touch me." There was a trace of panic on the servant's contorted face from the pain. Chapter 1358 killer supremacy (2). Full., the fastest update through the system: the villain BOSS attack! The latest chapter! In the strange sight of the servants, Mingshu walked back to the long table and continued to eat with small snacks. The housekeeper stared at her for several seconds. What are you waiting for? Take the man back quickly! ichgearmotor.com

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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling