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Quick wear: introduction: villain boss Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:21   Marketing & Communication   Castrop-Rauxel   253 views Reference: 149
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Then her cell phone rang suddenly, and after talking on the phone, she looked at the time. It was almost six o'clock in the afternoon. It's almost evening. Would you like to have a meal? As soon as she got up from the sofa to change her clothes upstairs, Si Jin's voice came, "Sorry, I'll go back first." "I may have something to do tonight." She glanced at him with great calmness and did not speak, did not contradict him, did not expose him. Si Jin was very flustered. Not daring to look at her line of sight, he bowed his head and simply explained to her that Yang Zuo was walking slowly and leisurely outside. Si Jin, you're not on the run. He was walking, behind him suddenly came a few words of chatter, so that his heart can not help but a tight, the heart seems to be tightly clenched with his fingers in general. Knock, knock. His heart seemed to jump out of his throat, which made his whole body tense. No How could I run away. He did not go on, but the moment he turned away, he really ran away. [Ding, congratulations to player, target favorability + 20, total favorability 70 +] …………………… "Tell me about it. A person who has been a good friend for many years told me that she liked me. Did she say this to me seriously?" General Manager Si, are you with Miss Ann? Congratulations! Miss Ann has liked you for a long time. We thought you didn't like her. “……” A random female employee asked this question, and all of them got such an answer. In his heart.. The feeling is really. Have mixed tastes. With a long sigh, he felt as if all his brain cells were dying, rubbed his temples with his fingers, and lay on his back in a soft chair like a dead fish. Knock, knock. "Come in-" As soon as Si Jin looked up, his face was stunned. Molly walked slowly to his desk with a stack of documents in her arms. "General Manager Si, I want to talk to you about the last time." …………………… I don't know why, but the speed of gossip transmission is always so fast. But the day before yesterday, Si Jin casually grabbed a few female employees and asked a few small emotional questions, but in a short day, the whole company spread the news that he was going to get married! Mori and his conversation in the end is also because of the resignation letter, he had not considered how to deal with the words of Anqing, but the other side has taken the initiative and he submitted the resignation letter. ……” "I think maybe there's something about me that makes Miss Ann feel uncomfortable, so I let you fire me. General Manager Si, do Miss Ann know about our previous relationship?" Her expression was somewhat stunned, "Miss Ann would not feel comfortable if she knew what we had been in contact with." “……” In fact, in essence, Mori was unwilling to come to Sijin alone. 1020, the villain's body is easy to push down. Mori heart is not willing to find Sijin alone, because two people have been in contact before, and later Sijin has been very entangled with her, so she felt very distressed. But the rumors in the company have spread, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet price, some people know that she and Si Jin have been in love, these days the eyes and eyes back and forth like scanning and looking at her, is to make her uncomfortable again. This time, even if Si Jin asked her to stay, she didn't want to stay here. For her words, Si Jin did not know how to answer. If it is before, he can quickly refute the other side, her words are wrong, because it is her own guess. But after what she said, it seems. There's some truth in it. If things change on him, it will be uncomfortable to see the person he likes but always likes others. Have you found another place? Silence for a long time, Si Jin heavy way. Mori could not help but slightly stupefied, some surprised to look up at each other, "nature is looking for." Originally she thought that Si Jin would try to retain her, or say something comforting to others, but did not think that he did not say anything. To let her go so easily. Nodded, Si Jin looked at her, "this month's salary will be reissued to you, I hope you-" said but paused, "forget it.." With that, he waved his hand to her, showing a little helplessness on his face. Molly nodded in silence, put the resignation letter in her hand on his desk, and turned away. An Qing had a very good time these two days. Relaxed Less Sijin will often come to her here, and will not often call her, although it is not in line with her final goal, but it has to be said that Sijin is really very good at causing trouble to others. Although the mobile phone is often kept in a smooth state, but Sijin this person said not to call, really will not give you any call. ……” Si Jin's daily working hours, she estimated that she would go to the company after eleven o'clock in the morning, but she would leave at one or two o'clock in the afternoon, or after a trip at three or four in the afternoon, she would leave at six or seven in the evening. Almost half a month later, Sijin did not give her any phone calls on his own initiative. Instead, Sijin's mother called her. Before she could ask anything, the other side's question came so unprepared. Are you two in love? “……” The specific situation should be analyzed concretely. She had to work hard for this, so after a dinner in the villa of Sijin's old house, and a little bit of explanation with Sijin's mother, it was almost nine o'clock in the evening. You two really didn't talk? "Not really." Si Jin's mother was a little silent, a little hesitant, and her face showed a little tangled look. For a long time, "Then I ask you, do you mean this to our family Si Jin?" Leng for a moment, very quickly, Anqing smiled, "Auntie,plastic pallet suppliers, what do you say?" Soon came a slight sigh, the voice mixed with a bit of helplessness, "Si Jin's character is not very mature." How did the news come out? binpallet.com

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