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Quick-wear Chronicle (End) Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:30   Independent & Freelance   Calbe   430 views Reference: 156
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[Sorcerer] Cangshan Yunling: I regret it very much. Why did I let the system forcibly execute the order to kill the Qingqiu Fox King. Tang Ge trembled, and the lips of Cangshan Yunling fell on her lips for the first time. Overbearing and firm. [Sorcerer] Cangshan Yunling: I will find you. The body was robbed of thunder split, the system automatically pulled the soul of Tang Ge back moment, Tang Ge felt unprecedented dizziness. Chapter 71 the first favorite imperial concubine in history (1) (aiyousheng. Com). After returning to the system, Tang Ge's head was still dizzy, and he rested for a while before he recovered. Looking at the task bar again, the seventh task bar turns gray and shows that it is not viewable. The system's evaluation of this task was excellent, and Tang Ge was awarded five points by the system. When the task has been completed, why can't the completed task be viewed suddenly? Tang Ge felt that this incident should be related to the sudden dizziness when he was on a mission. Can not see the task details, Tang Ge some regret. Cangshan Yunling finally said those words, let Tang Ge some care. Tang Ge even felt that the system task after completion could not be viewed and was related to Cangshan Yunling. This time, in addition to the change in the integral, the column of charm value was lit up. Tang Ge's personal attribute column information is as follows: Score: 35 Lucky value (hidden attribute bar): one point Title: Get more done with less effort Charisma: a little Collection: one incomplete red line, one black spar, and one soul bead. There is an explanation in the column of the charm value of this lighting. Charisma increases require the tasker to receive special love in the quest. Can be spoiling, spoiling, love, love, affection, as long as it is unique love,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the task will be able to get the charm value. Charisma values can influence people other than the tasker and make others feel good about the tasker. The higher the charm value, the more likely the tasker is to be welcomed by the people in the task, and it is convenient to do the task. The charm value of Tangge is lit up, which is closely related to Cangshan Yunling. Thinking of this, before leaving the mission, Cangshan Yunling fell on her lips as if the kiss was hot. In online games, the body is composed of a set of data, but the appearance is her own. Did several tasks,stainless steel needle valve, this is the first time she showed her original appearance, the result was Cangshan Yunling kiss. After she returned to the system, she found that she had a different feeling about the kiss of Cangshan Yunling. Is this a kiss stirring up a pool of spring water? Anyway, the mission is over, and she will no longer have anything to do with Cangshan Yunling. After tidying up the mood with slight ups and downs, Tang Ge started the next task with his soul power. At the moment of entering the task, Tang Ge, as usual, tried to collect the remnant soul of the original owner into a virtual shadow with the soul beads, resulting in the remnant soul resentment of the original owner. The force is too big, the soul bead almost did not gather the remnant soul. There was a little accident. When Tang Ge opened his eyes, there were several palace maids standing beside him. She let the maid of honor wait on her to change her clothes and comb. Wash, while looking at the task background information provided by the system. This time, the object of the mission, 38 needle valve ,14 needle valve, surnamed Tang Mingge, aged 17, was the favorite concubine of Emperor Cheng Xuan, the ruler of Donglin Kingdom. The original owner had no waves in his life, and was loved by his parents when he was in the boudoir. After entering the palace, he was favored by Emperor Cheng Xuan. There was only one thing that the original owner could not swallow until she died. She failed to give birth to a child for Emperor Cheng Xuan. The original owner was in good health, not to mention giving birth to one child, even eight or ten children, but unfortunately he was drugged and had no chance to have children. The drugger was none other than Emperor Cheng Xuan, who doted on the original owner. With Cheng Xuan emperor you Nong I Nong, Cheng Xuan emperor had given the original owner two choices, is to love him for a lifetime, or have a child to accompany? If you want to be spoiled, you will have no children. If you want to have children, you will be taken back as the strongest emperor of the Three Kingdoms. The young owner has been held by his parents and Emperor Cheng Xuan in the palm of his hand, loved, simply can not imagine the loss of love, no one pays attention to her taste, therefore, the owner did not hesitate to choose love. So I got a bowl of Juezi soup. After the original owner drank Juezi Soup, Emperor Cheng Xuan doted on the original owner all his life according to his original promise. Because the original owner could not give birth to a child, although he had the favor of Emperor Chengxuan in the harem, he was never taken seriously by the empresses and concubines who had children. At first, the original owner felt that it didn't matter whether he had a child or not. The women who held the child in their arms and invited Emperor Cheng Xuan in various names were very sad in the harem. The Emperor Cheng Xuan they expected didn't want them at all. Emperor Cheng Xuan only loved her and spent most of the month in her bedroom. However, with the increase of age, the color is getting worse year by year, although the love is as good as ever, the original owner's heart is gradually anxious. Especially looking at other imperial concubines holding soft and lovely children appeared in front of her, the original owner's heart was like being scratched by a cat's paw. Because the original owner failed to give birth to a child for Emperor Chengxuan, and often dominated Emperor Chengxuan not to go to other empresses and concubines, gradually there were different voices in the court about Emperor Cheng Xuan's exclusive favor for the original owner. When the original owner heard the news, he was angry and resentful. But at the beginning, she chose to drink the soup and give up the chance to be a mother in exchange for the love of Emperor Xuan's life. How can she say that she can't have a child now. Slowly, the original owner gave birth to the idea of regret. From time to time, the original owner fantasized that if she had not chosen to spoil and drink the bowl of soup, would she have children around her knees like other concubines? Once a person has an idea, the idea that emerges is like overgrown weeds, out of control. If you can't fulfill your wish, it becomes an obsession. Obsession is too Deep, turn to resentment. The original owner blamed Emperor Cheng Xuan for forcing her to make a choice, and she became resentful of Emperor Cheng Xuan. Emperor Cheng Xuan found that the original owner was becoming more and more indifferent, and the days of coming to the original owner's bedroom were getting less and less. When Tiantian saw Cheng Xuandi, the original owner disliked Cheng Xuandi's annoyance. Cheng Xuandi came less often. The original owner complained that Cheng Xuandi did not keep his promise and forced her to drink the soup, but the favor could not be fulfilled. Such days lasted for half a year, ending with the early death of Emperor Cheng Xuan. Hearing the news of Emperor Cheng Xuan's death,pipe fittings manufacturer, the original owner could not accept it. The original owner couldn't figure out how Emperor Cheng Xuan could die. However, when he met the cold and stiff body of Emperor Chengxuan in his bedroom, the original owner was sure that Emperor Chengxuan was really dead. Can never appear in front of her again. chinaroke.com

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