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Quan Min Chengguan and Master Quanli Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:41   Engineering   Saarbrücken   316 views Reference: 340
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And the players outside are miserable. Another longitudinal horse raid. Or in the hands of this boss, the name of the skill should be changed to "Dragon Assault". Bone dragon movement speed is not slow, plus three times the speed dash is undoubtedly a nightmarish existence. Although the general archer is also agile, but in the night heavy rain. It's obviously impossible to beat a bone dragon in a pile of skeletons. Boom! Boom! Boom! The earthquake was felt approaching rapidly. The huge bone dragon with a big net behind him roared. Suddenly, the bone dragon jumped off the ground with both feet and fell to the ground. The earth shakes, this is no longer the level of the earthquake, but should be the effect of the heavy warrior's level 45, the archers are all shaken up, then the bone dragon suddenly turned back, the dragon's tail to the flying archers one by one. All of them fly away, and then the white light goes away in the air. A combo. Longitudinal horse assault, then cancel the catch and release, beat the ground, and finally flick the tail. Extremely natural and unrestrained, a group of archers who did not know where to come were all destroyed at once. Those who can come here are generally at least level 50 or above, but in front of the world boss, they are just a combination. Seeing the face of the world boss is the biggest harvest of their trip. Don't panic, everyone! There was a voice over there, "all the soldiers,plastic pallet bins, grab the net and fix the boss down!"! Then we grab the knight above and protect him. Bone dragons can be killed at will. Master, don't move yet. "Fire in purgatory!" Suddenly, a mage shouted loudly, and a sea of fire formed on the left side of the bone dragon. The sea of fire in the rainstorm was particularly small, as if it would be extinguished by the rain at any time. Who is it! Master, don't move! The leader over there is already roaring. The quality of this person is still good, at least there is no foul language. ***! Who the hell are you? The Dharma Master over there didn't care. "It's so dark. Can you see if you don't take a picture?" There was no sound at once, it could not be because of the admission of cowardice but the other side,plastic bulk containers, can only be more rational to feel that there is no point in going on like this. Lin Guang listened to the voice several times, and finally recognized that this person was probably the cool drag of the vice president of the hanging day. Not much contact, Lin Guang is not sure. Everybody Suddenly someone opened his mouth again, and the voice came from the other side, "We all know that boss has two lives, the first life is totally meaningless, after the resurrection of hatred reset.". So I suggest that the first life we cooperate, it is not difficult to play this boss well, and the second life we all rely on their abilities? How's it going No one answered for a moment, only the sound of the rainstorm brush. Didn't anyone give you a word? The moonlight gale opens the mouth again, "over there should be the vice president cool drag that hangs to explode the sky?"? We are all from Hunting City. Would you like to cooperate with us? "It's me." It's really cool over there. "But I don't have many people this time.". I didn't dare to think about robbing the boss, so I just wanted to close the net. "So you agreed to cooperate?" "I can promise, but it's hard for others to say." Cool drag answered. Then I will ask someone else, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet crates, "said the moonlight gale again," did anyone promise? If you don't agree, don't blame us if someone gets hurt by mistake. But at this time Lin Guang and Mengka are still in the belly of the bone dragon, Lin Guang thought as if muttering: "There are definitely more than two or three guilds here, some just don't light torches.". The first life, not many people are willing to move, waiting for the second life. "What shall we do?" Mengka asked. While they are watching, the knight must be killed. Lin Guang is still the old routine. Aren't there allies? Just let them fight? Mengka asked, "isn't it good for us to destroy it directly?" "The boss of the world is fighting for each other.". It is also normal for us to find the most advantageous way to fight by various means and stratagems. Lin Guang opened his mouth, "the moonlight gale asked.". In fact, the main thing is to know the distribution of the surrounding forces. After all, it was too dark to see, and if anyone opened his mouth, it was tantamount to telling him that there was someone here. Cool drag has already open boss this time, the necromancer's things will be sold to you.". After all, we are a big guild, and the members at the bottom have to eat,collapsible pallet box, so we can't give it away. But you're not short of money, are you? You don't have to work so hard, do you? binpallet.com

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Quan Min Chengguan and Master Quanli