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Purple jade hairpin Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:19   Financial Services   Salzgitter   86 views Reference: 445
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This is a world that belongs to young people, and laughter belongs to young people. In his lonely mood, Zheng Jingchi realized his old age for the first time. The car finally arrived at the house of the Jiang family. Cui Yunming had been informed by Grandma Jiang yesterday that he had made an exception to put his school on a day off and was waiting at home. Respectfully took Zheng Jingzhi out of the car, sat in the small room for a moment, and then accompanied them to the house of the Jiang family behind. The Jiang family was also ready. Grandma Jiang changed into a new suit of clothes and personally took Zheng Jingchi to the main hall of the courtyard to sit down. Because there was no one in the house, she had to wear new clothes, lower her face, lower her head, and bring out a small peach with a happy face to serve tea. When Li Sheng and Qiu Hong moved the betrothal gift to the hall, Li Sheng set off a long hanging bamboo in the yard and exchanged the book of Geng with each other. The ceremony of engagement was completed in a simple and solemn atmosphere. When Grandma Jiang inspected the betrothal gift. "It's too grand," he said repeatedly. "The child's family photo is too small to be so important." Zheng Jingchi said with a smile, "You've come to be polite, too. It's not that you haven't seen these things in your house. Besides, it's Miss Xiaotao's life event. It should be a little more grand." Granny Jiang gave a wry smile and said, "Madam, it's not that I'm old, and it's not that I'm pretentious. If this wasn't Xiaotao's betrothal gift, I would have returned it. There were some colorful satin and silk,classroom interactive whiteboard, pearl and jade palace powder in the Han family. But since the Tianbao Anshi Rebellion, I've lost all the things that weren't robbed. My daughter-in-law died in the chaos of war, and my husband died in robbery. It can be said that it was all caused by this If the poor family had been pragmatic and simple, and did not show the spirit of wealth and honor outside, it would not have aroused the covetousness of outsiders. So for Xiaotao, I want her to develop the habit of hard work and frugality from an early age, so that she would not embark on the road of luxury and flashiness. Although Zheng Jingchi still had a smile on his face,smart board whiteboard, he was already a little stiff. Granny Jiang clung to her hand sincerely and said, "Madam!"! I know you are a sensible person, and the children are not around, so I say this to you, I believe you will understand, otherwise I will not say these ungrateful words. Her sincerity moved Zheng Jingchi very much, and her opinions also made Zheng Jingchi admire and feel ashamed. She was ashamed that she had made a lot of mistakes in the past, that she was not unable to bear hardships, and that Xiaoyu was not the kind of child who indulged in pleasure and was unreasonable. If she was driven away from the palace after the death of King Huo, she would not live in that other place at all. She would take the money and go to the countryside or other places to live frugally and stay away from Chang'an. She would not be persecuted by the princess again, and Xiaoyu would not find such a superficial sustenance for her life, nor would she develop her grotesque self-abuse and cynicism. It is better to marry or to be married than to end up like this. Wrong! It was wrong from the beginning, and it was her own fault. It's late! It's too late to be saved. Zheng Jingchi deeply condemned his cowardice and ignorance. He believed too much in fate and was at the mercy of fate. He was too superstitious about the art of learning from others. The art of judging people is used to recognize people, 75 smart board ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, not to predict fate. Fate should be manipulated in one's own hands. If you are not superstitious about Xiaoyu's early death, how can you let her fool around? If we are not superstitious about our lifelong loneliness, how can we be so negative and decadent? Everything is paid to fate. Destiny can be changed and created. Like Grandma Jiang, she created a new road for herself and for Xiaotao. Although it was a little bitter, it was a plain and stable road. She thought of Bao Shiyiniang again. From the perspective of physiognomy, Bao Shiyiniang was a peach blossom with evil spirits. She had been wandering around all her life and had not been able to die well. However, she went home safely to be a housewife, but what about herself? She looked out of the window and saw a snail crawling under the leaves of the ivy. A money dragon, Qiuhong and Guizi were digging and weaving under the shelf. They touched the leaves and made them fall down at the same time. The snail's shell was broken, and he struggled painfully on the ground and gasped for breath before he died. But Qian Long, as if nothing had happened, stretched and shrank, and slowly slid away. They are very similar things, but the snail has an extra shell. It seems that this money dragon is safe, because it has at least one more layer of protection. In fact, it is harmful to this shell. With this shell, it has no ability to protect itself and can not withstand a little blow, but that shell is too fragile to protect it. Zheng Jingchi suddenly felt like the snail. Carrying a fragile shell, self-pity, escape, has never faced the reality, facing the reality of the challenge. She also saw Li Yi, Xiaoyu, Xiaotao and Cui Mingyun laughing and talking in the shade of the tree, while Huansha stood silently on one side. Zheng Jingchi suddenly felt a burst of unprecedented sadness. They are no longer young, no longer young, and should not interfere in the lives of young people at all. From arranging a home for Xiaoyu to preparing for Cui Mingyun, she did nothing right. I think I have experienced all the vicissitudes of life, and I have a good understanding of the world, but compared with Grandma Jiang, I really don't know how much worse it is. She also saw Li Yi in the four people looking at himself, as if no one else was talking, her heart can not help but germinate a sense of respect. This respect was born for their spirit of struggle. After learning about Li Yi's real situation, he found that the so-called Tsinghua family and hairpin family could not be proud of him. His talent and his success only opened the door for him to struggle together. After coming to Changan, many obstacles did not make the young man discouraged, seeking progress in the change, and he is a very independent person, not by others. This is a real fighter on the battlefield of life. Holding Granny Jiang's hand excitedly, she said, "Granny, if only I had known you earlier!" This sentence suddenly came out for no reason,smartboards for business, but Grandma Jiang actually understood it. It was not hypocritical and perfunctory, but a kind of understanding that saw through her heart. She smiled and patted her on the back of her hand: "It's not too late!"! Madam! It's not too late now. There is no dead end in the world. Even if you point to a mountain in front of you, you can cross it as long as you have confidence and courage. hsdsmartboard.com

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Purple jade hairpin