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Pure Love Novel "Marry a Rich and Powerful Old Man" by Qianfeng Yihe Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:17   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Gallus   188 views Reference: 208
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Delicious food can make people feel relaxed, especially after the suffering of pregnancy reaction, they can eat food and stew that they do not dislike, which almost makes them put down their guard and eat gratefully. Moments later, I finally saw that the man sitting opposite was just watching himself eat. There are so many dishes on the table that one person can't finish them. Safe and sound blurted out and asked, "Mr. Huo, aren't you hungry?" To meet the young man's puzzled eyes, Huo Yunchuan looked away as if nothing had happened, found chopsticks on the table with both hands, and ate them very efficiently but gently. Seeing that he was safe and sound, he closed his mouth and bowed his head to eat silently. He unconsciously solved the bowl of rice and half a cup of soup in front of him. Mr. Huo, I'm ready. Take your time. He put down his chopsticks. Huo Yunchuan looked at him, did not say anything, but slightly accelerated the action of eating, and then put down chopsticks, with a wet towel to wipe his mouth, wipe his hands. Are you really full? After examining the boy for a moment, he asked. Safe and sound, he nodded hurriedly: "I'm really full." Although I only ate a bowl of rice,Low Rpm Electric Motor, I ate a lot of dishes today. You can eat some fruit. Huo Yunchuan's eyes glanced at the fruit bowl. It's on the right side of safe and sound. There are also watery cherries, mangosteen and blueberries on it. Safe and sound took two cherries, two blueberries, did not dare to eat more. The fruits in the hotel are all imported fruits, which are different from those sold in the market, and the taste and taste are very good. Safe and sound, very satisfied, and a little embarrassed. When he found that the other side's eyes were always on him intentionally or unintentionally,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, he lowered his eyes a little uncomfortably and stuffed the last blueberry into his mouth. Huo Yunchuan's voice did not rise and fall and said, "Is there anything uncomfortable?" Safe and sound shook his head. "No." I just feel sleepy when I'm full, and I'm very comfortable sitting in my chair and I don't want to move. Huo Yunchuan paused and asked someone to come in and pay the bill. Then he took a sip of water, stood up and said, "Go to the hospital." His eyes narrowed and he suddenly opened his eyes, nodded and stood up, quietly moving his hands and feet on the edge of the chair. He wanted to wait for Huo Yunchuan to go out and keep up with him, but the other side stood waiting in place, looking like he was going first. Safe and sound stupefied, had to walk in front. Even if he couldn't see the picture behind him, he could feel a cautious look locking on himself. The feeling is that. Are you afraid you can't walk well? Ann walked into the elevator with a hot face, feeling that Huo Yunchuan seemed to have gone too far. Although she was pregnant, she would not walk unsteadily. There are many people in the elevator at this point. Huo Yunchuan came in and intentionally or unintentionally separated the people around him so that he could stand safely in front of him. It's about eleven forty now. It's sunny outside and the temperature is slightly higher. Stand here and wait for me. Safe and sound, Planetary Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, I heard the man beside me say, and then I saw him walk into the sunshine. He did not understand the meaning of Huo Yunchuan's instructions, knowing that he saw the other party drive the car to the front: ".." Very, very, uncomfortably understood. Huo Yunchuan got out of the car and opened the back door to let him come safely. Anyone with a little social experience knows that when there are only two people on the bus, it is disrespectful for the passenger to sit in the back row. But the back row is safe. Huo Yunchuan settled down safely, returned to the cab, put on the Bluetooth headset, dialed Jiang Shaofei's phone, and drove on the road. Hello, Yun Chuan? Jiang Shaofei was also surprised to receive a phone call from Huo Yunchuan at this time. The contact between them is not dense at ordinary times, and they only get together occasionally. Huo Yunchuan said, "Shaofei, are you in the hospital?" As he talked to his friend, his eyes peered into the back row in the rearview mirror. He found nothing unusual before he moved away and controlled the speed at about 40 by the way. Yes, what's the matter? Jiang Shaofei is now in the hospital, wearing a white coat and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his face, which is very different from the first time he saw him safely. This is Jiang Shaofei's normal state. As the heir of a plutocrat with tens of billions of yuan, he is a doctor by profession. When he was caught off guard, Huo Yunchuan said, "I'm bringing someone here for a pregnancy test, and you can help me arrange it.". ” "Spray.." Jiang Shaofei, who was drinking water, spurted out a mouthful of tea and destroyed a desktop work log: "*** me.." He wiped his mouth and scolded angrily: "Can you ***ing let me have a little psychological preparation?" The diamond bachelor, the most determined of the four, was suddenly going to be a father and quickly looked up to see if there was any red rain. Cut the crap and arrange it quickly. Huo Yunchuan said in a deep voice, "It's better for you to operate. I can't trust others." Jiang Shaofei is stupefied, misunderstand: "Not be to check a pregnancy, how big thing." Any hospital can find out, and the doctor will look at the results. That's it. See you later. Huo Yunchuan hung up the phone. Looking up in the rearview mirror again, he found the teenager sitting in the back row with his eyes closed and suspected to be asleep. Huo Yunchuan gritted his teeth and abruptly reduced the speed to 30. This is probably the slowest car he has driven in ten years, bar none. It is human nature to feel sleepy when you are full, not to mention that the situation is different now, sitting safely in the car can be said to be a second sleep. After arriving at the destination, the man driving the car looked back at the sleeping man in the back row, and there was a brief helplessness. Finally, after thinking about it, Huo Yunchuan opened the car door and put on a'super fierce 'look to wake up the other side ruthlessly. Get up, here we are. This volume, callous? Serious? After repeating the Nth time, the other party wakes up. If you really want to sleep that badly, check before you go to sleep. Huo Yunchuan stood beside him and said in a methodical way. Sorry, I fell asleep. Rub your eyes and get out of the car. After being helped, he was surprised: "Thank you." When he found that the car door was also closed by the other party,small geared motors, he was at a loss because he had never enjoyed such meticulous care. This is the hospital. It is also a top three hospital. In a daze, a little sleepy and safe, he was held by Huo Yunchuan and brought into the hospital. ichgearmotor.com

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