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Psychic Movie Queen: Reborn National Goddess Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:33   Financial Services   Saarbrücken   156 views Reference: 473
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He took out a jewelry box from the rose, and on the velvet lay a diamond ring, which burst into light at the moment of opening, quietly emitting a seductive light. Ran Ran, will you marry me? That gentle magnetic voice, overflowing with love and love: "No matter whether you have won the film queen, you are the only queen in my mind." Voice just fell to the ground, Qiao Xia ran's tears suddenly fell down, hand tightly covering his mouth. From past lives to this life, she has never cried, but at this moment she still can't help crying. My dear, do you know that I have been in despair and my heart is dead. But you are always by my side, even if I am cold and refuse, you are still by my side. Willing to love me, willing to tolerate me, willing to indulge me. No one knows what inhuman torture I have suffered in my previous life. I can be cruel to myself. Even if my heart is torn, I still want to push away those who try to get close to me and protect myself with that indifference. I shrink in the cold shell like a little turtle. Who is not flesh and blood? Who doesn't want to cry and laugh? Everyone is a lonely child. Today is really a good day. After two lifetimes, I finally wait for you. It was too late to tell everything, her mind was blank, and her mood was more ups and downs than winning the prize. No matter when, he has always been around, has been all the most real and precious confession. With real time, to wait for a right person. At this moment,x52 line pipe, they may have waited for two lifetimes. Fate is so wonderful, round and round or you. Fortunately, it's you. What could be more precious than this moment? I I do. After hearing those three words, Si Limo's eyes suddenly lit up, just like thousands of rays of light gathering together, shining brightly. He took out the diamond ring, held Qiao Xiaran's fingertips, and slowly pushed it in. He took her hand and kissed it lightly. This scene suddenly made all the people on the field cry. This scene, all TV stations are broadcasting, countless cameras, countless monitors, uns s32760 plate ,x52 line pipe, countless pairs of eyes, have witnessed their happiness. Si Limo suddenly stood up and bent over to pick her up, solemnly as if holding the whole world. Mrs. Si was in front of the TV and suddenly cried like a child. It's nice to finally propose. Chapter 1220 of the main text. She knew that if she fell in love with one child, she would be stubborn all the time. And the people at the scene so looked for a long time, only to suddenly realize that he was watching a proposal, S country's major general actually proposed to Qiao Xia ran! Fans were a little dumbfounded and surprised at first, and finally they couldn't help screaming out. S country netizens and fans are boiling! This is simply watching the idol drama! And why don't you have a little precaution! Paralysis, feeling like I'm dreaming, can we slow down first? Everyone did not expect that Si Limo would suddenly choose to propose to Qiao Xiaran at this time, this Nima must not stir up domestic and foreign ah! Some media mercilessly shut up, no longer dare to guess, dare people do not accompany Qiao Xia ran to the scene is actually to prepare for the proposal scene. Even the gap of identity can not block the love between them. Qiao Xiaran is definitely a legendary figure, gilded into a goddess, challenging the awards, and finally successfully captured such a noble son who really loves her. The S country media that still wanted to dig up the news of breaking up originally was planning to take a few recent photos, but was pressed down by the colleagues around him with an expressionless face: "You have the face to flatter?"? Get out of here! The reporter next to him burst into tears: "Oh.." The scene was so romantic that the foreigners were stunned. This group of foreigners have really been shocked to the utmost. It is said that F people are romantic. How can S people be so romantic? The people of the four big families basically witnessed the whole process of the scene, and the girl, Shangguanxue, hid her face and was very shy. The old man and the old lady are quite satisfied, just from this point of view, Si Limo is a person worthy of being entrusted for life. There is a saying that when a man who has everything says he loves you, he really loves you. Si Limo's status and his achievements are undoubtedly the most noble and no other choice. He has the highest status and position, but he only falls in love with such a woman. At this moment, everyone witnessed the happiness of Qiao Xiaran. Cough.. On the scene of the awards ceremony, the jury suddenly remembered that it seemed to be the awards ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. When Kajesina said the three words Huang Ningyue, they began to change their faces. The winner of this year's film queen is obviously not Huang Ningyue. Fortunately, the trophy has not been given yet. Otherwise, the wrong person will not be sprayed to death if he is given the trophy. Invisibly, the members of the jury have complained about Kajesina. How big a mistake is it to get people wrong? This is the first time in the history of the Cannes Film Festival that such a mistake has occurred! Because of this small mistake, the public does not know what to think of the Cannes Film Festival and its award committee. I'm sick of it! The award committee simply went up by themselves, and when the audience applauded warmly again, they took the new envelope and card and approached the microphone of the podium. What's going on? As soon as the audience saw the jury coming on stage, they were a little confused for a moment. It's not that they don't know the president of the jury. He is almost a legend of M country. In everyone's heart, he is a well-deserved myth! It was not only the audience who was confused, but also Huang Ningyue who was about to accept the award. The chairman of the jury looked at Qiao Xiaran apologetically and smiled at the audience: "Since the Cannes Film Festival was held, the five nominated actresses are all very talented. We have watched the films of various countries one by one. The Cannes Film Festival is willing to provide you with a higher honor!" Chapter 1221 of the main text congratulations. As soon as the president delivered a speech, there was a warm applause from the audience. At the same time, several actresses nominated for Best Actress suddenly understood something and became very excited. You can tell at a glance that the cliff is the wrong person! In the past,uns s31803 sheet, international awards were not without this kind of situation. After awarding the honor to a person, we found that there were mistakes, not to mention that there is no award yet!. lksteelpipe.com

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Psychic Movie Queen: Reborn National Goddess