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President Series: Overbearing President Little Enchantress Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:36   Independent & Freelance   Calden   250 views Reference: 2
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Monk Yunke couldn't make head or tail of it. "What on earth is going on?" She thought she had cleared her name, but how could she be labeled as a "criminal" again. Does she have a label on her face or does she have a good image for that business? Conspirator! Her? How is that possible? It's really time to look in the mirror and reflect on yourself. Meng Hao and Jiang Xiao have been impatient, they do not listen to Sophie's explanation. While Meng Hao and Jiang Xiao exchanged eyes, Meng Hao's long arm like an eagle had trapped Yunke's body. To prevent her from taking an interest in the matter. If she insisted on getting involved in it, he would have to explain too much to her. However, at present, he did not want to give her any trouble other than sincerity, even forever, he wanted her to be carefree as her little woman. Jiang Xiao's cool face was full of irritability, and he understood Meng Hao's helplessness. Glancing at Sophie, I felt disappointed and unbearable. He was sorry for her feelings, but he could not do such a thing even for love. Can not help but marvel at the terrible jealousy of women, can make a gentle woman become selfish and crazy. Sophie stumbled and collapsed on the ground in despair. They didn't believe her, no one believed her, even if she was telling the truth, "No, Hao!" She only murmured the name of the man who made her love her heart and soul, but that man took his lover with him,Automatic nail machine, even if that man was cheating him. At this time, Meng Haocheng had already hugged Yunke to the stairs, but the desperate cries fell into her ears. In addition, Yunke's temper has always been very hot, when she felt Sophie was so weak, she could no longer stand it. She struggled to break away from Meng Hao's grip, and in any case,nail manufacturing machine, she had to know the whole thing. She ran back to Jiang Xiao's room and grabbed Sophie's shoulder and shook her. "You should speak. If you don't speak, who can understand what's wrong with you?" A person, obviously suffered a great grievance, but why not seek a solution is just a helpless cry. In the house, Sophie sobbed and cried, and Yunke was angry and helpless. Jiang Xiao couldn't help sighing, but Meng Haocheng was lost in thought, would Sophie be cheating him? Is there any conspiracy behind it? Volume II Chapter One Hundred Sweet Tenderness Chapter one hundred For a long time, Sophie couldn't say anything. She cried herself hoarse. Until Meng Haocheng could not bear to carry her back to the room, and she finally stopped crying, but was unconscious. Watching Sophie go into a coma of rage. Yun Ke just asked the whole story of Meng Haocheng. But she didn't believe it was Sophie. How is that possible? Yunke shook her head and wandered around the room, wondering why Sophie called her a liar and a mole? Did someone mislead her about something. She knew that the Wind and Rain Villa was not a simple place, after all, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Iron Nail Making Machine, the three masters had extraordinary identities. Mr. Edward is a British maritime tycoon, Jiang Xiao is one of the leaders of the gang saboteurs, and Meng Haocheng is the president of a large multinational enterprise. Everyone may have enmity, which means that everyone has the possibility of being framed. However, the effort it took to infiltrate and frame her and Sophie was not to be underestimated. Yun Ke made a phone call to summon Meng Haocheng and Jiang Xiao, trying to find out what clues they heard from their mouths. Two people go to the study together, see cloud Ke is squatting beside the sofa to think hard, the appearance is very lovely! Meng Hao can not help but smile, her Ke son ah! Nothing seemed to change her nature, and she never lost her wisdom in her confusion. Jiang Xiao guffaw, heavily patted Meng Hao on the shoulder, "how, can't move your eyes?"? Do you want me to avoid it so that you can be gentle? Alas! Work hard! Maybe it won't be long before a group of little guys come out and call me uncle. Although he doesn't like children, if he is a good friend, he has to experience the pleasure of being an uncle. I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen to the children of these two people. Are they like father or mother? It's not good to be as gloomy as father or as crazy as mother. Think about it.. If we combine the intelligence and wisdom of these two people, then the child is really not simple. "Shut up!" Yun Ke was so angry that he jumped up and the thing in his hand became a flying object flying straight to the sky. Smash you to death, the guy who speaks freely. What kind of kid pops up? She was so angry. But although the words are fierce, but the face can not help but suffused with a layer of blush. Especially when she felt Meng Haocheng's deep eyes, her face was even hotter. Despite the rapid, but Jiang Xiao, after all, mixed out, eye disease and quick to catch the UFO, fixed his eyes on it, but it was a slipper. Yunke! She hit him with a shoe? "You must apologize!" Yunke ordered akimbo. Do I want you to apologize? Jiang Xiaocai couldn't stand it. He was a gang leader, but he was thrown by a woman with shoes. How is he going to survive if it gets out? Looking at Yunke Pipi staring at him, he turned to Meng Hao beside him, "You take care of your woman!"! Chinese, don't you know that the lack of discipline is a very serious problem? Meng Hao finally looked away from Yunke, his face was a little annoyed, this Jiang Xiao really did not understand the current affairs, he smiled faintly, "my woman, you dare to bully?" It means he won't spare him. Then, help is even more impossible. Jiang Xiao immediately understood his friend's position and regretted that he had made a friend who valued sex more than friends. At present, he does not have two enemies. Come forward hurriedly compensate smile, offer the shoe: "Sister-in-law, brother I do not have any opinion to you however!" When is it time for him to find a woman and have a one-on-one with this bully couple? "Humph!" Yun Ke curled his lips and said sarcastically, "You are too flattering. You are flattering and flattering maliciously.". I thought Yunke was easy to cheat! It's even angrier. Ga! Jiang Xiao is speechless, isn't this intentional to find fault? Just muddle along! With a shoe in his hand, he was trying to provoke someone. Meng Hao smiled, took the shoe and went to Yunke's side. Strong pull cloud Ke into the bosom,Nail machine manufacturer, two people fall on the sofa together. Yunke was trapped between the sofa and him. She could even feel his hot breath. He hugged her like this. He was lustful. He never did that to her, and he was right in front of Jiang Xiao. You let go of me! God, she was red in the face and didn't know what to do. 3shardware.com

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