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Preserved Vegetable and Pork Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:55   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   266 views Reference: 37
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After breaking up with Jing Li, Mei Dai found that her life was much more difficult. This is specifically reflected in the fact that the people in the department were dismissed and dismissed, and were replaced by a group of new people. These new people were very good. They were either graduates from famous universities, or elite predecessors who had been fighting in the advertising industry for many years, as well as some foreign friends. Mei Dai, the so-called creative director, was not only powerless, but also excluded by the crowd. She was both lonely and lonely. On this day, the department held a regular meeting, and as a courtesy, Mei Dai was informed to hold it. However, in order to facilitate foreign friends to listen to the lecture, the meeting was almost entirely in English, and Mei Dai did not understand anything during the one and a half hour meeting. Looking at those "colleagues" who looked at her with disdain, Mei Dai suddenly realized that this was definitely a conspiracy, a conspiracy to force her to leave, a conspiracy to make her give up the job voluntarily! After work to the restaurant on the first floor of the office building for dinner, Mei Dai began to call around to complain. Unfortunately,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Guan Moyan turned off his phone; Shao Fei couldn't get through, and other people Mei Dai didn't want to find and didn't want to bother. In this way, Mei Dai could only go back to the rental house very depressed and lonely. In the middle of May, the weather was a little hot, and Mei Dai was still not in a good mood after taking a shower, so she moved her computer to the balcony, plugged in the line,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, and began to listen to music. Today's track is Nightwish. Maidai likes to listen to goth rock when she is in a low mood. She especially likes the operatic singing of NW lead singer tarja. Only her voice can strike Maidai's soul deeply-she thinks so. Closing her eyes and feeling the faint smell of summer, Mei Dai was so wronged that she wanted to cry: twenty-seven years old, she had no man to rely on and no savings to rely on. At such an embarrassing age, he is still in danger of losing his job. She has worked for five years, during which time she has never made a big fortune, but she has never worried about the way out, but now she is very worried. Her twenty-seven years of life is very simple, she has been staying in this city since kindergarten, the life circle is very small, the living environment is very simple, she has never suffered any setbacks. With her eyes closed, Maidai sank into an unprecedented depression. When Ruan Qianzhi walked to the balcony, he felt the sad breath emanating from Mei Dai. After taking off his suit, carnosic acid price ,jujube seed powder, he also relaxed in his recliner (which he bought later, because he found that he also liked to lie on the balcony and listen to music). With the big window on the balcony open and the cool air blowing in, Ruan Qianzhi felt the most comfortable for the whole day. Cabbage, play a game. Ruan Qianzhi asked with his eyes closed. What game? "I ask and you answer." "Do you answer when I ask?" In the past, Mei Dai would feel that Ruan Qianzhi was particularly bored and childish, but at this moment, she suddenly had an impulse to talk to Ruan Qianzhi. Uh "Don't run away." Maidai added. …… Uh Ruan Qianzhi had an intuition that the woman would ask some bad questions, but he couldn't help it. He wanted her to be happy. You ask first. Mei Dai still did not dare to be too relieved to talk, because she could not guarantee that Ruan Qianzhi was willing to listen. What is your condition now? Ruan Qianzhi's directness first shocked Mei Dai, and then it was full of warmth. Mei Dai thought: It turns out that it is such a feeling to be cared for by the man she cares about. Maidai wanted to laugh, but stopped. After a pause, she said, "Things are not going well in the company. I may lose my job." Ruan Qianzhi did not speak, but his expression was thoughtful. Mei Dai suddenly felt embarrassed, so she quickly said, "It's my turn to ask you.". Why don't you live in a villa and a small apartment? That's what Maidai always wanted to ask. Hate women. Ruan Qianzhi said bluntly, and then he asked, "Why did you move?" "Runaway marriage." I don't know why, when Mei Dai said this, she didn't feel embarrassed at all. She just wanted to tell Ruan Qianzhi everything about herself. "Why do you hate women?" "No reason." Ruan Qianzhi did not say, because this reason is a secret he can not say. I'm a woman, too. Don't you hate me? Maidai asked again. Don't hate it. Ruan Qianzhi answered with a conditioned reflex. Mei Dai, seizing the opportunity of Ruan Qianzhi's crash, continued to ask desperately, "Don't you hate me because you don't treat me as a woman?" "No." "Why is that?" Maidai's heart was hanging when she asked the question. Because I'm in love with you. Ok, after listening to this answer, Mei Dai only felt that her heart was not moving. It was obviously a black night sky, but it seemed that there were hundreds of thousands of fireworks blooming. Accompanied by the soul-stirring music of Nightwish, Mei Dai only felt: for the first time in 27 years, it was so cool! Ruan Qianzhi didn't really follow Mei Dai's question. He began to guess that she might ask him such a question. The question he struggled with was whether he should answer that he was in love with her or that he loved her. However, even he wondered that he had only chosen the former in the end. Ruan Qianzhi's confession last night put Mei Dai in a good mood and made progress in her work. At this age, Mei Dai finally realized that a woman is really a flower, always in need of the rain and dew of love to moisten. If the relationship between her and Ruan Qianzhi was only ambiguous before, then now, it should be a boyfriend and girlfriend, right? Of course, it's just that Meidai thinks so. Ruan Qianzhi's recent market rival is the famous OMG company, which was originally responsible for all kinds of Western TV and film products in China has always been only Tianchuan Group, but OMG has now extended the market to China, they have the top and most professional service team, and Tianchuan is only a sideline of Tianhe. The arrival of OMG has undoubtedly caused great pressure on Tianchuan. Ruan Qianzhi personally knows how to make use of the power of the media. For him,turmeric extract powder, having his own media group can not only facilitate the publicity of other industries and products of the group, but more importantly, the present society is an information society. Only those who know how to grasp the dominant power of information have the strength to compete with other enemies. prius-biotech.com

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