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Prehistoric time Full-time Job

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Bigan was startled. He took the amulet and felt warm. A cool air flowed out of the amulet and rushed into his body. All his internal organs felt very comfortable. His old troubles for many years were completely improved, and he knew that he had met a noble person. Hurriedly prostrate, "thank you, sir." Qingchen dragged Bigan, glanced at him and said, "Remember, the jade amulet will save your life when your life is in danger." Bigan frightened, was about to ask, only to see Qingchen and Feng Yan ran figure dress has already changed, at the foot of the rising clouds, carrying Qingchen and Feng Yan ran to the direction of Xiqi. In situ only left the song people kneel down and kowtow unceasingly, than dry heart is also feeling, looked at the hands of the jade Fu Zhen and heavy into the bosom of personal collection, in the heart for Qingchen's words at the moment is also convinced unceasingly, look empty a worship turned away. [Chapter 299 of the Main Text] Thousands of auspicious clouds wind around the auspicious atmosphere, the purple mist transpires, the clouds and mists take off, the neon lights pave the road, the auspicious clouds gather and linger under the feet of Qingchen, and the colorful lights of the whole body are constantly floating towards Xiqi. Hot Book Pavilion is www.reshuge.com "Husband, where are we going next?" Feng Yan ran asked softly. Qingchen looked at her with a smile and looked at Feng Yan Ran unnaturally. Her face turned a little red. Then she said, "Xiqi." "Xiqi?" Feng Yan ran said doubtfully. Qingchen explained, "I heard that Xibo Hou Jichang didn't pick up the road to Xiqi and didn't close the door at night. Today I will go to Xiqi to have a look." "I didn't think there was such a place in the world," said Feng Yan ran in surprise. "Then I want to go and see if what she said is true." The two of them made up their minds to pay attention, and the auspicious cloud at their feet crossed a beautiful and flawless tail and flew in the direction of Naxiqi. Peter said that Wen Taishi spent two days driving the ink Kirin, and finally came to an island in the East China Sea,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, only to see the mountains green from a distance, and the mountains green from a close view. The mountains are green and green, the towering pines are whirling and shadowing, and the green mountains are green and green. By the steep mountains, the cliffs and the ravine. The green shadow shakes the tail of the leopard, the green pine on the cliff breaks its teeth; the old dragon's waist looks like a ladder like a stirrup. Look down like a hole, like a pit. The green hills meet the clouds in the sky, and the warblers in Doujian worry about the households in the fields. The Grand Master Wen looked at the mountain and missed the beautiful scenery. He said with a sigh, "What an evil mountain! It can also be used as a place of cultivation. It's just that the world of mortals is busy. When will you be free?" It's a pity to be nostalgic for the world, but it's not what people in the immortal way do. It's a pity to hear that the grand master clank his bones,Gear Reduction Motor, but he can't get the way. Why do you come to yuanlong Island if the Grand Master doesn't go to Chaoge Nafu any more? But it was a Taoist who asked in a trance when he saw Wen Taishi. Wen Taishi was startled. When he looked back, he saw a man wearing a tiger-head crown, with a face like a red jujube. He was wearing a bright red Eight Diagrams fairy dress, with a silk sash around his waist and mango shoes on his feet. His teeth were uneven in his mouth, which was quite ferocious. "Forgive me," said Wen Taishiji, "for being poor and clumsy. I don't know how to be a Taoist friend. I hope you will forgive me." The Taoist laughed and said, "Don't worry, Taishi. I'm also familiar with the Holy Mother of the Golden Spirit, so I know you.". Just look at your sad appearance, is there anything difficult? You might as well talk to me. When the Taishi heard this, he told the whole story of what he had said that day. When he heard this, the Taoist was rather disdainful and said, "The art of the little Western heretical way is not orthodox. I dare to pretend to be arrogant and not let him see my Jiejiao. It makes people look down upon my Jiejiao." With that, he invited several people to come to Beihai with Wen Taishi. As soon as the day broke up, people got the news and went out of the camp. Greeting Wen Taishi and the Taoist friends of the Three Mountains and Five Mountains, I saw that the four of them were either cold or angry, and I knew that this was the practice of fire and water. They exchanged a few pleasantries and entered the barracks. These Taoists don't care about meat and vegetables. They drink wine and eat meat. Eat, 24v Gear Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, see the day scattered people frowned, sighed in the heart, six roots are not clean, it is difficult to achieve positive results, tomorrow is afraid that someone will not come back. I tasted the wine quietly, but it was brewed by immortals. The fragrant fruit is mellow, mellow and sweet, with endless aftertaste, which is quite different from the noisy people. On the second day, Jinwu rose and lined up his troops. Several people came to the yuanmen Gate to call for battle. Zhao Lei, the Taoist priest whom the Grand Master had seen, came out. He waved his pike and shouted, "yuan Futong, rats, come out and die quickly. Don't miss Grandpa's wine.". ” Shouting like thunder, shaking the opposite wall, was stabilized by a layer of yellow light rising, floating countless lotus shadows. From time to time, the gate is wide open, a tiger will come out, the face is like indigo, hair like cinnabar, fangs up and down. The corolla is divided into five corners, the blue face reflects the red beard; the golden armor robe is like fire, and the jade belt buckle is exquisite. Riding out on a white horse, carrying a demon-conquering pestle in his hand, he shouted angrily, "This will be the mighty King yuan Futong. Tell Wen Zhong to surrender as soon as possible, so that he won't die and have no place to redress his grievances." Don't want the voice just fell, hear the opposite came a foul language, extremely ugly, "put your grandfather's bullshit, you are a callow little boy, smell the grand master in power, when the prestige of the world.". Your baby hasn't been born yet, and now you're putting on a show with your grandfather. Why don't you die quickly? yuan Futong was furious, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a ferocious Taoist riding a monster like a pig and a dolphin rushing over. As soon as yuan Futong patted the white foal under his seat, the sound of clatter sounded, and he came to kill it. One is like a tiger going down the mountain, the other is like a dragon going into the sea. Kill is gloomy, yuan Futong is an ordinary man, at most superior martial arts, where the immortal breath is long, not afraid to disappear. But for more than ten rounds, yuan Futong was killed by a man. His bones were loosened and his muscles were softened. He swung his sword with his strength and jumped out of the circle. He scolded, "Where did the wild way come from? Your king doesn't kill nameless people!" When the Taoist heard this, he laughed unscrupulously and said, "yuan Futong, listen to me clearly. Your grandfather is Zhao Lei of yuanlong Island. Today I will let you be a clear ghost." As he spoke, he raised the pike in his hand, muttered in his mouth, and the sound of a dog barking under his seat was quite strange. As soon as yuan Futong saw it, he didn't know that he was performing magic. He decided to strike first. He took out a treasure wheel from his bosom and threw it away. Zhao Lei just cast a spell, only to see that one side was crystal white, one side was red as a flame, Zhao Lei took out a piece of Taiji seal paper and pasted it,micro gear motor, and a cold and hot air came out, which turned into an ice crow in the sky, and a salamander rushed at yuan Futong. ichgearmotor.com

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