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Prehistoric Dao Dao Full-time Job

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Soon Ye Qing found a place with abundant energy, ready to impact the steps of heaven. As soon as he practiced, the rich and incomparable energy surged into his body, turning into pure and incomparable Dao yuan, moistening it. With the support of endless energy in the dark void, Ye Qing clearly felt that the speed of the transformation of yuan Ling was accelerating. At this moment, Ye Qing felt extremely lucky to discover this dark void, a space with infinite energy, without which it would not be so easy for Ye Qing to break through the realm. If Ye Qing does not have this dark void to provide a lot of pure energy, but breaks through in the flood and famine universe, then after absorbing a lot of Reiki from the flood and famine universe, it will be very difficult to transcend the universe in the future. Although there is no consciousness in the flood and wilderness universe, only instinct, you have absorbed a lot of energy belonging to the flash and wilderness universe. It is impossible to think about it, and the instinct of the prehistoric universe will never let you get rid of it easily. But Ye Qing has not yet lamented his good luck, he found that the energy in the dark void is like crazy, crazy into the body, even with Ye Qing's incomparably strong body can not withstand the impact of so much energy, if there are outsiders here, they are surprised to find that Ye Qing has formed a huge whirlpool around,plastic pallet box, and the whirlpool is still expanding at an alarming rate. Ye Qing felt bad at the moment and wanted to stop breaking through, but it was obviously too late. The knife yuan in his body was spinning crazily. He couldn't stop trying to save the market. With the support of the endless energy in the dark void, the knife yuan in his body was growing crazily. At the moment, the whirlpool around Ye Qing had expanded to a light year. How much pressure does Ye Qing bear in the center of the energy whirlpool. Every second there is endless energy pouring into Ye Qing's body, but at the moment Ye Qing's body has become a mess. There is no time to transform the violent energy in the dark void. In the Guanghan Palace Sister, when do you think your husband will leave the customs? My husband has been in seclusion for thousands of years! Feng Wu said worriedly. Sister Feng Wu misses her husband! Wang Shu said with a playful smile on his face. Doesn't sister Wangshu miss her husband! I saw someone always staring at the direction of the underground palace in a daze! Feng Wu saw the banter on Wang Shu's face, and his face turned red with a brush, but then he retorted. I didn't expect my sister to have such a thing! Yunsu heckled beside him. Ah! Feng Wu,foldable bulk container, how did you say this? Wang Shu chased Feng Wu and scolded him, and the three of them soon got together. [Text Chapter 110 Destruction] At this moment, Ye Qing is almost in a desperate situation, the energy outside the body is getting wider and wider, the energy whirlpool is getting bigger and bigger, and now the radius of the energy whirlpool is almost two light-years, and the endless energy in the distance is still coming from the dark void, so it can be said that if Ye Qing does not think of ways to stop this situation. Even the body, which is so powerful that it will not die, will be collapsed by the surging power. Ye Qing knew that there was not much time left for him, and that his pride had begun to fail. He knew that once his body collapsed, yuan Ling would be directly exposed to the whirlpool of terror. At that time, yuan Ling, who was so powerful as to reach the level of heaven, spill plastic pallet ,mobile garbage bin, would also be swallowed up by the energy of terror. At this time of Ye Qing heart unusual regret, really should not rely on their own strong body, rashly broke into here, but obviously at this time regret is too late, Ye Qing mind a move, peerless sword appeared in front of him, burst out a bright light, for him to bear part of the pressure. Have a peerless sword to bear part of the pressure, Ye Qing began to mobilize the powerful and incomparable mental power, struggling to control the body of the knife yuan, assimilation into the body of the violent energy into the pure to the extreme knife yuan, at the moment Ye Qing's body began to glow with bursts of silver light, after his body gushed out of the silver light, the speed of absorption of energy greatly accelerated, The surging energy came from the distance of the dark space. Originally after the control of the knife yuan, feel a little more relaxed, not happy for long, his face changed, at the moment from the body of the force increased three times, in this huge force, began to collapse, only to see Ye Qing's skin began to crack a crack, bright red blood gushing out. Seeing this situation, Ye Qing, who originally did not want to open the inner universe, also had to consider opening the inner universe. Once the inner universe was opened, the energy in the dark void swarmed in. Although it could solve the temporary difficulties, under the endless energy of the dark void, no matter how strong the outer universe was, it would not last long under the energy like an ocean. But obviously in this case, if you don't open the inner universe, Ye Qing will die faster. As a last resort, Ye Qing will open the inner universe. As soon as the inner universe is opened, the huge and excessive energy in Ye Qing's body roars into the inner Universe like a flood. The huge energy has flowed into the inner Universe and destroyed a large number of growing stars. However, under the suppression of the Great Array of Five Elements and the Great Array of Zhou Tianxingdou, it soon subsided. With more and more energy injected into the inner universe, the inner universe grew crazily under the vast energy, and a large number of stars were born in the inner universe. The diameter of the whirlpool outside Ye Qing's body has expanded to ten light-years. At the moment, Ye Qing is like a black hole crazily absorbing the energy within ten light-years. The energy within one light-year of Ye Qing is like dense sea water, but the energy in the distance is still pouring in. Ye Qing knew in his heart that in this dense energy like sea water, the inner universe could not last long, so he had to try to control the energy flowing into the inner universe, so that the inner universe would not collapse because of the influx of too much energy. In the dark space, the whirlpool gradually expands, and under the attraction of the inner universe,collapsible pallet box, the energy in the distance constantly rushes to the center of the whirlpool. What Ye Qing did not know was that the transformation of yuan Ling in the sea of consciousness was about to be completed at the moment. When the transformation of yuan Ling was completed, Ye Qing would reach the supreme realm of Tiandao, and then he might be able to escape the disaster. cnplasticpallet.com

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