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Piracy Myth of Online Games Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:10   Independent & Freelance   Sankt Augustin   222 views Reference: 190
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"You don't have to take care of our affairs. You just eat. Don't mention it to anyone after you go out after dinner, or I'll destroy you!" Xu Lin looks fierce. Li Qing shivered and said cautiously, "I love to talk in my sleep..." "Then don't sleep!" Xu Lin thought about it and thought it was impossible, so she changed her way: "You can sleep on the floor in my room at night, then it doesn't matter if you talk in your sleep." "Don't you sleep with Lin Fan?" Asked Li Qing in surprise. Xu Lin immediately blushed: "Of course not to sleep together..." Li Qing is very indissoluble: "Since you are together, why to still cover up?" Xu Lin is angry: "Have said these things you don't care, hurry to eat, eat to work!" " "Uh.." I see …… I have been looking for Murong Shanshan. In the afternoon, I drove to Nanjing. In fact, I don't know why I want to go there, but I always hope to see a lovely MM holding two small turtles on the roadside, or to see a lovely MM staring at the oven in the roast duck restaurant in a daze. She wants to eat and is afraid of fat, which makes people love her. And that MM is called Murong Shanshan. For this reason, I got my driver's license and gave the man a lot of money. It was not so much a test as a purchase. When I gave him a bill almost ten centimeters thick, he knew it was at least one hundred thousand, so he lost it and promised me that the driver's license would be done in a few days. Now, I have a driving license, although I often get people to stick their heads out of the window and curse: "!"! You idiot, do you drive like this? I always smile and nod to others, but in my heart I am thinking: Shanshan, a hooligan,large palm trees for sale, has taught me the wrong way to drive.. The city of Nanjing is very beautiful, and the girls in Nanjing are also very beautiful, but there is nothing I want. In the complicated urban areas, in the Xinjiekou, in the Confucius Temple, on the banks of the Qinhuai River, I was so bored that I suddenly remembered that Murong Shanshan had said that the pickled cabbage and fish in Nanjing were actually good, so I didn't go home for dinner,silk cherry blossom tree, so I ordered two pots of pickled cabbage and fish and two chopsticks in a small shop. The restaurant owner thought there was something wrong with the man, but the customer was God, so he didn't drive me away. I felt that I was going to be depressed, and I hoped that there would be a little beauty in high spirits around me, eating hot and sour food with red lips, and then said to me with a smile: "Lin Fan, you drink, don't eat foolishly." I raised my glass and laughed, only to find that the guys at the opposite table looked at me like idiots. I took out my cell phone and saw Murong Shanshan's voice and smile on the desktop. She sent me a voice file, saying that it was used as an alarm clock for me. So, my alarm clock was like this. On the screen, Murong Shanshan smiled and sweetly shouted: "Get up quickly, big lazy pig!"! Get up quickly, big lazy pig! I pulled a waiter MM, holding a mobile phone and asked: "This girl, silk ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, do you remember?" Attendant MM smiled: "Murong Shanshan, seen on TV..." “……” I know. MM must think I'm crazy. However, as time goes by, I miss Murong Shanshan more and more. I thought I would forget her slowly, and I was afraid that I would forget her. But what was more terrible was that not only could I not forget her, but every time I thought of her, my heart ached. The girl who fell on my back and had long hair on my shoulder seemed to have really disappeared from the world. At least, in my life, She can no longer be found. I have looked for Nangong several times, but she never mentioned where Murong Shanshan was. Maybe she really didn't know. Once, I forced her to cry. Several players passed by and pointed at us and said, "Look, Lin Fan, the bad guy, is bullying Murong Shanshan again." I don't like Nangong, because she looks too much like Murong Shanshan. Every time I see Nangong, I miss Murong Shanshan even more. Xuehan don't cry chapter 534 will you be my wife? Another month passed in a twinkling of an eye, but Murong Shanshan still did not appear. The French siege made the players of Silvermoon City very angry, so Silvermoon City decided to organize a demonstration siege, even if it could not take the main city of France, at least to make them afraid. As a result, after three days of fighting, I also fought at the gates of Lingtong in France for three days, resting no more than five hours a day, because Murong Shanshan asked me to protect Silver Moon City, which was a promise to her. At the same time, Lu Xuehan and Xinyu were left in Silvermoon City by me in case of a sneak attack by the French. TOT of a group of people with me, we launched a wave of attacks on Lingtong City, almost everyone was killed more than three times! Finally, even Ling Tongcheng under several secondary main city also affected, two secondary main city was swept, but failed to find the king token, Ling Tongcheng is no better, the walls are full of potholes, silver moon city siege car power is very huge, wolves ride legions also repeatedly break through the wall, although not able to sweep everything in the main city, But the attack team led by Blood Red cleared all the French players in the south of the city. Just when the city was in danger and the palace was about to be lost, the siege time stipulated by the system was up, and all the players in Silver Moon City were sent back to the city! On the other hand, the main city of India launched a recovery battle, but failed. Silvermoon City occupied the right place at the right time and easily defended the second-class main city. In fact, if Indian players and French players join hands to double the main legion of Silvermoon City, there may be a chance, but if they fight separately, none of them is the opponent of Silvermoon City. This war shocked China and foreign countries, players all over the world know that the most powerful and aggressive main city is the first main city in China-Silver Moon City! Lingtong City in France is even more afraid of Silvermoon City. The first World War of Silvermoon City almost killed all the effective forces of Lingtong City. If their players can not directly revive in the city to participate in the battle again,fake ficus tree, I am afraid it will only take 24 hours for Lingtong City to change ownership. In this regard, the head of Yueheng in China also expressed regret, and hinted to encourage us to make persistent efforts. hacartificialtree.com

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