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Pick up a God to cultivate and accept. Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:37   Engineering   Sankt Augustin   160 views Reference: 330
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Passing by a shop, the flower burial bone stopped and took out the little guy in his arms. Looking at the watery fox eyes, the flower burial bone sighed and looked back at Xue Huai. Xue Huai frowned and walked away reluctantly. All right, don't be wronged. Let's go in and wait for him. The flower burial bone lowered his head and rubbed the tip of his nose against the tip of Xiaobai's nose. Such intimacy made Xiaobai forget his grievance. This feeling was like a brother, thinking of the sad little guy, who got into the arms of the flower burial bone. A pair of fox eyes were crying crazily, and the clothes of the flower burial bone were wet. Seventeen? It's really you! Behind him came the clear voice of a young man. The flower burial bone turned back. Quan Se squeezed through the crowd and was walking towards him. A folding fan was romantic and wanton. The flower burial bone nodded slightly. His eyes softened down. He was another spoiled child by his brother. Why are you alone? Is there no one with you? "They are so annoying that they are all dumped by me. Why don't you come and inform me in advance so that I can pick you up?" Looking at Quan Se's indifferent appearance, Hua Burial Bone suddenly rejoiced. Fortunately, his Zhijun was a good boy. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a touch of coldness crossed his eyes. Hua Burial Bone grabbed Quan Se's arm and pulled it to his side. His eyes were slightly heavy. He didn't come early or late. It happened that he started at this time. Was he easy to bully? "Watch it!" "Where are you going?" The flower burial bone stuffed the little white fox into Quan Se's arms and raised his sleeves. Quan Se only felt a flower in front of him. When he looked again, there was no flower burial bone around him. It was the scattered bone nails at his feet that were soaked in the puddle. Quan Se's face changed. It was a vicious means. The bone nails were put into the body. Unless the flesh was gouged out and the bones were removed, they could not be taken out. Don't worry, I'm going to ask my brother for help! Soothing the restless Xiaobai in his arms, Quan Se rushed into the crowd and ran back. He could only let his eldest brother help him. He had to be quick. The longer he delayed, the more dangerous the situation of the flower burial bones would be. The people ambushed here saw that there was no target, and they looked around one after another. A white moon fell from the sky, and the flower burial bones looked down at these well-prepared people. The bottom of their eyes was cold. They were really well-informed. They knew that his soul was unstable, and they even brought the broken soul bell, which showed how much importance they attached to him. This bone nail is too thin. It's OK to nail a person to the wall. It's not suitable for serious injury or death. Flower burial bone wide sleeve a brush, slender bone nails from all directions, stay in his fingertips but an inch of place,Nail machine manufacturer, lurking people dare not even breathe, this teenager has no pressure, but there is a kind of chilling terror, he did not look at anyone, but they feel that they are being stared at, bean-sized sweat drops from the forehead, at the same time, the flower burial bone moved. After a few muffled sounds,Nail machine manufacturer, there was a faint smell of blood in the air, and a black-robed man at his feet was nailed through the palm, forearm, shoulder, thigh, calf, and sole of the foot in a strange position on the roof tiles, their eyes wide open in horror, but they could not make a sound, only they could see it clearly. The bone nails penetrated only their bodies and did not touch the tiles. Shh, let me guess who you are? With that, he took out a fan from his sleeve, which was blank and unstained, and knocked twice in the palm of his hand. The sound was bewitching, and the black-robed man felt that his heartbeat was synchronized with the sound. His face was full of fear. The flower burial bone half crouched down and picked up the black-robed man's chin with the fan without touching him. He looked at it carefully and had a flash of inspiration in his mind. The fan in the palm of his hand slowed half a beat, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine price, and the black-robed man began to twitch, but cardiac arrest was uncomfortable. I remember now! This sentence sentenced the black-robed man to death. As soon as the hand of the flower burial bone was loosened, the fan fell and burned in midair. At the same time, several inconspicuous places were also on fire. Watching the black-robed man burned to ashes, the flower burial bone turned away without lifting it. The steps under his feet were somewhat flustered, and he almost stumbled and fell down. At that time, his injury was not healed, so the emperor was always extra careful, always leaving a person to take care of him, not daring to leave him alone, for fear of making a mistake. That day, Su Lanchen was robbed, and the emperor was protecting the Dharma for him. He stood beside Fu Zhao and looked around in boredom. He saw several black shadows far and near with sharp eyes. After looking carefully, he found that they were approaching this side. Fu Zhao asked him to stand in place and not run around. He walked towards the shadows. Looking at the back of Fu Zhao, he felt a little absent-minded. When he looked at Su Lanchen again, The emperor also stood up, walked past him, rubbed his head with his big hand, and said nothing. Thunder plunder fell one after another, split on the body of Su Lan Chen, soon the air was filled with the aroma of barbecue, how can the center of the thunder plunder Su Lan Chen be a miserable description, he hesitated to go to the position of the emperor's disaster just now, and before he could stand firm, he felt that most of his body's divine power had been pulled away, Su Lan Chen took a look at him and turned to concentrate on fighting against the thunder plunder, and his life was lost with the divine power. The hair turned pale in a twinkling of an eye, and he half knelt there, not daring to move half a minute, because he saw that Su Lanchen's condition was obviously much better, and that the thirty-two thunder robberies were only the last two, and he wanted to hold on a little longer, at least. Chapter 89 The East Wind Strives Together, Born to Be Unlucky Darkness enveloped, a black-robed man holding a cone-shaped soul nail in both hands was smashing down, he looked up, a little pain between his eyebrows, Yin Hong's blood flowed down and fell on his fingertips, sticky and hot. You all deserve to die! Overlapping voice, the same indifference, Xue Huai's expressionless face stepped on the neck of the last man in black, roast chicken was hung on a branch by him, flower burial bones stood under the tree, looked up at the roast chicken, his memory had a fault, and when he woke up again, the emperor had been forced into the sea,Coil nail machine, and he, therefore, completely broke with Su Lanchen. Don't look at it. Buy another one later. This one is dirty and can't be eaten. 3shardware.com

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Pick up a God to cultivate and accept.