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People who want to cry are confused. Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:44   Engineering   Sankt Ingbert   141 views Reference: 349
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He did not move, I do not know where the courage, she pushed hard, watching him stagger back two steps, thought to get rid of, turned to take a step, and was hugged by the strength of the rush from behind. The breath against her ear was hot and messy, and before she could open her mouth, it was blocked by a hand. The hand around her waist was forced to let go. There was only a dull cry of pain behind her, and she was pulled into the light by a force until she was pulled to the vine shelf in front of the dormitory. As if he had lost his temper with her many years ago, there was no warmth in his black eyes, like two flames, which burned her mind and had crashed into his arms before he understood. She dodged the eye-catching light, but could not escape the lips that he insisted on falling, cold to the point of chills, not pity or spoiling, but punishment, with the greatest anger, holding her breath tightly. Any struggle was superfluous, and he held her against the vines, probing deeply into all the misery she wanted to breathe out. Kissed her so resolutely that she would not let go until she cried. Say it's mine! He held up his little face in his arms and saw himself blurred in tears. Say it's mine! He pressed her body and shouted again, threatening the most fragile self-restraint and forcing her to face it. She cried and was lifted up until she saw herself in his eyes. Chapter 62 not you. That's his way, and that's his voice. No matter how many tears there are in her eyes, she also knows him. The shadow that turned into ashes and could not be erased, the eyes, deeply hurt themselves, said the cruel truth. After disappearing on Christmas Eve, he reappeared and brought her back to the past at the coming moment of the New Year. She's not his, not anymore. After betrayal, you deserve nothing, you deserve nothing. She avoided his falling breath and refused to answer no matter how hard he tried. At the edge of the high vines, the pain in her back became more and more distinct. She knew what was wrong, but she did not say, and let his crushing kiss hurt her even more. He found the misty hatred in her eyes and just looked at him through the tears. It's not like that night at the bar, when she was hiding from him, and now she's not hiding, and she's letting him hold her and kiss her manically enough. Touching the clear bite marks on her lips, the rudeness of the moment stopped in astonishment. Looking at the calm in her bright eyes, his calmness slowly recovered. If the man had not rushed to embrace her, he would have stood in the dark to see her lonely back, and would not have taken a step. Just like that night, I saw her and Cheng Dong walking back to the campus step by step in the car. After all, he didn't want to hurt her again and knew he shouldn't appear in front of her. These days, he spent it by her side. No matter how tired and busy you are, you always have to drive to school. Sometimes, I waited for her to come out at the door of the building and fell asleep unconsciously. He knew which room she lived in, which study room she liked in the library, and which way she walked most often on campus. But I never saw her. As fate would have it, not knowing where she was hiding, he waited at the end of the road, but without her, nowhere, not once. Imagining her back, he relived the forty-nine days in his memory many times. Always hope that there is a look back is her, he can disappear in the crowd, cold drawn tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, silently follow her again. The fast pace of the city did not allow him to stay longer, and the waiting became more paranoid. In just four months, she adapted to the environment here, but he was still not at ease, called Yaoyao many times, every sentence was worried. He wanted to know whether she was in good health and whether she was in a better mood. Those novels piled up in boxes in the dormitory were bought with the help of Hong Kong assistants and sent to Yaoyao regularly every month, but for some comfort in their hearts. He was far away, waiting for Christmas Eve, New Year's Day, and the day to meet her. That night, he saw her walk out of the campus, step into the small restaurant, and then come out, followed by Cheng Dong all the way to see her off, until she smiled and waved goodbye. There is a kind of deep pain in my heart, but it can be suppressed. She kept her distance from everyone and didn't let anyone get close. It was right to help Yaoyao fight for the opportunity to come to Hong Kong at the beginning, let two people have a companion, have her, help him too much, help her to ward off those unnecessary attention and intimacy. He is a bastard, as she said every time, in such a capacity, circle her freedom. If I could let go, I would have let go at the beginning. It was because I couldn't let go that I came to this point. His stubborn father did not understand, and no one understood his struggle. The days of staying in the United States, in addition to hard work, there is only missing, often want to see her, stop at the airport, but dare not really come. Waiting for a few words from Yaoyao, and then boarding the northbound flight, farther and farther away from her. These days, the waiting is really too grinding. From morning till night, he longed for only one more meeting. Although I have warned myself many times that it will not be a pleasant reunion, I still can't help coming. In the same city, so close, the desire will always be beyond reason. Ten months of missing can't be made up for by a short hug that night. Say! It's mine! He hugged her so tightly, with a painful desire to run over her fragile resistance, she did not give him an answer, just tears, in addition to silence, or silence. Feng Yan! Buried in her neck, he heard her shrill sobs, but could not find the answer he wanted. Speak and tell me who that is! Holding back the pain, she grabbed the clothes on his shoulders and tried to breathe to calm the growing tears. It's none of your business! She choked and gave the answer, her voice trembling, but her determination was not as fragile as before. It's none of your business! He looked up suddenly, wondering if there was any truth in her eyes. He is the most selfish person and the one who knows her best. Whether she hides it or not, it's all his. Admit it or deny it, it has become a fact that cannot be changed. Seeing a crying face, he felt that it was just an answer against his will, to torture him, because he made her hurt, completely hurt. Say it again His words were on her lips, and she was not allowed to hide her feelings. It's none of your business. She turned her head to one side so that he could not see the tears running down her face. Why cry, because of the pain, meet again, or these hugs? He's just a brother-in-law. How can she feel about him? What feelings can you give! He,side impact beams, deceived himself, killed Feng Yan, she is no longer his. cbiesautomotive.com

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People who want to cry are confused.