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Pei Tian _ Cang Yue _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Today, however, she opened her eyes, but did not get up in time as usual. Lying in the gorgeous red passion flower gauze quilt, she stared at the falling gold curtain, with a strange expression in her eyes. It was obvious that both of them were exhausted by the carnival last night, and the handsome teenager beside the pillow was still sleeping, breathing evenly and long. His arm was across the pillow, around her shoulder-a gesture that had never been seen before. Mrs. Luo Xiu was in a trance for a while, as if slowly recalling what had happened last night. She reached for a glass of wine from the table beside the bed, leaned against the head of the bed and took a sip, lowering her eyes. She quietly turned her head sideways and looked at the sleeping boy pet beside her, not knowing what kind of expression was in her eyes. He slept in the sunlight, his eyelashes quivering slightly. Although she has lived for two hundred years, she still looks as beautiful as a teenager. Her long water-blue hair is scattered on her jade-like skin, leaving traces of last night's carnival on her body, mixed with scars left by injuries in the past year, emitting a kind of pure and strange beauty. Ling. With a low sigh, she could not help raising her hand to touch his lips, and her eyes were complicated. Ling moved,side impact door beams, gently exhaled a breath, will not wake up to a vague answer, arm on her shoulder. Mrs. Luo Xiu raised her eyes and saw her own appearance in the bronze mirror opposite-the woman who had not made up in the morning had passed away, her face was pale under her disheveled hair, her eyes were swollen, the traces of fatigue and indulgence covered the corners of her eyes and eyebrows, and her posture was slightly plump. Years of indulgent life made her gradually eroded from inside to outside. Looking at the face in the mirror, she could no longer remember her young and clear eyes and how simple and ignorant she had been. Old It was the first time in a long time that she had remembered her age so clearly. Thirty-eight years old. For the Ice Clan,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, this age is no longer young, even her daughter has reached the age of marriage-how long can this indulgent and absurd life last? But he has a thousand years of life. He and she, after all, are completely mismatched in every way. She sighed, gulped down the wine in her glass, and at the same time put down the hand that stroked Ling. However, the sleeping person has quietly awakened, half awake, Ling grabbed her hand as usual, close to the lips, one by one to kiss her fingers, intimate and lazy, with the sweet taste of lust-Mrs. Luo Xiu a shock, subconsciously withdrew her hand. This is different from the usual gaffe, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,precision welded tubes, so that the hazy Ling completely woke up. He opened his eyes and looked at her, as if he had suddenly recalled what had happened last night. At the moment of looking at each other, there was a subtle feeling of embarrassment between them. After a quick glance, they looked away and felt their cheeks slightly hot. This unprecedented silence revealed the subtle change in their relationship. The atmosphere suddenly became strange and silent, and no one could find words to break the deadlock for a moment. Mrs. Luo Xiu sat up from the couch, pulled a nightgown from the hanger, wrapped her body, and walked slowly to the window. Ling looked at her back and did not speak. He did not know how to face her-the mask he had been wearing for years had broken last night, and he could no longer play the role of a vicious boy toy. At the moment of facing Bi, he made the final choice, abandoned the past and chose to stay-however, he did not know how to face her after such a night. Maybe, even herself. You don't know? When rescuing the dying Shark Man from Wuluo, the powerful Ice Lady never expected that the simple and direct master-slave relationship between them would develop to such an extent. Mrs. Luo pushed open the window and silently looked at the garden in the morning sun, letting the morning wind blow her hot face. After a long time, she finally opened her mouth and said a word quietly. "Ling.." Forget about last night. He was slightly stunned, then breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly laughed. "Yes, madam." Between that smile, there is such a strange and indifferent look, as if the charming boy pet of the past has returned-yes, this is the best solution. All he asked for was to "go on like this all the time"-then, only by forgetting what happened last night, can everything be the same as before? She is indeed a wise and decisive woman. I'm going out to work. "Mrs. Luo Xiu closed the window and said without looking back." You can sleep for a while. " When the door closed, he poured heavily into the soft bedding, and the gorgeous brocade obliterated him like an ocean. At that moment, his mind was blank, and he did not think about more things, but fell asleep in the sweet fragrance. The same morning. When Fei Lian woke up, it was already dawn outside. Under the shadow of the curtain, the person beside him was still sleeping, and his breath was thin and long. He couldn't help reaching out and gently stroking her beautiful face under her scattered hair. Every time he opened his eyes and saw Bi, he would feel a sense of quiet happiness in his heart, feeling that he had got much more than he imagined-especially when he was upset, when he saw Bi's face, he would feel his heart suddenly quiet. As if tired yesterday, Bi had not yet woken up and quietly put her head on his shoulder. Fei Lian gazed intently at her sleeping face. Suddenly, he was a little surprised. He touched her face and found that there was a wet feeling. So he reached out his hand and groped beside the pillow. Sure enough, there were a few beads scattered between the pillow, as bright as tears. Bea. Bea, what's wrong with you? He looked at the sleeping woman beside him in surprise and murmured in a low voice. "Alas." Bi sighed lightly and turned around in her sleep, "Ling." He could not see her face, but he heard the sound of tears falling. Ling? It was a strange name-Fei Lian did not know whether to wake her up or not, and suddenly there was a kind of confusion in their hearts that they had never had before: it turned out that even though they had been together for many years, they still had places in their hearts that they had never reached each other. At that moment, however, he heard the disorderly footsteps of the people outside the door,side impact beams, approaching all the way, accompanied by a frightened voice of dissuasion: "Childe is still resting!"! Miss, please stay! cbiesautomotive.com

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