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Peerless Wind and Cloud txt Complete Works E-book Download Mobile Novel Download Complete Works Novel Download Full-time Job

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As he spoke, the three women came back with big bags and small bags. It turned out that they had just gone out to buy daily necessities. As soon as she entered the door, Ouyang Qian threw away her bag and found a small bag from it. She ran in and shouted, "Sister Xue, look at the underwear I bought. It's so beautiful. I'll buy you a set." Underwear? Pretty? Are you still there? Shit, I'm here, too, and you're showing off your beautiful underwear? Although my face was dissatisfied, Ouyang Qian, as if she had not seen it, pulled up Yingxue, shook out the small underwear in her bag one by one, and fiddled with it. I snorted coldly and turned to go out. M's, what is this? Xuanyuan gentle Ximen Bing stood outside, looking at me with a half-smile, as if to say, we have formed a United front with Yingxue, what can you do? I sat in the living room with a sullen face and thought about it. To tell you the truth, I am not a good person, not to mention Liu Xia Hui, for women, especially for such excellent and beautiful women as the three women, I also hope that the more the better, but don't let me be responsible. Men, which one is not lustful? However,65 inch touch screen, I will never allow these messy things to affect my principles, otherwise, no matter who, even if it is my favorite woman, I will be cruel to destroy it. These three guys, knowing that there will be no good results in the end, why should they be stunned and jump into the fire pit? I waved to Xuanyuan and Ximen Bing, and the two of them immediately ran over with joy, one left and one right sitting beside me. If I hadn't stopped them in time, they would have been able to snuggle into my arms. I looked at them coldly and said,electronic board for classroom, "Ximen Bing, as early as in BJ, you have given me a conclusion that I can go to bed with a woman irresponsibly, but I will never be burdened by love. Anyone who hinders me will be directly eradicated by me. My enmity with your eight great families is impossible to resolve. You just have to look at my mother's spirit tablet." I put the four words, blood for blood, you should know what the final outcome will be, in that case, why do you want to get together with me, clearly know that there will be a day of fighting, why do you want to send yourself to the door? Don't say you're nymphomaniacs! Xuanyuan smiled bitterly and said faintly, "Ruthless, you think we want to, but it's not because of you." Alas, I know that what happened in those years had a great influence on you, which is why you have become like this. I dare not expect you to change. I just hope that my tenderness can influence you. Don't be so extreme. Even if you are crushed to pieces, I will not hesitate. Ximen Bing also said with a wry smile, "I know your character, interactive flat panel display ,smart board whiteboard, but I can't help it. I can't watch my family go more and more wrong and sink deeper and deeper. Although we may end up in tragedy, at least I worked hard and did my best. Then I have no shame. That's why I hit your south wall. Maybe I will die here, but I will also die if I don't hit it." There's only one fight. Shit, what are you talking about? I'm the south wall. I said lightly, "So you contacted the black demon and came to me?" "Yes, in addition, I can't think of any reason to come to you, last time in Baiweixuan, you said so cruel, although I know you won't kill us directly, but I dare not to challenge your temper, if in that situation, I'm still with you, I'm afraid now I've been buried, I thought for a long time, just think of looking for the black demon to help, You have always been kinder to a brother than to a woman, so I believe you will not embarrass the black demon, and that's what happened. Ximen Bing did not hide anything and told me the cause and effect of the matter. I took a deep breath, now the atmosphere is depressed, giving people a dull feeling, "There is a story, you should know, in ancient times there was a man who was bitten by a poisonous snake, the poison has not yet fully attacked, what should he do?"? Wrap it up and seek medical treatment everywhere? "A venomous snake bites the wrist and a strong man breaks the arm." The faces of Ximen Bing and Xuanyuan Rou changed at the same time and whispered. "You're fooling around!" I said coldly! If you do this, you have no shame. What about me? I'm going to make out with you and sleep with you, and then I'm going to cut off your head with a knife? This is your idea? Ximen Bing looked at me firmly and gritted his teeth and said, "Ruthless, I told you clearly that I fell in love with you when I was in BJ. You should know that. But in the end, you chose no frost. Although it has been ten years, my heart has not changed. I don't want to be like last time. In the end, it will be empty. So no matter what the outcome is, I will stay with you now. Otherwise, If you kill me now, I'll be happy to be quiet and not be so upset. Dare to love and hate Ximen Bing!!! When Xuanyuan Rou heard Ximen Bing say this, she answered, "Count me in. Ruthless. For so many years, you are the first person to break into my heart and the first person to make me dream. Do you understand the pain of this bitter love?"? If you want to kill me, kill me too. I don't want to suffer like this again. Although two people said sadly, but did not shed a drop of tears, let me have to suspect that this is Ximen Bing's idea, she knows that I am most annoyed with others crying, so she is determined not to cry with me, otherwise a cry, I will leave, where to care about them ah. Their voices were a little excited, and their voices were a little loud, which alarmed Ying Xue and Ouyang Qian, who were looking at their underwear inside. As soon as Yingxue came out, she saw me and Ximen Bing and Xuanyuan Rou staring at each other like cockfights. Knowing that we were going to be stiff again, she hurried up to smooth things over. What's the matter? If you didn't agree with them to stay, how could there be such trouble now? It's better to spend some effort to drive them away once and for all. But looking at the situation just now, if I don't kill them, I'm afraid I can't drive them away. Ruthless, what are you doing?! If you are a man,smartboards for business, you can't be a little more. You see, you make the two sisters angry. Sisters, we ignore him. Let's go to the room. Ying Xue said and went forward to pull Ximen Bing and Xuanyuan Rou up. hsdsmartboard.com

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